Michigan State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


If you were to compare MSU and UofM, MSU are the cool kids and UofM are the nerds. However, you will also find many nerds at MSU if you consider yourself one of them. The engineering building is huge and air conditioned so you can laugh at the english majors who have to sweat it out in old buildings. Everyone is accepted here, because everyone IS here. There are 44,000 students - so you will have no problem finding your niche.


Most students dress very poorly for class, including business and hospitality business students, who should know better.


There are a lot of different religious groups and racial groups you can join on campus, but for the most part, no body judges you for the color of your skin or the kind of religion you are, almost everyone gets along with everyone. I dont think anyone would feel out of place here. Usually everyone looks like hell from monday to thursday night. Everybody pretty much just wakes up, washes their face, throw their hair up and goes to class in sweats and a t-shirt. There isnt really any reason to wake up at 5am and look cute for class... actually if you do look completely gorgeous, most people just assmume you're a freshman. Which isnt a bad thing! Just.... waking up early is time you could spend sleeping. Which is something most people dont get often due to late nights in the library. Sometime's I'd have to pull all nighters, and even still I wouldnt go to bed till around 2am. And waking up at any time before noon is considered early! Also, money isnt something people usually talk about... I mean people will walk around in their coach boots and their fendi bags, but nothing is really talked about as far as... "I have this and this and this, and my mom and dad just got me that". Usually we talk about how rediculous last semsters books cost us.


I've workd on the MSU Red Cedar Log yearbook for two years, thus interacting with plenty of groups on campus. I'd say this is MSU's strong point, which is sad since it should be academics. But I truly find that there are places for everyone to fit in on campus.


Our campus is extremely diverse. Students are diverse racially, ethnically, socio-economically. MSU does a pretty good job catering to every type of person. Make sure you have UGG boots, leggings and a north face, though if you want to fit in.


We have a group for literally every single thing. Not joking. I have been part of probably 12 groups which is a lot for one person. Everything you can think of there is a group for it. We have a huge population of gays and lesbians, and we also have things for them to do, like clubs and stuff, they are a very public and accepted group in the area. We are also very culturally diverse in terms of students and area residents. We have one of the highest Asian populations in what seems like the world, our graduate programs are very very diverse. Dude some people get all dolled up for class, somewhere pj's, it all depends on the time of the class, shoot I have worn work clothes to class before. No one cares or notices. Most MSU students are from Michigan. You have all sorts of financial back grounds, seriously I could think of students that have been completely abandoned by their parents to the Prince and Princess of the Netherlands that goes here (Seriously they come party at my work). We are the majority liberal I would say. I know that I would be uncomfortable in any other situation which is non liberal, so we are cool here.


MSU's student body is extremely diverse. I have plenty of friends that are different from me, and a guy from Kazakhstan lived on my floor. MSU is defnitely a diverse place, but there are also a ton of white kids from suburbia, driving fancy cars and wearing expensive clothes. It is really hard to escape the standard white kid, but it is also hard to escape diversity, if you wanted to.


There is definite diversity at MSU. BUT! mostly white kids.....with groups for others that aren't white or don't want to hang with white people and find their own group. Most people are middle or working class.


There is something for everyone here. I love that about MSU. There are people that are always willing to meet others, and there is a friend for everyone.


Diversity - Huge focus on minorities on campus. You don't see any WASP clubs. Out of place - I don't think anyone would feel out of place. There's a place for everyone. Students wear to class - whatever they feel like, from overcoats and furry hats to bikinis. Different students - interact with each other all the time. Four tables in the caf - 1. Preppy white girls talking about the party they went to. 2. White boys talking about MSU sports. 3. Blacks complaining about racial injustice. 4. Asians doing math and speaking Chinese. Most MSU students - from in-state or the Midwest region. Most prevalent financial backgrounds - middle class. Political activity - Moderately active, predominantly center, leaning left.


I think anyone would feel welcome at MSU. There is a huge diversity here. Anyone you can imagine goes to MSU. I feel there is no prejudices among groups of people or hate crimes or anything. It seems everyone just really gets a long and is just proud to be a Spartan!!!


