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Describe the students at your school.


There are people from all walks of life at MSU. Liberals, Conservatives, upper- and lower-class, black, white, Latino, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, straight, gay, bi people are just examples of different outlooks on life that I was able to encounter in my first year at MSU. There is a sense of community at MSU, despite any differences individuals might have--just attend a sports event and you will see ample proof of this statement. Most students are from the Midwest, though I have met Californians, Floridians, and Oklahomans as well.


There is an incredibly diverse setting of students at MSU. There are multiple different races and type of people. I don't believe any type of person would feel out of place at MSU. There are loud people and quite people, black people and white people. No one should feel out of place at MSU. Most students wear the traditional jeans and t-shirt teenager style.


It's refreshing to go through the campus and see a greatly diverse student body. I can't imagine that there would be a student who would feel out of place at MSU unless THEY chose to be. I suppose if you are arrogant and unfriendly, you would probably be out of place. Otherwise, there are people there of many, many cultures, religions, socio-economic, and lifestyles. I love the atmosphere there!


Most people are very casual on campus, wearing sweatshirts and jeans or even the occasional pajamas to class, but you really find a group ranging. I felt there are a lot more students paying their way through college but there was also more students getting a free ride. Overall I find the campus is extremely diverse in every aspect, with such a huge campus and the number of students you find aspects of every single type. I think it would be hard to feel out of place at MSU, there is really a club or association as well as group of person for everyone. At MSU everyone can find their niche.


I havent really been involved in any of the specific groups about religion, race, etc but I know they are out there. I always see them advertising for all the events they are having. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at MSU we have a ton of people and its crazy diverse. But, just because its diverse doesn't me its segregated. Everyone is open to talking to everyone, and if they aren't its just a personal preference, but as a whole I would say there is no problem. Many students are from Michigan but I always run into people from places like Indiana and Ohio and even Texas or Asia. Many students are very into politics. You can walk around campus, especially around election time and notice signs in dorm windows and things like that.


MSU is a fairly diverse college. There do seem to be variations within majors though. For instance, my science classes have been composed largely of Asians and Caucasians. Class is not the place for high fashion, although some people treat it as such. Usually when someone shows up wearing an outfit they would wear to a club they get all sorts of glares. I have met students with all sorts of financial backgrounds but within the Lyman Briggs College I met many doctors sons/daughters and in general higher socioeconomic statuses.


MSU is a school for everyone. There is no "dress code" for classes, no one cares where you came from or how much your "daddy" makes. The school is so big and with so many students that you are guaranteed to find a group that you can fit in with. There are many groups to support and celebrate racial, religious, LGBT, etc. background on campus. It is a very diverse student body where all are accepted and can flourish.


I came from a small 99% white town in Northwestern Lower Michigan and coming to MSU was a bit of a culture shock. You can find people at MSU of every belief set and every ethnicity. It really is a very diverse place, and they make sure to put an emphasis on that. People from every walk of life are encouraged to interact inside and outside the classroom in such a way that it would be hard to find a combination of past experiences and beliefs that could not find a group on campus to accept them with open arms. What do students wear to class? Clothes. Okay, on a more serious note, jsut about every type of dress is accepted. Sometimes people are walking around in fancy suits to the buisiness college or dressed up for presentaions. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those of us who wear pajamas to class. Basically, the "dress code" is catered to being physically and mentally comfortable. There are WAY more than four tables in any dining room, and most of them are full. Often times you see peple of similar race, religion, or background sitting together, but this is definately not the rule. I am happy and proud to say that I have a very diverse group of friends at MSU. Most MSU students are from the state of Michigan or the surrounding Midwestern region. MSU does, however, have representation from every state (I think) and well over 100 countries. With student aid being mostly need based, there are students from every financial background. MSU has a great political science school at James Madison college. However, these are not the only student with insight and opinions to what is going on in the world. The State News always has editorials and stories that tend to stirr up your opinions and arouse some debates. You might not see people walking around always debating the presumptive nominees of their respective parties, but when you live with people for the majority of the year day in and day out, you end up talking about these kinds of things from time to time. With so many students there are people of all kinds of political background. On average, it probably comes out right in the middle, but that doesnt mean there aren't people like myself (very liveral) and my roommate (far right). One thing that annoys me is how salient the subject fo future earnings is. Oftentimes at meetings, people are asked to say their name, major, and goals, and making lots of money is a prominent response. However, that is just because I'm a little bit oof an idealist who likes to think that there are far more important things than money.


Everyone is very friendly, especially in the dorms. I met so many people through my two years in the dorms. It's important to be active on your floor, in a club, or on a team because those are the best ways to meet people. The student body is also very diverse. We have lots of different religions, races, ethnicities, social classes, etc. The majority of the student body is White, but there are many avenues for other races, religions, etc to interact and get to know each other.


There are a lot of lectures/meetings that you can attend with regards to race, religion, sexuality, etc. They are interesting so take advantage of them. I don't think that anyone would really feel out of place at MSU. There are so many people there and extracurricular groups that I think everyone would find someone or something that suits them. Even in the dining hall, people who do not know each other sit with one another. Most MSU students are from Michigan. There are quite a few foreign students as well. The students at MSU are just like everyone else: normal for their age group with regards to world issues.


