Michigan State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


For me the overall opinion of my school is that it is okay. I am neither happy nor sad with my school. My school is a great place to be, yet I am not sure if it is the right place for me.


This school is great and I believe every person who comes here can find a place where they belong. It is a great mix between social life and academic life.


Michigan State University is great. I loved the idea of having to live in the dorms your freshmen year. Living on campus gives the students the opportunity to get familiar with the university and where things are such as the stadium, library, cafeterias and other cool places. But most importantly living on campus gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and students that go to Michigan State as you. Coming from Germany, I did not know anyone who was going to Michigan State University and so my biggest concern was making friends and finding people I could hang out with. Michigan State University has about 43,000 students and it might seem a bit overwhelming but I found some of the greatest people here. You realize that you are not alone and that is the beautiful part of MSU. I love this school and I'm overly happy that I picked this university. GO GREEN!


I believe that Michigan State University is overall an outstanding school. Michigan state has so many different opportunities for everyone around campus, and has so much diversity you will be able to met someone who isn't where your from everyday. Michigan State is always trying to find a way to better there students in education. They have a very well rounded tutoring program. Not only is michigan state big on education but also on sports our football and basketball teams are all excellent. when ever there is a game everyone is family. Everyone screaming go green go white is a tradition. Being a spartan is one of the greatest things ever.


Good, but too segregated and people are ignorant


What I would say about this school is that I love it. I love the atmosphere the school pride, the size,etc. I woudl have to say though there is somethings i wish could change such as free weight rooms and I wish we did not have to pay for the buses. Most sidewalks here are heated though so that makes walking in the winter better. When I tell people about campus and that I go to school at Michigan State they say that is really interesting and It catches there attention. THe sports here are absolutely amazing and is a great part of our atmosphere here.


I love going to MSU. It's a large school, with plenty of different people to meet. There are students from just about every background imaginable, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. School pride is a huge part of attending MSU, as well as participating in Spartan Traditions. Things such as the Finals Night Scream, Football Season/Tailgating, and March Madness all contribute to making a huge school seem small.


I think that MSU is a large school that offers many opportunities to all of its students. The best thing I think about this school is the fact that their are over 500,000 Spartans world wide and those connections can get you anywhere you want. The sense of pride felt at this school is fierce and is held together by our big ten championships in football and basketball. Although the school is pretty large there are so many groups, clubs, and organizations that it is easy to find your niche.


I love Michigan State. It is an awesome place to go to school. The atmosphere on the campus is incredible. Everyone has Spartan pride. When ever you tell someone that you go to Michigan State, the normal response is "Go Green, Go White," unless they are a Michigan fan. The campus is very big, and can be overwhelming at first. Once you start to learn your way around, it is not bad at all.


I don't even know where to begin when describing my opinion of MSU. It is just an absolutely perfect experience. MSU is the perfect blend of partying and academics and there is something for everyone. The school is huge but that makes it interesting when you have classes all over campus. People love hearing that I go to school hear just because of how amazing our athletics are. We are one of the premier Big Ten schools and every year the atmosphere displays it. I spend most of my time in my dorm hall hanging out with people I met at the beginning of the year. The weekends are nuts and the streets are lined with people going out to have a good time. The administration is fairly decent but you should do some research on your course professors before you enroll. I will always remember my first tailgating experience because it was so great. Most kids complain about the prices of books but you will find that anywhere you go.


I love MSU! It has my major, plant biology, which isn't seen very often. The campus is huge, but that just means we have an amazing student section at all of the big games. And, you never know who you might see while walking around campus. Campus is one big block, so there isn't much other than a main street with shops. And Lansing isn't the best city either. But, everything you need is on campus or right off of it on Grand River. I spend most of my time on campus because of that.There is a lot of school pride. Everyone is always wearing green and white. We have been winning a lot in football, basketball and other sports, so the games are well-attended and are very fun. One experience I will always remember is being in the stands when we won the MSU-Wisconsin game by a Hail Mary!


Going to Michigan State University was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I'm getting an excellent education, meeting and working with distinguished professors, and I made amazing friends that I know I will keep for the rest of my life. But, Michigan State University is a big school, one of the largest, and sometimes it means you're just another student. Especially when it comes to sports games and tuition, it's hard to really have a voice (like finding a parking spot or winning a scholarship). If I have to be honest though, I'm really glad I decided to come here.


