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What are your classes like?

My classes are not exactly what I wanted to take this semester. I've been struggling a lot with what I want to do in life and how I can actually survive off of that dream. I like to make a decision for myself before I go and talk to my advisors because then I'm not as easily swayed and I can stay truer to myself. Although, my advisors have been ridiculously helpful in mapping out various study schedules and careers that I could chase after. I've just not been able to give them a straight answer on what I want to run with, even though they have given me plenty to choose from. I often ask a lot of people, but I have one trusted advisor that I continually go to because sometimes she knows me better than I know myself and I've been hesitant to take her advice because she's telling me EXACTLY what I want to hear and in my mind getting what I want is almost as unrealistic as the Easter Bunny. But I trust her completely in the time that we've bonded and her dedication to my education has been really helpful and encouraging.

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People usually take around 16 credit hours, which translates to around 6 classes a week, 2 times a week. The ratio of professors to students all depends on the class you're taking. If it's a business class you are taking, bank on having a large classroom with a lecture-style. If it's an English class, bank on having no more than 20 people in your class and participating quite often. You can schedule your classes almost anyway you want. My schedule looks like this: Mondays and Wednesdays = 1 class, Tuesdays and Thursdays = 4 classes. Not too shabby!

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All of my classes are discussion based. If you don't participate, then there is no class. Professors act as a buffer for the discussion but as the year goes on you start to realize that they talk less and less and that you have more and more to say. My classes are open and nonjudgemental. Some of my classes require that students put their differences aside to help another student.

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