VERY social and friendly. I think we most of us have a mentality that we are all spartans so we should all get to know each other. I have gone to Ann Arbor many times and it just seems to me that a lot of people have their noses in the air, and that the whole community thing doesn't really work out for them. East lansing is the place to be.


I think most people would feel comfortable at MSU. We're slightly more left wing than right wing. Most people just wear jeans and a tee-shirt to class. I've never personally seen someone being harassed for their race, gender, sexual preference.


MSU's student body outside the walking frat boy stereotypes, is actually diverse and quite friendly. I've met people from a bunch of different countries (we have lots of international students), and just about every background you could imagine. Everyone is pretty laid back about what they're doing, and I've noticed that the smarter people in courses don't mind starting study groups and helping out those who might get behind. Most students are pretty liberal with their attitudes, being out of their absentee parent's house for the first time. We have a few crazy right wing nutjobs on campus, and they mainly collect in the YAF and CCC, leaving the rest of us alone except for the obnoxious fliers they put up all over campus. I've heard that we're getting more literalist fundies in the life sciences, but from what I understand they don't usually survive past the first year here, and rarely past the second. Most of the people I've met are from in state, thought that doesn't mean we don't get out of staters too. I'd also have to say that while a majority of the people I meet aren't as driven academically, quite a few have neat interests and are just looking for a way to reconcile those with a degree.


There are students from every race, religious and socio-economic background which is what makes the campus so amazing.


MSU has a very diverse student body. There are many people right next door who are of a different race, religion, economic standing, sexual orientation and different values. There are people you will agree with and people you will not but it is a good learning experience and helps everyone to become more tolerant and accepting of others. I don't think any student could feel out of place at MSU. No matter what makes you different there are bound to be many people you can relate to and befriend. The only thing I can say is that a few of my friends are transferring to smaller schools because MSU was just too big for them. So if you are unsure about the size of MSU I would definitely take a campus tour before signing on to come to MSU. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall they would all be the same in that they would have a diverse group of people. At MSU it doesn't really matter what you look like, what your name is or where you come from, it only matters about who you are as a person. I know that I am friends with many different types of people who are much different from me and I have learned that this is true for many MSU students. MSU students are conservative, liberal, and everything in between. There are political groups for every type of political person. Students talk about their futures all the time, and where they would like to be.


I'm not very involved in groups on campus so I don't really have an opinion on this. I know that many students are very active and aware of politics, religion, etc. There are always groups on campus wanting others to come join them.


Extremely mixed, love it...lots of foreigners, lots of religions, lots of culture.


Extremely diverse...one of the best international schools in the country. You can't help but meet someone different every day. It's good.


I think of MSU as having an extremely diverse student body. People may not always branch out to other groups but they are aware and respectfull of them. You would feel equally as comfortable wearing high heels to class as you would wearing your PJs.


I guess my main impression of people here is that everyone is friendly. If you get lost on campus (which you probably will a few times) someone is always willing to point you in the right direction. I think people are very accepting of others who are different, and really everyone seems to get along. People don't dress up usually for class, I will just wear jeans and a t-shirt. People usually dress up to go out on the weekends though. Most students here are from Michigan but there is a significant amount from other places all around the world. I have friends from Ohio, Wyoming, New Mexico, Poland, Germany, South Korea, the Philippines, and tons of other places. This is a great place to meet new people and learn from them.


MSU is one of the most diverse campuses I have ever witnessed. All types of ethnic, religious, etc people are here and have their own organizations of clubs, so no body can feel out of place or lonely.


Students are from all over the world and from all financial backgrounds. Tuition is expensive, so most students that I know are from somewhat wealthier families. Students are politically aware, there are often demonstrations or marches going on outside Wells Hall. I would guess that most are predominantly left wing.


There are all kinds of students at MSU, rich, poor, minority, LGBT, etc. There are groups for just about everyone if they need more support, too. It varies a lot by dorm (which students choose after their freshman year with pretty much control) what students wear and act like. For example, Hubbard Hall is known for having the largest population of black students, and it's where the Black Caucus meets. Students dress there more like they're in the inner city. Right across the street is Holmes Hall, which houses the science residential program. Students there vary in race, socio-economic status, etc., but they tend to be geekier and wear slippers and pajamas to class (which are mostly in the same building). Brody is a freshman dorm that is preppier and known for parties.


