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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my self to stay focus on the prize. Don't worry about the drama in high school too much even though your best friend is a underclass. get those scholarships done or you'll regret it as much as I do now. You are a wonderful women. You have many flaws but you are truly beautiful and don't let the frustrations of early college life and last of high school life ever destroy it. You need it to put your soul into not only to inspire others to open oppertuntes but to show the world who you are. not by how you want them to feel. It's ok to take care of yourself and cry out your feelings it's something you deserve throught helping others so much. Work hard for yourself and stay strong willed through the work that's ahead of you. listento what your parents say they love you and are your best resources through this new chapter. This is your chance to show them that you are truly ready for the world ahead that you've dreamed of. the one where the sky is the limit.