There is no one type of student at MSU, which is what I love about this university. I would say most are from Michigan, specifically Detroit metro area, but also there is a huge population of foreign students, which makes our campus so diverse. Due to this large array of different students you are basically forced, in a good way, to interact with all of them.




There is a big variety in the student body. Most students wear jeans and t-shirts to class but there is also a big crowd that likes to wear their designer clothes and dress up way too much for class.


There is a lot of diversity at MSU. I, myself, am an Education major, and while the majority of the people in my classes are girls, they come from all different towns and backgrounds socially, economically, and racially. Everyone seems to have a clear sense on where they stand politically, yet everyone seems to be open-minded to different viewpoints. I would say the majority of the students at MSU come from working class or middle class families in Michigan. While I'm sure there are a number of students that come from wealthy backgrounds, I think most of the students have parents that didn't graduate from college, and want their children to have a better education and job opportunities than they had.


MSU is very diverse. We have a lot of studnets from other countries that mingle with the boy down the street. Everyone is very accepting, and its a pretty liberal campus for being in a conservative area. People usually wear jeans and a laid back shirt to class. In the winter everyone is bundled up to the fullest, since its freezing outside. Sweatpants and flip slops are also normal. Some girls dress up a little bit more, but most save that for later when they go out. The good thing about MSU is you can be as involved or not as you want to be. There is a group for everyone, and you can usually meet your type of people within those sectors.


Many different types of students go to MSU since it is so large. Most students wear what you would expect to class, many hoodies, lots of jeans. Many students are from Michigan, some are from elsewhere. There is some political activity on campus, more of it is geared towards justice more than anything else though.


We have an insane study abroad program (both students leaving to study elsewhere and international students coming here to study). NO ONE would be out of place at MSU for this reason alone. We are all pretty excepting people. Even the extremest groups are tolerable of others.


Def a diverse campus. People are usually really nice so just don't be afraid to start talking to people. Pretty much everyone parties. (Yes, there are those really stupid drunk people) but I'm a person who has a good time no matter what so just relax and enjoy it. There are tons of groups to join, so go looking for something that fits you. Don't think you have to dres up for class. So not worth it. Everyone wears comfy stuff..I mean who are you trying to impress at 8 am classes?


I am not sure since I do not go here.


I've met many people from many different places throughout the country, which is one of the best things about the friends I've made. There is very little in the way of cliques, most people are accepting of everybody.


There are many different organizations out there for serving students with all sorts of differences. There is a black caucus in every dorm, I believe, and a LGBT group for all parts of campus. Also, there is a large amount of international students that attend MSU, so the campus has all sorts of diverse people. Students are very politically aware. In my experience, the university is leaning towards the left, but there is also a good amount of right, independents, etc.


GET INVOLVED and learn all you can about other racial, religious, etc. groups on campus. College is a great time to do this! MSU is very diverse and you will not feel left out. You can wear whatever you want and nobody will think twice.


MSU is incredibly diverse. I can say with complete confidence that NO student would feel out of place at MSU. Most students wear sweats to class, myself included. =) MSU students are from all over the world. Last year I had 3 girls from Japan on my floor, a couple from Ohio, of course most from Michigan, and another few from other states. The financial background that is most prevalent is probably middle class. Most, but definitely not all, of the people I met come from average financial backgrounds...they need a job to help pay for tuition, they take out a couple of loans, but with MSU's great tuition rate not too many have a difficult time.


It's funny when the year starts up and you can tell who are freshmen just by the clothes they wear. I remember even when I was a freshman, I'd go to class wearing the short skirts and loads of mascara anything that would make me stand out and look "H-O-T" however, as you get older, you learn that although you might see some hotties in your class, it's easier to just meet people when you're out at night and class is just easier to go to wearing sweats so that you're more comfortable in those hard seats. There are so many types of people at MSU, I really don't think it's possible for any one person to be singled out and be left feeling out of place. College is completely unlike high school where the cliques are pinned up against each other. At MSU, forget about cliques you just have a bunch of circles of friends. I personally have a huge circle of friends and although some may know a few in another circle, a lot don't. It's fun to just expand the amount of people that you know. However, some people just don't get along with certain others. I think that the best way to go about college, is break out of your shell and talk to anybody and everyone-- that way you will meet the most people and have the best social experience of anyone. It's also fun when you go out or just are walking to class and can say hi to a bunch of all different people!


The LBGT community can be a closed off. Or so I've felt. I think it's hard to get into a crowd that you don't already have friends in which is why I've stuck more to the Greek friends (but NOT all the greeks... good lord) and the music crowd. I think racially, we're pretty segregated which is something I really hate about MSU. I love how diverse my group of friends is but I think we still all come from similar backgrounds (upper middle class-ish) while the less privileged don't seem to be as involved in the party (bar) scene. It kind of makes sense, but I really would prefer a little more diversity in my life.


