Michigan State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


During any period before a quiz or exam and for any out of class assignments, I receive numerous e-mails from classmates that want to meet up in the library and create a study group. Students here want help from others to succeed, and in turn, want to help others with what knowledge they have so that we all benefit for the better.


They are friendly and eager to learn .


I think my classmates are all diverse, hard working, fun loving individuals who are serious about their personal growth and education.


they are usually all very friendly and outgoing if approached. Very determined as well and driven. They always seem to be hard workers


Fun to be around and interact with during class.


many of them are in sororities and frats but many of them just have close knit friendships. we all like coffee.


A diverse group of people.


It was dependent on the size of the class


My classmates are very hardworing and focused on learning essential knowlege for their carrers and life.


There are serious students, party students, and the students that don't show up to class.


Some are very focused academically, and some are more concerned with their social lives.




Friendly people who like to have fun. Mostly preppy people on this campus


Pleonectic consumers driven by desire.


Classmates can be your biggest asset, or your worse enemy. Make use of your peers, they can be an invaluable resource and academic network.


Fun loving and outgoing people that know when to work and know how to play.


My classmates are awesome and like to have fun, but know that we are here to go to school also not just to go out all the time.


Diverse and interesting


My classmates are very helpful, kind and caring individuals who want to help you get the most out of class, like you.


Fairly willing to help if you miss a class.


Most students here are very fun-loving and friendly.


Michigan State students chose it for very diverse reasons.


My classmates cannot be described as one group but rather as many unique individuals in their own right, from the kids you never see in class to the ones that over achieve, and in the mix you find the partying frat boy who knows everyone and the girl who looks like she is going out to a Hollywood party with Paris Hilton everytime she comes to class.


most classmates are friendly and willing to help anyway they can.


I know that if I looked through my classes in search of a friendly face, I would have no trouble finding someone smiling at me.


A preview of a student made film showcasing a unique point of view of LGBTA students at Michigan State University.


Nice, easy-going and school spirted hard workers.


A majority of them are dedicated to their school work and most are willing to help you in any way to help you succeed.


Not one classmate is the same. They are all different. I have only ran across a few that enjoy going to classes as much as i do. Many students sleep through classes they dont like while others are actually playing on facebook during class. Basically the class room tends to be organised into sections: sleepers, people who play games and talk throught the class time, and people who actally come to class to learn.


I lived in a LGBT prone area, and i loved it. Everyone in my dorm got along very well. Everyone interacted and had a great time. Even if you felt out of place becuse of religion or race (etc.) they have special people there to talk with you about it. Everyone is hopeful about their future careers and enjoy other msu students.


I am looking forward to seeing the different races and cultures at MSU. At orientation I had the chance to interact with many different people from different cultures. Im not quite sure what students wear to class, i will find out soon! I as a student here am going to be very active in school events and have a ton of school spirit!


By far, MSU is one of the most diverse campuses I've ever seen. Not only from a racial or ethnic point of view, but also from a cultural or personality perspective. You will find ALL types of people on this campus from all walks of life. There are some people you've never dreamed even existed that come to this university. It's a great tool of diversification.


A very diverse student body. with 40,000 students attending MSU you are bound to find a lot of different people with different ideas. Mostly everyone on campus is open to the issues mentioned above, infact there is a group for everyone taste buds. most female students wear sweats to class with their uggs boots and coach bags and most male students sport aberocrombie and northface. A very midwest fashion scene. Most MSU student come from the middle class and everyone is politically aware. SInce I am a leftist most of my friends are also leftist, hence I cannot speak for the rest of the student body. But I am aware of the fact that MSU has a large group of YAF.


The diversity among students racially, socio-economically, religiously, and in interests is astounding.


The one thing u have to do when u start school here is to just be open and friendly to everyone. If u close out people from the start, you'll be alone while other kids are out with their new friends. Welcome Week is a great time to make friends. Everyone is out trying to make friends just like you, so its a real friendly atmostphere. Plus, like on a saturday night, most people have become EXTRA friendly.....Students wear a lot of different clothes to class. From pajamas all the way to a suit. Whatever u want to wear is fine, but i can say, no one cares what u look like at 9:00 in the morning. So wearing that new abercrombie polo shirt and designer jeans to your 8 am lab is NOT necessary. Also, when in doubt.....wear a sweatshirt, i think that's like the college dresscode rule. MSU students are from all over. Most kids u'll meet will end up being from somewhere in Michigan, but i've met kids from pennsylvania, wisconsin, nevada, other countries, etc. Basically you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer more open student body anywhere that beats MSU. We're nice kids.