It's not even close to as diverse as U of M, but they are working on it. Overall, I like the students. If you go to a school this large it's important to be outgoing and comfortable. I personally enjoyed going to a large college, because my high school was so small. It was nice that not everyone knew me and I could get lost in the crowd.


There are many opportunities on campus to lots of stuff and meet awesome people. I met tons of amazing people through Campus Crusade for Christ, a Christian organization on campus. I would recommend that to anyone new coming to campus who would like to explore Christianity. But there are many other awesome Christian groups as well. I also [participated in Spartan Souls dance team which was incredibly diverse! It was awesome!


I am not involved in those activities.


If you're not a huge partier, it may be hard for you to find a niche at MSU, but it is definitely possible. I don't drink and I love it there, but it took some getting used to. You'll see people do incredibly stupid things and you'll meet a very diverse group of individuals. Lots of people seem frivolous with their education because their parents are paying for it, but if you get a job on campus, you're likely to find people who know the value of a dollar.


There are so many different groups on campus, it's impossible to not find at least one you're interested in.


MSU's campus has a plethora of students from different backgrounds, races, creeds, religions...everything. You get a good mix at State. I don't think ANY student would feel "out of place" at Michigan State. Everyone is really nice and pretty accepting of everyone. I've see almost ANY kind of student you can think of a MSU. Most students wear jeans, t-shirts, skirts, sandals, hats, tank tops to class (you know...REGULAR clothes). Some like to dress up for class...and you CAN if you want; just depends on the person. All different types of students interact. College is a time to make friends with new and interesting people; branch out...meet someone different from your usual mold of friends. Most MSU students are probably from Michigan, but I've met students from California, Florida, Chicago, New York, Connecticut...even the Middle East. Students at State come from all over the world. Students are definitely politically aware and some more active than others. There are online polls of "who will you vote for" and "what do you think about this issue in America today." It just depends on the person; some are more aware/active than others. I would say that more people at State are politically left, but there is a good mix of left, right, center, and those who just don't care. For most kids, their future income is probably not that important right now; I would think they're just interested in graduating first.


Most students from MSU are from the state of Michigan, that breaks down to most being from Metro-Detroit and Grand Rapids. We do in fact have a large asian population as well, they come for all majors.


MSU is very diverse. While there are a lot of students from Michigan, there are also a ton of students from out of state and even more from outside the country. I've met a lot of foreign exchange students that bring a lot to the student body.


Most MSU students are from Michigan or the midwest. There are occasional students that are from other parts of the country and there are many students from different countires. MSU has a awesome study abroad program as well as an international student program.


Everyone loves a Spartan.


Most students find a good group of friends to hang out with when they move into the dorms freshman year, so no one really feels out of place. There are many clubs you can join on campus if you do feel out of place, then you can make friends there. If you dont walk away from MSU with at least a few good friends, you didn't work hard enough to put yourself out there. There is no poplular group, jock group, goth group or nerd group anymore like there was in high school. Everyone becomes friends with everyone, reguardless of race, gender, or age. You end up meeting people through your friends, and meet more people through their friends, and the next thing you know, you have a huge group that you could chill with. Its all about not being shy and getting yourself out there meeting people


The student body is one of the greatest things about MSU. If I had to choose one word to describe MSU's student body it would be "diverse." There is such a wide range of cultures, religions, races, nationalities, political opinions, and socio-economic groups on campus; the best part about it is that everyone is genuinely open and friendly, and willing to accept each other. People also seem eager to learn about new people that may not be the types of people they're used to in their hometowns. The greatest thing about the student body is that everyone is extremely friendly and open to making new friends!


