MIAT College of Technology Top Questions

What should every freshman at MIAT College of Technology know before they start?


Michael, Don't ever underestimate the effect you have on the world around you. That perspective can be a key motivator to be the best you can be. Don't give up and don't focus on personalities. Always give your best effort and trust your decisions. I am proud of you and good luck.


First of all take it seriously because it matters a lot more than you think. Secondly, pay attention because the instructors/classes move extremely fast and it's really easy to fall behind. And last, but not least, have fun because it will not last forever and you certainly can't go back and do it over again.


What I would like you to do is, think about an Occupation that will be around for a long time. Something that you can enjoy or travel with. Go in and talk to an advisor about what it would take to reach your goals. Interview the school while they interview you. Before you make your chouice. Call differant company's in that occupation. Find out what the average wage would be as a 1st year A/P machanic and also at 5 and 10 years. What are the perks? Will you have insurance? As you go through school at the collage level remember that this is your future and you are concidered an adult. Keep a positive atitude. Listen to what the instructor is saying during the lectures. You may be able to pick up little hints for what is comming up on the test. Just do your best. Remember that your are going to collage for your future, and furhter down the road, for your family so you can support them as well.