Michigan State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the expense of the education. In addition to college tuition students will be buying books, bus passes, dorm decorations, parking, and all sorts of other expenses not included in the tuition. College is expensive to attend for many families these days, I feel their woes. After my graduation I will have to face my student loans and it won?t be pretty. I recommend to all high school seniors to start applying for scholarships early and really work on doing as many as you can.


The size of classes makes it hard to make a connection with the professor and other students. However, with this number of students this is unavoidable.


The worst thing about Michigan State University is that tuition isn't free. Making a long story short, my school is the perfect place to learn. Being such a diverse environment, this campus is a breeding ground for intellual stimuli. The right people, in the right place, with bountiful resources and opportunites. Everything is not perfect, just as anyone other place, yet here the students and professors are more willing to get involed and help each other. The sense of community is remarkable as well as memorable, something much needed in the economically stressed atmosphere in Michigan.


The size. MSU is such a large and diverse unversity that it is easy to feel out of place and disconnected. As someone who is not particularly social this lead to lonliness and even depression at times. The size is managable when the university is considered as a compilation of multiple colleges but most of these are not residential schools and so there is little connection between students.


The worst thing about my school is its size. Finding help on such a large campus is very intimidating. Many classes are large and professors are not going to spot you in a crowd. The size of the school gives many opportunities yet you have to search to find one that will fit your specific needs.


The worst thing about school is the large lecture halls. I feel like I am just a number and I never raise my hand to ask a question because I feel i will make the other 400 people in the classroom mad. I also do not like walking across campus. The first week of school my legs hurt so bad I did not want to move. I did fix that by buying A bus pass.


All the drinking and weekend parties. They never end well and people get hurt and mistreated.


The worst thing about Michigan State University would be how much it cost to be a on-campus student. It's getting closer to $20,000 a year, each year. When you are a student who does not get a lot of financial aid, you start to worry more about the price of education more than the education iteself. It's even harder when you have siblings who attend the same school.




I think thay the city of East Lansing is too boring and not exciting in anyway. I wish that it was in a bigger area, with more things to do. Also campus is pretty big and buses are a little odd. Some of the teachers suck, and they should be taken care of. The language program should be improved.


The size of the campus and the classes; you can get lost in the campus at times .


Sometimes when you are in a very large lecture class, you feel more like a number and not an individual.


It gets really cold in the winters and walking to class can be really troublesome. Also, in the winter, the buses get full really fast so you have to time yourself carefully when stepping out to go to class that's half way across from campus.


The worst thing about my school is that we dont have more great people. Everyone is great but more is even better.


Its size is both its best and worst traits. There are things here I could not experience at smaller schools. But sometime it's a pain to have to walk 25 mins to get across campus. Smaller class sizes for gen. eds. would be nicer too.


Class availabilty... although they have a wonderful selction of class some are limited in space yet required by a certain year for a major and are difficult to get into.


It's considered a "party" school. Pretty much every single person I've met since I've been there has tried to push drinking on me, even though I've told them time and time again that I do not drink!


the busing system doesn't always work to get to class on time


I would have to say the worst thing about MSU is the cost, but that comes with every school, so the only other bad thing I could say would have to be the large class sizes are sometimes annoying.


Not everyone is academically oriented, and having a roommate who isn't is extremely annoying and can hinder your academic success.


The worst thing about my school are the tuition increases. This year, they have increased tuition by nearly 5% and it is difficult for many students to be able to afford these increases.


The worst thing is how expensive it is.


I think the worst thing is the money...it just gets extremely expensive as you move to higher level classes and you are still getting the same amount for your money. That and the weather usually is bad considering it is mostly cloudy and snow is on the ground 70 percent of the time.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the money situation. As an out of state student, I pay over twice the amount that the instate students pay, living, whether on or off campus, is extremely expensive, and it is very difficult to get a job around here.


The students get especially rowdy and distructive if they're partying, and it gives everyone a bad reputation.


The worst thing about Michigan State University are the large lectures classes, which can sometimes casue a less than ideal learning environment than a smaller class.


Sometimes it is difficult to get to class during the winter. THe cold make you want to sleep, and sometimes the buses are late. Other than that, Michigan State is a great University.


Because there are so many students, it can be intimidating to become involved in clubs and activities. Also, meeting people can be challenging when a class can have up to 600 people in one lecture.


The number of students in many 100 and 200 level classes.


The campus is spaced apart, so some classes are quite far away.


it's very expensive! books are ridiculous, and parking is horrible on campus (and off campus).


TOO MUCH DRINKING sometimes...we were playboy's number one for years...we are actually not allowed to be on an amatuer list anymore, since we're "professionals"


The worst thing about my school is, well I do not know it to be true but I am not sure that Teaching Assistants who are required to to teach a class to graduate are properly taught to teach. And this as crippled me multiple times when I was stuck with a T.A. who knew very much about the subject but not very much on how to take their knowledge and give to us in a fashion that would no only allow us to learn the material but to apply it later on throughtout our college carrer.


The judgemental attitudes some people carry with them.


In the larger classes you are more of a number than a person and rarely interact directly on-on-one with the professor.


The off-campus housing is awful. There are a few massive companies that really control all of the houses and apartments, and they are outrageous with their pricing. The houses aren't in very good condition.


Our reputation as a drinking school. Yes there are a lot of drinkers, but you can do whatever you want at MSU. There is a lot going on under teh surface.


The ammount of people that are in fraternities. It is almost annoying how many people are involved in that sort of atmosphere.


The worst thing about the school is dorm food. The school does not offer a lot of whole food options besides elementary salad bars. Being a nutritional science major I know it's important to consume generous servings of fruits, vegatables, and whole grains. While the campus does offer some of the basics, like apples and bananas, they lack the diversity of these nutrient dense foods that are required for active and healthy students and primarily stick to salted fried overcooked meats.


I dont consider anything to be really bad. I think it is a very good school and everyone will have their opinions about why they might not like something or why they do like something.


The worst thing about my campus is that everything seems to have a price tag attached to it. Everything from gym passes, bus passes, and study abroad costs significant amounts more than they should, with other clubs and programs all requiring dues and payments of somekind.


The emphasis on the Greek community. It is a large part of the campus, but it is a very judgemental and not always friendly system.


The run around the departments give you when you are trying to change your major.


The lack of mentouring and immature students.


One of the worst things about the school is the cost. Tuition goes up every year and there are few noticable improvements to students. The cost of living in East Lansing is incredibly expensive and city officials completey discount the importance of students in the economy of their city. Housing is the biggest expense next to tuition and books. It's hard to secure financial aid if you're just "just getting by". It seems as though you need to have no money at all or come from a bad home life to even be considered. It's so expensive!


Its cold in the winter!!! Bring a hat!


The worst things about my school is my politval perspective I wish I played a high school and was involved more in sports therefore I would be in a consistent family group and not always the individual and I would be more competitive and more aware have more money due to scholarships. I would be more acceptable inte community i WOULD LIKE TO BE APART OF dUE TO i DIDN'T PLAY ANY SPORTS IIN HIGH SCHOOL BECAUSE i DID NOT KNOW THE VALUE i FEEL LIKE i MISSED OUT ON SOME OPPORTUNITIES


The worst thing is proabably the parking like I said above it is too expensive for college kids, and then also the people that work in the administration building in financial aid are sort of rude sometimes.


Currently, the worst thing is dealing with my academic advisor and the financial aid office. I am extremely busy with soccer training and practice.


As a university, there are many colleges that make up the institute of higher learning. Due to that, we are required to take classes and receive a certain amount of credits for courses that may not have anything to do with our future plans.

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