Lots and lots and lots of alcoholics. Fun, safe, happy drunks for the most part, but still drunks. Be careful not to become one of them, even if you love getting drunk sometimes. Try not to become the guy who is wasted three days a week for five years. I already did that and I regret it. There are a lot of good people at State, the parties are great because you are automatically accepted into the social group of any house or apartment party simply because of your status as an MSU student.


There are a lot of different people here, but almost everyone is easy to get along with. Since I'm not a minority, I haven't noticed very many problems with certain groups being left out or ostersized. I don't think it happens too often, but maybe certain groups see it differently from their perspective. For the most part, I think MSU students are very accepting. Most students wear sweatpants to class, especially if it is early. But again, this ranges. Some people dress all cute and some wear pajamas. It's also different day-to-day. No one really looks out of place no matter what they wear.


MSU is somewhat diverse, but not as much as it should be, just like any other university. As a Black student, sometimes I may be one of two students of color, but it doesn't bother me because I grew up with a very diverse background. The higher you get in your majors, the less faces of color you'll see, but the dorms are a different story. I'm sure the school does this on purpose, but nost of the stuendts with similar races tend to live together. In a way it helps because, I don't think Caucasion people would be able to help me if I asked to borrow bee's wax for my hair. It makes you feel somewhat more comfortable because your around people that may somewhat have similar habits and living styles like your own. There's always an exception, but you can always move to a dorm that you feel most comfortable in. Every kind of student is represented at MSU, from prepy to homely, very religious to hell bound, and so on. Truth be told, if you like it, there's already a club started just for you.


MSU's student body is very diverse. I am friends with many people from different racial, ethnic, religious, etc. backgrounds. Even though they may look different from me they, we all relate easily. I am involved in one group called MRULE- Multi Racial Unity Living Experience where we talk about social and political injustics and issues. It has helped me become aware of the impact that segregation and racism has had on this country and others. I have noticed that many students tend to stick to their own racial backgroud, but I am one who is not afraid of bridgeing the racial barrior by being friends to all.


The campus here is diverse. There is one thing that almost everyone has in common though: friendliness. My first year here was eye-opening because I came from a town that wasn't diverse at all. People here have opinions and they aren't afraid to express them, but everyone is open to hearing about others' opinions. Almost 90% of the student body is from Michigan, but that's not to say you can't find anyone else - my roommate this year was from Laramie, Wyoming.


I find that most people here are similar minded to myself with a balance of study and socialization. I get along with almost every one here and enjoy my time spent with my classmates.


MSU is so large you can find every type of person here. Greek life is huge and its a good time. I am not Greek, however, I would be if I wasn't a transfer student. Find what fits, there are so many organizations you can join. Students wear everything from PJs to heals to class. If its 3pm I suggest not wearing either though. Its tacky.


There is a large, diverse population on this campus. Students are spirited and fun in general. Some students have a tendency to play off media stereotypes of MSU and try to make a name for themselves. These people give MSU a bad reputation but are in no way an example of the majority of students at this great institution. There is little to no bragging or conceit like you might find on other campuses. There is a good mix of political views, religion, gender, and culture. There is so much to learn from my peers around me.


I live off campus to save money. The dorm halls typically rape you of cash. I've calculated that its more than $600/month to live in tight quarters with no privacy. For the past 3 years, I have rented out rooms for only $350.


Very diverse student body. From all areas of the world. We have a ton of international and out of state students, however its dominated by Michiganers.


From a social standpoint, MSU's political exposure and diversity is what sets it apart from other universities. Here, students are encouraged to become exercise their political rights and share their beliefs and opinions. MSU is not narrow-minded and every idea is a welcomed voice.


Most MSU students seem to be from various places around Michigan and the midwest mostly.


Although MSU has a lot of students, it is not hugely diverse. It is still primarily white, middle class students. But there are a lot of groups that create communities and are dedicated to inclusion on campus. There are black caucuses and queer caucuses in all of the dorm complexes, which is a great way to meet people. Many students seem apathetic to most political things, but there are definitely pockets of activists who are willing to create change in the world!


MSU says that the campus is diversified, but I beg to differ...there are definately dorms that are just for the "blacks", "asians", "nerds", jocks and etc. MSU dorm life is not diversified at all.

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