MSU's student body is very diverse although the majority of students are white, upper-middle class americans. Very few people hold the belief that they are better than the rest of society-- and they are vastly outnumbered by friendly students. Political parties are active on campus, liberals are more apparent, although there is some conservative activity as well. No one should feel out of place at MSU, we have a club for everything imaginable and with 40,000 students, there has to be a little bit of everything.


During the summer, there is definately diversity. A lot of the international students stay as well as the athletes. Its an interesting experience because, since there aren't a lot of us, you get to meet people of all different ethnic groups & socio-economic stati.


There are so many opportunities for students to get involved in political and social issues on campus. While it is something that I didn't participate in this past year, it is somthing that I definitely plan on getting involved with this year and future years to come. wear WHATEVER you WANT!!! In dining halls you will be suprised to see how many people actually eat alone, but if that's not your thing, you can always be brave and ask someone if you could sit down. I for one never got rejected from a table, and I did that a lot in my first year.


meeting the people that attend MSU is probably one of the best parts of going to this school. there are so many new and different people to meet. some people feel overwhelmed but I think it would be hard not to fit in here with so many to chose from.


MSU's student body is beautiful. It is super diverse, but everyone is coming together for one common goal. The people that I have met there are friends that I will have for a very long time.


MSU is as diverse as it gets. There are thousands of opportunities and hundreds of student organizations from bible kids uniting to animal activist groups. You can find just about anything you want to do and join in with.


I personally am part of a group called MRULE (Multi - racial unity living experience). It was set up by an MSU professor and has going on for over 10 years. We meet once a week to discuss social justice issues and what we can do to make a difference. We do community service in our area as much as we can and we take community building trips to help bring our group closer together and also to experience new things you probably otherwise would not do on your own. For instance, every fall we go to Detroit, MI for a day trip. We do community service there, see some sort of play, and all go out to dinner together. In the spring we do an overnight trip out of the state and do basically the same thing as in Detroit just on a larger scale. My freshman year we went to Chicago, IL and my sophomore year we went to New York, NY.it is an amazing group and I encourage anyone and everyone to check it out.


The student body is very "clicky" and tend to act extremely childish.


In a big university like MSU, where almost all kinds of Student Organizations are available it is hard to feel out of place. There are organizations and clubs for every area of interest and every race,religion and sport.


about 40,000 people attend MSU. i CHALLENGE you to not get along with any of them. you'd have to try really hard. people wear what they want to class. me, i'm a lazy guy. pajamas, sweatpants, hoodies, jeans. some people like to be more classy than i (which really doesn't take much effort) but its really up to you. and no matter what you wear, you probably won't stick out. unless you're crazy.


Students at MSU are becoming more and more complex and international. You can tell, there are more and more races that are at MSU. Because of this, its really hard to feel "out of place" here at MSU. Everyone's really open to making new friends, and if for whatever reason you feel "uncomftorable," you are bound to find someone to make you feel welcome. Financial backgrounds range from those who are financially well off, and those who are not. Because of this, you feel really comftorable, because you are never bound to fit into a certain image.


It offers any club for any type of person or activity. I can describe it in one word, AWESOME!


Most MSU students are from the state of Michigan, and thus have certain things in common: everyone uses their hand to show where they originated, people tend to be (overly) friendly), and lastly, everyone uses phrases that only a Midwesterner would know ("pop" in example).


MSU is active in everything possible. Politics, race, religion, everything!!! We have a great LGBT group. You'll meet so many different people you won't believe it. You'll meet old friends and make new ones all the time. And another great thing about it, is that it's so diverse. Don't dress up to class unless you have a reason. Otherwise you're wasting your time.


I would say the majority of the population at MSU is pretty conservative. Which sucks. But maybe I'm wrong. Most are white suburbanites. It's really kind of sad. But, you have to remember that the state of Michigan is mostly white suburbanites. So I guess that's what makes sense.

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