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At Michigan State, even though you are on a huge campus, everyone is very close. I my fellow Spartans are my second family. Being in a program like the business program helps that. Michigan States makes it so that you can really get to know people who are in your major with you. I take a lot of my classes with other business majors and we help each other out with studying a getting notes if we happen to miss class. I love that I can go to such a big, prominent school and still have the small campus experience.


MSU has a beautiful campus that draws students in. While the classes are often larger and the academics are sometimes not as thorough as other schools, the cameraderie is infectious and noticeable. Although there are predispositions toward white middle-upper class tendancies, kindness abounds and through it all humanity makes more of a mark than I have seen in other schools. People are often more willing to help out in classes and spare a friendly word.


Michigan State really focuses on keeping their campus natural and beautiful. The idea is to keep it almost like a park space with buildings strategically placed throughout. It is a beautiful campus with a downtown very close, unlike Western Michigan University where the downtown is 15 minutes away, or the University of Michigan where the campus is actually in the middle of downtown with hardly any green spaces. For me the campus feel is very important. If I'm not happy with the environment I'm living in, it will make it harder to be successful.


We're one of the largest campuses in the country, and the meal plan is probably the best in the state. The campus is also contained, but not completely cut off from the world, and very easy to maneuver once you know what you're looking for and how to get there.


What is unique about my school is the location and what we are involved in. MSU is very environmentally orientated and takes a lot of pride in it. It is very encouraging to be part of a school that wants to make a difference in the world and continues to expand. Another thing that is unique compared to other schools I considered is the size of the school. It is great how many people get involved.


I consider MSU unique because there is no defining student stereotype. Students are neither inherently liberal like some progressive colleges or conservative like many religious institutions. Level of studiousness, socioeconomic class, or chosen major? Complete ambiguity. From every topic across the globe it can be said students come from a wide variety of experiences. My friends from high school who attend other schools could immediately describe their student body if asked, however it is with great difficulty for me to do the same. There is no "typical" MSU student and for that, I am extremely proud.


Michigan State has an abundance of international students. They are actively pushing to make the campus completely "green".


The large size


nothing, most of the big ten schools are similar, except Michigan State has mostly in-state students from Michigan.


The diverse student body and the many academic opportunities available.


Michigan State blends the fun, exciting, and proud atmosphere of a large school with the intimacy and small classes of a small school. Though some university-required courses have large class sizes, upper-level courses, especially those associated with a specific major, are seldom larger than 20-30 students per class.


Michigan State strives to prepare students for the real world, while also providing an engaging and fun environment to enjoy the "here and now".


Our school is very large compared to other schools, which makes it unique. Michigan State has one of the largest campuses in the state. Although it is large, it is very easy to navigate. The beauty of it being so big is that there is always something going on that you could join. There are always groups, sporting activities, or just people hanging around outside. Just about everything one needs can be found somewhere on the campus.


There are so many opportunities, it is almost overwhelming. From living experiences to majors, you can find almost everything at MSU. It has a small "downtown" area, but it's enough that everyone feels at home.


Michigan State has an amazing study abroad program, in addition, it was a big school that offered many opportunities, but still had a small school feel.


MSU sets the bar high. If you are a Spartan then you are part of an elite group that is very supportive and wants to see the people who are part of this group succeed in what ever they choose to do.


There is an enormouse amount of pride that is associated with being a MIchigan State student. It is not just the sports, or the education, but you meet people and learn to feel comfortable with who you are. Acceptance is not taught, it is lived at Michigan State.


Besides the best basketball coach in college history, Tom Izzo, Michigan State University is unique in many ways. Probably the biggest uniqueness factor is there is always something to do or get involved in. Whether it be sports, academic clubs, research, tutoring, or community service, there is something for everyone. MSU caters to student with different backgrounds, interests, and personalities, and allows students to make the most out of their years at this great campus.


Michigan State University is very unique when compared with other schools because it offers its students the type of academic experience that no other university can. The sports program is top ranked along with many career programs. The faculty is highly involved in supporting students to participate in research projects. MSU has a very large campus so therefore does an adequate job of providing reliable transportation to the students whether they live on-campus or off-campus. Due to the diverse population, MSU offers one of the best meal plans with many different options to choose from.


It is a Big Ten school, therefore, has a lot of money, competitive sports, and is recognized nationally. Michigan State University also has a myriad of extra curricular activities, a vibrant social enviroment, and offers a well diversified and large amount of fascinating classes.


Michigan State University offers something that other campuses don't. It's a feeling you get. Walking around campus the hustle of students going to class, the calming sounds of the famous red cedar river, the smell of fresh coffee brewing at Bigby. It's just a different enviornment. Being on-campus feels right. There is an energy that everyone has, its our own little community. We have spirit and pride, we're all so proud to be Spartans and you can see and feel that everywhere you are. MSU is magical.


There were two main reasons why I chose Michigan State Unniversity instead of others. The first reason is that Michigan State University has one of the best programs in the field of Education, which is what I am interested in, across country. And the second reason is that it is near home, and this way I can save a lot of money from having to live on campus.


Michigan State campus is huge. Main campus is two miles from east to west, and it is strictly campus. The physical size allows over forty thousand students to attend which means I meet someone new every single day, which I could not have gotten at a smaller school or any other school I considered.


It is very diverse and has great programs. It is very large and has lots of things for students to do and be involved in.