Until you get to the bar, it is hard to find parties with different ethnic groups partying together. MSU is prodominantly white, so you may have the token minority guy in most frats or the group of 3 black guys that stroll into a party. The parties are not as diverse as the campus, which is a shame. Beware: The 'brimstone and fire, you're all going to hell, jesus preacher" outside of Wells Hall, just leave him be.


Pretty nice mix here, and if you're middle class and white, you'll feel right at home.


The most diverse that I have seen.


The student "body" (wink wink) is probably as good as one could ask for. But I digress to the party atmosphere. If you want to easily surround yourself with people who don't know who Barrack Obama is but will easily tell you about the last time they "partied" then this is the place for you. Ok, they might know who he is, but good luck having a conversation about him, politics, religion, social-injustices or anything of real substance. Bring your Beer bongs, hookahs and WWE shirts to have a good time...


Students are focused on grades.


The student body is diverse and very kind. The bonds that are among students, faculty, alumni etc. are very strong and open if anything is ever needed.




I think that MSU's population is quite diverse. Unfortnately, it is one of the most segregated campuses around. I do feel that students are able to find people that may pertain to their type of interests, but one has to go around looking for those. The majority of students come from suburban/metro detroit and from the east side of the state. There are differences amongst the students, probably based on class the most, but it isn't as clique-ish as it was in high school.


MSU sees a wide spread of student types. As long as you are friendly, you will always fit in.


student body is pretty stereotypical. not many individual people or much diversity.


The students at MSU are all pretty different. Most come from Michigan like myself, but so many come from out of state and internationally. My freshmen roommate was from South Korea! It's easy to adapt and make friends with similar interests as you because MSU is so large. The freshmen dorms are really good places to make friends as well because everyone is in the same boat as you, looking to make new friends.


most students are from michigan or illinois. mostly white, south complex especially. most blacks are in hubbard. brody has most of the asians and also a lot of blacks. the dorms are always trying to push gayness or bisexuality which is ridiculous. i don't notice gay people, but the residence halls seem to try to push everyone to be gay with all their propaganda. it's unfortunate and it embarrasses the school.


I have encountered a few racial experiences living in East Lansing. Black/African American students would feel the most out of place at MSU with the class ratio being 1 Af. Am. to every 50 White Am. Different types of students do interact some of the time, but it is not common. Four tables of students, one table with Af. Am. students sitting together, one table Asian Am., and the other two White Am. Most students' parent are financially well off.


MSU has a very diverse campus, but its only as diverse as you open yourself. if you are not willing to learn or interact with others of another race, religion, or socio-economic status, then you will hender yourself. one of the good things about MSU is that it prepares you for the real world because everyone is treated the same and its all a learning experience.


--Although I only participated in one of these sort of activities, they are really really encouraged and many people do participate. I dont think any student would feel out of place at MSU because they really try to make something for everyone. Only someone who was unwilling to take advanage of these options or to branch out would feel out of place. --Most students are from the detroit area. --I dont notice anyone taking about political things, btu thats because i chose not to


I have seen no racial problems and think that everyone can feel at home at MSU. There are a lot of different organizations so people can met others from their background. Most students dress pretty casually to class.


most of the people I met were live within a couple hours from campus, but I met people from Minnosota, Hawaii, Los Angelos, Chicago, and Sri Lanka too. This campus is pretty diverse, which I like a lot.


Again, a lot of this may have changed since my undergraduate years, but as a graduate student in the LIR program, there appears to be a good chemistry.


The students at Michigan State are diverse and appreciate a diverse population. Michigan State also promotes diverse clubs across campus and in the dormitories.


MSU's student body is pretty diverse and you see most of this where you live and in your classes. In my case where i lived there were many asians and black people, which sometimes made me feel out of place. But I know in other areas where white people are the dominant culture. Really you will see everything at Michigan State throughout your 4 years.


Undergrads vary from jock drunks to awesomely independent kids. The Grad student body is probably the most interesting group of kids I've come across.


MSU is the most culturally varied place I have been so far. It has broadened my knowledge of several other cultures, which I appreciate. Everybody fits in here, nobody should feel awkward about coming here because you WILL meet others with your interests. I am always excited to go to the first couple of days of class, wondering who I am going to meet. You can find every kind of person here, which is so great, if you are open minded enough to accept everyone and learn from them.


The student body at MSU is incredibly diverse. There are people from all over the world who speak many different languages. It is common to be listening to the people around you and hear at least two different languages being spoken.


not sure


MSU has an awesome student body. We're really diverse in many ways, but also very tolerant of others' lifestyles. I honestly don't think any student would feel out of place at MSU: we have so many different variations of people here, what's "normal" kind of fades out pretty quickly. Most students are from the state of Michigan, both we also have a HUGE international student population. MSU is definitely a liberal school (as most colleges are), but not so leftist that we're calling Michael Moore a neocon. We have several political organizations across campus for both right and left-leaning individuals, and all views (unless offensive or insulting) are accepted in class discussions and social settings.

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