My overall opinion about Michigan State is that it is just a great place to be. The best thing about it is the spirit and sense of pride you feel as a Spartan. The only thing I would change is some of my requirements for my major! Some may feel that this university is too large, but I don't feel that way at all. I transferred from a small private school and MSU has felt more like home. People react pretty well when I tell them what I am studying here. I spend most of my time on campus in the GIS computer labs working on programs, cartography and other geography-based homework for my minor! If I'm not there, I can be found either in Criminal Justice classes or possibly grabbing brunch with my classmates at one of the many places to eat on campus! East Lansing is an amazing college town with SO much to do, and especially good night life! Some of my favorite memories have been made here, and nothing can top the excitement of the home football games in the crisp, fall weather.


Michigan State University gives a student endless opportunities to grow. The teachers care about your success, and there are extra curricular activities for everyone. The best part about MSU is the unity among the students. Even though the campus is one of the largest in the country, it gets smaller every day, and you always meet new people. When you meet people after graduation and both of you have attended MSU, a connection is instantly made.


I love everything about this school. There's a large amount of people so you can meet many people with similar interests. There are many things clubs to join or intramural sports to play. Everyone take pride in our university and there is a great atmosphere


I love it here. It's a large school but I wouldn't have it any other way. There are so many opportunities and different people. The student body shows a lot of pride in MSU. It's located right in the middle of East Lansing, MI. Most of the city is made up of campus, but there are still a lot of things to do off campus. Also, downtown Lansing is not far at all, that's where the capitol is and there are a lot of bars there too.


Overall this school is a 10/10. It has something for everyone. Don't be intimidated by the campus size or the number of people that go here. It is very easy to make friends and get involved here. The classes can be large but the professors are usually very helpful and have office hours if you need 1 on 1 help, don't be afraid to approach them! The campus itself is beautiful and has a serene river running through the heart of campus. It is easy to find nooks and crannys to relax and study in. There are many old historic buildings to explore and the new art museum looks like it will be very interesting. They have been constructing a lot of new buildings on campus, especially for the research oriented majors. Getting around is no problem with a bike or a bus pass. The best part about this university is the people who go here. They are down to earth and very friendly for the most part. It is easy to make friends and form connections. There is literally a student group for everything and there are always events to go to. If you like sports look no further. The football, basketball, and hockey programs are top notch and are a constant source of excitement for students. Attending fall games in Spartan Stadium and tailgating with friends and alumni is easily one of my most cherished memories.Even if you're not into sports I would recommend attending a few of the games just for the experience. If you're looking for the complete college experience this is it. Michigan State has just about everything you could want in a school aside from being in the Ivy League. Even still many of the programs are highly ranked. My major (Criminal Justice) is ranked in the top 10 nationally as are many others. I take pride in calling myself a Spartan and I am absolutely satisfied with the education I received. It was worth every cent.


I bleed green! This school has so much spirit, I'm not sure any other college can compare. I think it's a fantastic place to get an education.


Overall my opinion of Michigan State University is very favorable. The education is unmatched in many fields, campus is beautiful, the dorms/cafeterias are nice and the community is amazing. My biggest complaint with MSU would be the bureaucratic nature of many things. Additionally, some administrative departments can be poorly run, and it is not uncommon to be given a hard time at the Financial Aid department, for example.


Personally, I absolutely love Michigan State. It's located in the college town of East Lansing, MI. We have a very large campus, but if MSU is the right place for you, then it doesn't matter the size, you will find your niche. It may seem too large for some people, being one of the largest college campuses in the country, but I like it. Maybe it's not the right fit for you, but you learn quickly where things are and how to get around. I'm in my senior year at MSU, and those years fly by. If I could change one thing about my time here, it would be to really cherish every memory I made because before you know it, you'll be graduating. Our school is one of the schools with the most college pride! We take our sports seriously and it's one of the best things about being a part of this school.


Personally, I absolutely love Michigan State. It's located in the college town of East Lansing, MI. We have a very large campus, but if MSU is the right place for you, then it doesn't matter the size, you will find your niche. It may seem too large for some people, being one of the largest college campuses in the country, but I like it. Maybe it's not the right fit for you, but you learn quickly where things are and how to get around. I'm in my senior year at MSU, and those years fly by. If I could change one thing about my time here, it would be to really cherish every memory I made because before you know it, you'll be graduating. Our school is one of the schools with the most college pride! We take our sports seriously and it's one of the best things about being a part of this school.


Personally, I absolutely love Michigan State. It's located in the college town of East Lansing, MI. We have a very large campus, but if MSU is the right place for you, then it doesn't matter the size, you will find your niche. It may seem too large for some people, being one of the largest college campuses in the country, but I like it. Maybe it's not the right fit for you, but you learn quickly where things are and how to get around. I'm in my senior year at MSU, and those years fly by. If I could change one thing about my time here, it would be to really cherish every memory I made because before you know it, you'll be graduating. Our school is one of the schools with the most college pride! We take our sports seriously and it's one of the best things about being a part of this school.