Michigan State University is unique in the way that has become very environmentaly focused or "green" as many refer to it. Thoughout campus, there are many recycling bins and signs promoting being an environmentally friendly student. Our cafeterias have many varieties of organic food which help not only our communities businesses and farming but also the environmental as a whole.


Someone who is eager to learn in a diverse and dynamic environment. Someone who is not intimidated by a large student body, who can learn and adapt quickly.


Michigan State University is the largest open air campus in the U.S. I was accepted to a joint undergraduate-medical school program that I will complete in seven years. There is a tremendous number of majors, minors and concentrations available as well as an extensive on-line summer school schedule for those who want to complete their degree on an accelerated time table. Counselors are very accessible and helpful and professors are flexible and work with you to achieve your goals. MSU is a large school with many small school(s) within a school opportunities.


Each time I visited the Michigan State University campus, and East Lansing in general, I noticed how friendly everybody is. I didn't get the same cutthroat vibe that I got from other schools. The students here seem so much less self-centered and much more like a big family than the other universities I considered.


One aspect of MSU that I was very drawn to is its size. As one of the largest campuses in the country, my school is able to offer many things that would not be available in smaller schools. Last year, I was able to see then Senator Obama speak on campus, attend several concerts from well-known artists (such as U2) and several other famous guest speakers, as well as attend Big Ten athletic events. Another thing that was very attratcive to me about this school was the enthusiasm of both current students and alumni that I spoke with.


It's huge--the largest public school in Michigan, with over 45,000 undergraduates--and yet students can very easily find their niche among the wide variety of student groups and organizations, as well camaraderie among those whom they study alongside in their specialized majors.


One of the most unique qualities at Michigan State University is that there is an overwhelming push towards environmental friendliness. Each year, MSU has increased the number of recycling deposit centers around campus, and offers recycling for less common items (empty liquid detergent bottles, cardboard, etc.). The coffee shops and school stores on campus are advertising reusable thermoses as an alternative to waste producing styrofoam cups. For a campus as large as it is, I truly applaud MSU for making a positive impact on our environment.


The people at Michigan State made it so unique. At a lot of the other schools I visited, there seemed to be the same types of people, but Michigan State was so much more diverse.


The campus is huge and alot of success opportunity.


The friendly atmosphere and great study abroad programs.


I found the relationships between the students to be unique. Everybody was friendly toward one another and if you ever needed help in class, you could always find someone willing to help you understand the material. The main thing that was unique about Michigan State University compared to other schools I have considered or visited was the fact that there are so many differend on-campus activities you could participate in.


Larger, much more activities. Always something to get involved in. It's so involved in the surrounding community. Welcoming, friendly, receptive to new ideas and cultures.


Michigan State has a beautiful campus. and is one of the biggest in the United States. Also, MSU has its own promise scholarship that they give their students. The teachers amm are ama as well as even in the big classes the teachers are all awesome. The teachers are all amazing even in the big classes, you can tell they really care about educating us.


My school is very diverse and friendly, a lot of school spirit, and make people proud that they go to msu.


Michigan State University is a unique school comapred to others because of the school spirit and comaradery we feel as a whole. As a recent graduate, i find myself running into fellow alumni and we are able to relate and share common stories. It really is a tight knit campus, even with 50,000 students.


They have a landscape architecture program


There is always someone willing to give a helping hand. Complete strangers turn into great friends on campus.


It's very community oriented.


Michigan State University is a very diverse school. The people are diverse, the atmosphere is diverse, everything on the campus is diverse. The school is very social and athletics are a main part of the school. MSU has a great reputation and everyone I know that attends or attended it fell in love with it. There are many social activites going on everyday that allow students to engage in fun and safe activites, making their college experience enjoyable.


Its a HUGE school, but it feels like one community. Everyone unites under the Spartan mascot like at no other school. MSU pride can be seen across the world and our chant "Go Green! Go White!" is extremely well known.


It is a very well-known university and it has an environment which helps students be more enthusiastic about their education.


What's really unique about Michigan State University is that its an incredibly diverse school with so many opportunities for students to get out and experience the college life. Whether it be learning certain subjects, playing sports or socializing, it creates a friendly fun environment. MSU is very well known for its large beautiful campus. Many people walk on campus just for its scenery and our gardens that are well taken care of. Overall MSU is much different than other campuses in so many aspects that makes itself so independent from others.


Michigan State offers the benefit of being a big ten school with lots of people and opportunties but also provides the opportunity to recieve special attention for your needs and in order to reach your goals. There are many ways to get involved and you always feel wlecome and encouraged to do so. Also there are residential colleges within the university that are focused challenging programs that offer close interaction with professors and faculty.


Michigan State Univerity is a very unique school compared to the other schools I considered because of the opportunities that are given. The school is very diversed and allows students to meet, greet, and learn from new people. My school has the best study abroad program that allows student to visit other states and countries to learn. Students and faculty members has an impact on ach other because we learn from each other. I have the opportunity to attend a big ten college and become the doctor I want to be. I love Michigan State University!


The social life here at MSU is excellent. It is like living in a big community, me and my friends often call it a "mini city". Also academically MSU is wonderful. There are big and small classes, they accomodate everyone, they have excellent advisors, and they have wonderful professors who are more than willing to help you and offer you special services like tutoring.


Many of the schools that I considered do not even have a program for special education. Not only does Michigan State University have a program for special education, but it is one of the top two in the country!

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