Michigan State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A large university setting with a big, diverse student body with the opportunity to partcipate in many activities both on and off of campus.


A fun learning environment.


MSU is spacious, green, and calm, but the surrounding area is a little iffy.


Green and proud, usually in conjunction with each other (Prominent school color is green).


Michigan State University is a university that is enormous, but you find your niche and community quickly which makes a school of 50,000 students feel like a school of 100 students.


Michigan State University is a beautiful division 1 institution, with some of the best professors in the nation looking for each and every student to succeed just as they have.


Michigan State is a very enthusiastic school that has much diversity allowing one to fit in anywhere.


My school is one of the most agricultural and economic-friendly school around.


MSU is a demanding academic institution focused on helping prepare students for the professional world while also offering a diverse academic experience.


This is a wonderful school, built on a beautiful campus.


a mountain of challenges michigan state is. one where theprofessors have different tastes you have to go aroudn circles to get services while theres constant distractions. you must be organized with every aspect to make sure your both mentally, physically, socially, adn adcademically fit for all the obsticles that is sure to fire onward. timemanagement is key but im not the most organized person but am learning slowly. the services and study time are key to sucess here. without them you are might as well be a waste of time just partying in dorms when everyone should be studying instead.


Michigan State is a college with so many social oppotunities and cultural events to be exposed to that it is the perfect place to find out who you want to be and what academic niche you fit in, even if you have no idea exactly what that means yet.


An incredibly strong Big Ten university, Michigan State University has loads to offer in terms of political science, agricultural science and international opportunities, and should be considered by any student wishing to attend college in the midwest.


My school is well-rounded, with various opportunities available to help students become better people.


The greatest college in America.


My school is incredibly diverse in racial, ethnic, economic, and technological ways; I think people enjoy experiencing different things.


Michigan State University is a great school that meets the needs of all of its students through incredible academics, unbelievable school spirit, and amazing opportunities.


The older part of campus, original to the university is composed of old university gothic style buildings covered in ivy. the newer parts of campus to the south and east are composed of buildings constructed anywhere from the 1950s to present day. Through the middle of campus runs the Red Cedar river which is lined by a trail on both sides, with grassy areas and trees. this part of campus is especially beautiful in the fall. MSU's campus is consistently rated among the prettiest campuses in the nation usually only ever second to the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Michigan State University is a place where people from all walks of life can come together and find people who accept them for who and what they are and join clubs that want to see them succeed and are ready and willing to do everything they possibly can to see to it that you achieve academic, professional and personal greatness.


This school is fantastic, outstanding and true a school to be proud of.


Michigan State University is a diverse campus that offers great academic programs as well as outstanding school spirit.


Michigan State University is a school that exemplifies a spirit of community and promotes individual freedom and acheivement.


Excellent Supply chain management program, it is consistently ranked among the top in the nation.


Michigan State University is a welcoming and spirit-filled community that strives for the academic excellence of all its students.


MSU is full of friendly people, lots of academic and social activities, great accademic support, and it has a beautiful campus.


Michigan State University is a fun-filled, premier educational institution that sets the pace for students to acheive great success in their prospective career paths.


Michigan State University is for the aspiring Spartan--dedicated, hard-working, loyal, and persevering no matter how bleak the future may look.


An educational community of spartan believers who seek education as well as opportunities.


Michigan State University is basically a small town--filled places to eat, live, worship, work, study, play, research, and even shop.


Michigan State is an awesome school with a little something for everyone. Everyone can find something to love at Michigan State. The school is huge, allowing for many things to occupy your time while you are there.


On the banks of the Red Cedar is the school that is known to all and why it is known is not for being a sports powerhouse or academically top knotch or the pioneering school of future technology but Michigan State University has major claims for all three of those areas and so many more.


Michigan State not only provides you with an academic education, but also a life skills education.


Michigan State is a beautiful, exciting, expansive university that helps students grow as people academically, socially, environmentally, spiritually, morally and athletically while showing them how to think analytically about things, helping them realize what matters most to themselves and the world, and instilling them with a love for others, themselves and their university whose ardor will never die.


Michigan State University provides an enriching environment that encourages academic excellence, promotes involvement in countless student organizations and service opportunities, allows students to develop lasting friendships and memories, and gives students the tools to learn about themselves and what the key to their individual success is.


A fantastic, fun, and adventurous university with limitless opportunities.


My school is challenging, exciting, beautiful and fun.


Michigan State University is a diverse environment with friendly people, a beautiful campus, and a wide variety of majors and classes.


Michigan State is a huge, diverse campus that has opportunities and assistance abound that will help you get on and stay on the right track to finding a career that you will enjoy your whole life.


Michigan State has the most beutiful campus I've ever laid eyes on.


MSU is diverse, clean, friendly, and produces career ready individuals.


My school is beautiful throughout all seasons.


A state funded public institution of higher education.


A very environmentally and socially friendly school where you can be yourself and find lifelong friends, while completing your lifelong dreams and further your education.


MSU is an excellent, well-rounded school that has a rich history of producing fine graduates.


Michigan State University is a great school that offers more than enough opportunities for any student, whether their interests lay in academics, extracurriculars, or any other area they find enjoyment in.


Michigan State University is close nit despite its size and is diverse in its academic and personal challenges.


MSU is ranked number one in the nation for education majors, the school spirit during football and basketball season is outrageous, everyone gets along with everyone, the workload is overwhelming at times, but it's worth it in the end, and the weekend festivities are a great reliever from school.


Michigan State University is a huge school with so many options for classes and clubs it is mind boggling, and anyone going to it should be able and willing to do what they want, and what they need to do.


MSU is deiverse in almost every sense of the word.


Michigan State is full of every kind of opportunity; here I feel I have all the resources necessary to grow into the person I want to become.

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