Miami University-Oxford Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype of students here at Miami is that we are very materialistic and wealthy stuck up students who come from the east coast. We also have the reputation of being sorority and fraternity "frat stars." We get made fun of a lot.... but these stereotypes aren't always true!


The big stereotype of the Miami student is that all Miami students are rich, white kids who wear leggings as pants, Ugg boots, and Northface jackets. I've seen a lot of this at Miami, but the same time, they're not the majority of students. You can find students of any race, religion, creed or whatever you're looking for at Miami University.


They mostly listen to rap music even though they are white and most wear the same clothes - such as polos, plaid shorts, and birkenstocks. Miami is known for partying and snobby students.


Most of the students at Miami are white, upper-middle class, Catholic and pretty conservative. Girls are all very preppy and pretty much only wear North Faces, Uggs, leggings (as pants, of course) or anything brand name. Most guys are jocks and dress accordingly. A lot of students can be snobby. A lot of students are involved in Greek life.


preppy, rich kids, smart, stuck up


Typical stereotype is that miami students are "preppy and pretty." Most people think the students are fairly wealthy, good-looking, and preppy.


Some stereotypes are that all Miami students are preppy, dress up for class, are wealthy, and it is nicknamed "jcrew U". Basically everybody parties and goes out at least 2-3 nights a week if not more.


Small school, not good teachers, not true


Snobbish-Very Preppy. The boys usually wear polo shirts of various colors (the popular color being pink) with a popped collar and won't talk to a girl unless they are a size 6 or smaller. The women are always dressed in some sort of uppity fashion because jeans and a t-shirt is unacceptable. At 7am, these girls are dressed to the nines. Also, on Thursday nights, don't even think about studying or working because you are expected to be Uptown and drunk.


Religious, conservative, preppie, jock


Before coming to Miami a lot of people told me that if I went to Miami, I better bring tan pants with me because nobody wears jeans. I also heard that a lot of rich, spoiled kids go to Miami.


Very rich and preppy and like to drink


Miami Students are stereotyped to be preppy, rich, and pretty all-around narcissistic. Picture the stereotypical dumb, blonde sorority girl or drunken frat boy and you are looking at the stereotype of Miami Students.


That we are all preppy, rich, spoiled, skinny, and pretty.


cocky, rich kids.


Snobby, stuck-up, Sorority/Fraternity, Rich, Northface, Ugg Boots, Wanna-Be Ivy League School


Rich and snoby kids that think they are hot shit


Stereotype is that Miami students are "preppy," but the vast majority is not.


One stereotype about Miami is the way people dress, which is usually very well or preppy.


rich, skinny, beautiful girls frat boys


Stereotypically, Miami students are though to be "stuck-up" rich kids. The University is thought to be very preppy and have lots of money.


I remember one girl telling me that she thinks most of Miami Hamilton's students don't even want to be here. She saw Miami as an obstacle instead of an opportunity. Another stereotype of Miami Hamilton students is that we couldn't get into Miami Oxford so thats why we're at Hamilton.


they are all preppy and rich


Preppy, snobby, rich, the "Miami Bubble"


rich, snobby, materialistic, J.Crew U


J Crew U. Tan, skinny and blonde girls wearing miniskirts. Muscular, tan, fraternity guys wearing pink Lacoste polos.


Rich, Overdressed, Northface


White, upper-middle class, from suburban neighborhoods Rich, trendy, preppy


I'll start with the positives. Miami has a great reputation and is very competitive to get in to. Our buisness and engineering schools are excellent, well-respected, and competitive. Miami is known as the 'Public Ivy' and also known for our gorgeous, brick building campus. Now for the not-so-positive stereotypes. We are known as 'J-Crew U'. The students are known to dress and act extremely preppy, and come from a well-off family. The typical 'Miami girl' is attractive, too skinny, wears popped collars, and ugg boots, has Daddy's credit card, and drives an SUV. Greek life is huge at Miami, and this is where most of our stereotypes originate. The night life is known to be fun and exciting. Beer pong and corn hole are popular games and most students pre-game at a house or apartment before heading uptown to one of the many bars. Almost all of the houses off-campus are named with signs on the house.


J Crew U. People think all the students at Miami are really wealthy and wear expensive clothing all the time. People also think Miami students are really smart but also party hard. Miami is also not known for having diversity.


Miami is homogenous and everyone either wears North Face, J. Crew, Ugg, or some other highly fashionable name brand. Students are rich. Students must join a sorority or fraternity in order to be accepted on campus. Students party a lot, and everyone goes to the bars on Green Beer Day.


Stereotypes: J-Crew U. Northface jackets, ipods, and Ugg boots abound. Miami girls wear their heels to class and uptown every night of the week, and Miami frat boys share sexual conquests over dining hall food.


see below


The students are preppy. Miami is sometimes called "JCrew U", referring to the expensive designer brands many students wear.


J. CrewU, everyone is very preppy and wealthy, Daddy's Girls


One hears time and again of the "J.Crew U" imaage thrown on Miami students: we are all white, rich,only wear Polos and carry Coach purses, drive BMWs and charge all our drinks at the bar on Daddy's credit card. The lack of diversity, the conservative values, the aloof attitudes and indifference to others, etc.


I know that there are stereotypes about Miami - that it lacks diversity, that the people all come from wealthy and privileged backgrounds, and that it is a beautiful campus to spend four years.


I think people tend to perceive Miami as those stuck up preppy students who see themselves as better than everyone, your stereotypical fraternity guy or sorority girl. We're dubbed "J-Crew U" which gives an overall picture of the campus style of dress.


Miami Students are generally portrayed as preppy and rich. Ever heard of J.Crew U?


Miami students are known by other schools and amongst themselves as snooty, clique-ish, wealthy and ignorant, with a depressing lack of cultural diversity.


Miami students are stuck up, rich, snobby, and have everything handed to them.


Preppy, skinny white bitches, hot ass girls, fratastic


Stereotypes about Miami and it's students is that everyone here is rich, wears J.Crew, spends daddy's money like it grows on trees, drinks all the time, and that everyone is a dumb sorority girl/ frat guy. People who don't go to Miami think that we strut around thinking we are the shit.


All females are anorexic. Blonde females. 'fratastic' guys preppy


The stereotype that you always hear is that Miami is a preppy school filled with upper middle class white kids.


Miami University carries similar stereotypes to that of any Greek system. Such stereotypes include the belief that all girls are super hott, all guys are in fraternities and drink excessively, and everyone is conservative, white and rich.


Before I came to Miami, I didn't know much about the university, and I was essentially dead set against it. It was in Ohio and I was pretty sure I wanted to go to school out of state. Also, I had heard that Miami was a school full of snobs, people who all dressed the same, talked the same and were, pretty much, the same. They were perfect, or at least they seemed to be, and perfection is hard to measure up to. It was called the J Crew U--a place peopled with popped collars, Northface Jackets, Ugg boots and the latest one I have heard, "Barbies and Kens." More importantly, Miami is known as a party school-and I was not a partier.


There is the typically J.CREW U stereotype that I heard a lot before I came to Miami but the truth is, yes there is a lot of J.Crew but not everyone wear J.Crew or looks like they just walked out of a J.Crew store. I feel majority of the student population has there own individual style.


The most commonly known stereotype is that we are J-Crew U. We're all preppy, stuck up, upper class kids. We lack diversity and have an abundance of fratastic boy and snobby sorority sisters.


Every college and university has stereotypes, and Miami is no exception. Often Miami students are thought of in terms of a stereotypical or homogenous look. Sometimes dubbed "J. Crew U" by outsiders, people may tend to think that all kids dress one way or dress up for class.