Michigan State University Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The sports scence on campus is amazing. There is so much energy when it comes to it. Basketball and football games are a lot of fun and the cheering from the crowd is fun and exciting. Many happy people roam campus when the victory is ours and there are a lot of angry people when we lose. Most spartans here are die hard fans and the atmosphere that is here is amazing when it comes to sports. Go Green!! Go White!!


Sports and MSU go hand in hand. I cannot think of a better school that houses top-notch division I athletes. No matter what event you are interested in, there's a club or a varsity team for it here. Honestly, I cannot think of a single friend that I have here that has not been to at least one sporting event.


The Spartan Spectacular at Breslin Center during the Michigan State University Homecoming Weekend


MSU football highlights set to music by the world famous Spartan Marching Band!


Go Spartans!


MSU students talk about their favorite candidates for the 2008 Michigan Presidential Primary.

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