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What is the stereotype of students at Miami University-Oxford?


The stereotype of students here at Miami is that we are very materialistic and wealthy stuck up students who come from the east coast. We also have the reputation of being sorority and fraternity "frat stars." We get made fun of a lot.... but these stereotypes aren't always true!


The big stereotype of the Miami student is that all Miami students are rich, white kids who wear leggings as pants, Ugg boots, and Northface jackets. I've seen a lot of this at Miami, but the same time, they're not the majority of students. You can find students of any race, religion, creed or whatever you're looking for at Miami University.


They mostly listen to rap music even though they are white and most wear the same clothes - such as polos, plaid shorts, and birkenstocks. Miami is known for partying and snobby students.


Most of the students at Miami are white, upper-middle class, Catholic and pretty conservative. Girls are all very preppy and pretty much only wear North Faces, Uggs, leggings (as pants, of course) or anything brand name. Most guys are jocks and dress accordingly. A lot of students can be snobby. A lot of students are involved in Greek life.


preppy, rich kids, smart, stuck up


Typical stereotype is that miami students are "preppy and pretty." Most people think the students are fairly wealthy, good-looking, and preppy.


Some stereotypes are that all Miami students are preppy, dress up for class, are wealthy, and it is nicknamed "jcrew U". Basically everybody parties and goes out at least 2-3 nights a week if not more.


Small school, not good teachers, not true


Snobbish-Very Preppy. The boys usually wear polo shirts of various colors (the popular color being pink) with a popped collar and won't talk to a girl unless they are a size 6 or smaller. The women are always dressed in some sort of uppity fashion because jeans and a t-shirt is unacceptable. At 7am, these girls are dressed to the nines. Also, on Thursday nights, don't even think about studying or working because you are expected to be Uptown and drunk.


Religious, conservative, preppie, jock