Michigan State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school has a variety of accredited programs: the nursing school, Eli Broad, the teaching program and the vet school to name a few. But, unfortunately Michigan State University is known for the fan base and rioting. It is sad when a very minute portion of the student body and even local young adults participate in unnecessary activites and the whole university is labeled. There are positives to our stereotypes however. MSU has one of the largets fan bases in America. Whether the spartans win or lose -- they students and alumni will always be supoortive.


Runners up in the national championship in basketball this year


MSU is best known for its quality of education, its athletic teams, the greek community, and the night life.


It is best known for its size and diversity. You see people from all over the world and are able to learn new things every day from them....not to mention almost every student has a ton of school spirit and takes pride in being a Spartan.


MSU is best known for its school spirit and community atmosphere


My school is probably best known for being a technical school and for our football team, moreover, it's rivalry on the field with Uof M.


Green. Sparty. School Spirit. Alumni. Sports. Osteopathy. Nuclear Science. Vet Med. People.


Many people think that this university is one of the top drinking schools. I believe that you can find that if it is what you are looking for. This school has one of the top Veterinary Schools in the country and is also top in the country for Packaging Engineering. It is an amazing school for business and law. It has outstanding resources in which one can get help with classes or with advising and even finding a job. This is an amazing school inside and out and I have enjoyed my experience here.


I would honestly say that Michigan State is known for partying. Everytime I am asked about my school the first thing people ask is if there is a lot going on there or when they used to visit their friends they alway had a good time, this is often followed by telling me a story about something crazy that happened when they visited my school!


A strong spartan spirit and a very friendly campus. The students at Michigan State are known for really enjoying the party scene and knowing how to show visitors a good time.




Top ranked academic programs and facilities.


MSU is best know for Football and its Business Program/Teaching Progrma and commmunity involvment


My school is know for its sports and its acedemics.


Michigan State University is best known for its size, reserach, and sports.


Being a large school and being in the Big Ten. Also our football, basketball, and hockey teams are well known.


Those spartans play good ball


My school is best known for the size of the campus.


Good education, nursing, social sciences, and research fields of study. Beautiful/green campus.


football, drinking, partying, business school, college of law,


Great Veterinary College and Mechanical Engineering.


Our Veterinary Medicine and Education programs, drinking and Big Ten athletics


Mulitple opportunities


It has amazing professors who are highly recognized in their fields. It's known for being a huge party school too and for it's Big Ten sports.


That depends who you ask. Many people think MSU is a drinking/party school, but we're actually lower than national statistics on that scale. There are definitely ways to be invovled in the party scene, but there are even more possibilities to meet great friends without that kind of atmosphere without any pressure. MSU is also known for it's vet program, which is the initial reason I picked it. Their attitude is to train good doctors, not to actively seek awards for being the best; I think that attitude actually helps make them so remarkable.

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