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What do students complain about most?

The main thing that I hear students complain about is either homework, finals, or signing up for classes. The first two I shall dismiss without a thought because, well, homework and finals are a part of college--whether you like them or not, it's a part of ongoing education that you won't be able to escape no matter what you do, so. But the signing up for classes? I can't even. I believe I've stated in a previous answer that the times for people to register are not posted clearly. I don't think that signing into Blackboard, then Bannerweb, then selecting a thousand and one different options just to find out your registration time is a simple task. Us students aren't asking for much--maybe an email or two reminding students when their registration time actually is--apparently that's too much to ask for. Not to mention that as people only get forty eight hours to sign up within that first registration time is not long enough. I can't speak for other students, but as a full-time student who also maintains a full-time job, I don't always have the time to put into signing up for classes within that small window, and I can only imagine that other students who are just as busy as I am, also feel that way. A process such as registering for classes shouldn't be so difficult, and many students at Miami feel that way.

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Students complain the most about the weather here in Oxford, Ohio. It can be very wishy-washy... meaning that one day could be absolutely beautiful and the next it could be raining or sleeting or snowing. It all just depends! Ohio weather can be a little dramatic.

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