I love the campus. It is sprawling and easy to navigate once you get use to the size. There are many beautiful sights on campus. I spend most of my time at the dorms, shopping on grand river or at the student housing near campus. It is a great college town and everything is open really late. There is tons of school pride at MSU, but sometimes that gets the students in trouble. It is all in good fun.


I absolutely LOVE MSU. The campus is so pretty, especially in the fall when the leaves change colors. I like that there are new and old buildings. The best part about MSU was living with a bunch of people your age and just always having someone to party with, study with, or just chill with. Another plus about MSU is that everyone gets so into holidays, like Halloween, St. pattys, you could even call home football games holidays because they are so crazy and fun! What I will always remember about MSU is all the cool people you meet and really the friends that become your second family.


The best thing about MSU is probably the amount of students enrolled and the amounts of classes available to each student for their majos. I think i will be spending most of my time around campus and at my friends places just hanging out and enjoying the experience. I have a good feeling about the administration here at MSU and im hoping for the best come fall.


The best thing about MSU is that it is its own community and "little city" if you will. Unlike some other campuses, MSU has a "live-on" attitude where most of its students do not commute. They prefer to enjoy the company of friends and maintain a college-life atmosphere. This campus is PERFECT size for its surroundings. It is definitely not too crowded or too large to roam around. Everything on campus is easily walkable within 20-30 minutes and it has managed to maintain a campus-like feel without over industrializing or constructing too many buildings. Most definitely, a "college town".


The best thing about MSU is our diverse student body. The one thing I would change about MSU is to make it more reputable on a global forum. I want it to be known for its amazing programs and world class education. I also wish that MSU would be more discreet with their selection process. Regarding 'college town', I think East Lansing needs to spruce up. We have like 2 stores and 5 places to eat and around 50 bars. It is high time we get a few more entertainment joints like maybe a boutiques or stores, and more eating joints - might even lead students to visit the bars less often. I hop MSU's administration is slightly more helpful and understanding towards international students. The biggest recent controversy on campus was regarding cedar fest. Yes there is a lot of school pride the study abroad programs are awesome.


Michigan State has an awesome campus and atmosphere. I like that it's diverse not only culturally but in the interests of students. Myself and my two closest friend at three very different people and we live in different dorms. On the same campus we have my dorm, which is filled with artists and musicians and the largest LGBT caucus on campus; then there's my first friend's dorm which is where the football players and James Madison kids live, so it's full of preppy kids who love a good party; lastly there's my other friend's dorm where Lymann Briggs is housed it's full of all the scientists and you find a lot of pick up soccer games there.


I wouldn't change MSU at all. It is the quintessential college and East Lansing is THE college town. It's like a little town of college kids. By far the best time of the year is Welcome Week. you don't have any classes or worries yet, so u can just party and have a good time. MSU's school pride is HUGE. There is nothing better than tailgating and going to football games. For basketball, the IZZONE is a good time. The campout is always fun and u can meet the coaches and players face to face. One experience I will always remember is Cedar Fest 2008. Police, tear gas, 4,000 kids, it's kind of hard to forget. If u choose to come to MSU i'm sure you'll hear all about it.


MSU's campus is HUGE and without our bus system (CATA) it would be impossible to get around in a reasonable amount of time. Parking is a nightmare for those who drive, so get a bus pass and only bring a car if you plan on working far away from East Lansing (even though the buses service the whole area, a car would be more convenient). There are tons of things to do on campus and the Student Activities Board is always thinking of new stuff for students like, free movies and pre-released screenings of new movies, craft nights, free cosmic bowling, massages in the Union during finals week


It is green w/ a lot of concrete pathways criss-crossing the campus. There are a lot of businesses nearby and a pretty reliable bus system. The recreation centers are a bit small for a university of this size but they are good enough. It is easy to live off campus without feeling like you are giving up a bunch of free services (printing, gym membership, etc.)


I had some reservations about joining such a large bodied university but if you are apprehensive about that too, you can do what I did and join one of the residential colleges. I chose the New Residential College for the Arts and Humanities, which means that I go to school, where I live, with classrooms and classmates in the same college all under one roof. Some other colleges that are similar Lynman Briggs and James Madison. I love the campus, I love the people, and the school spirit is unlike any other college campus. while we are manking the climb to the top in most of our sports, as a student body, we are not harsh or unfair to competing schools. we have dignety that we retain.


one of the best things about MSU is its size. It is a huge college town with 40,000+ students. its an awesome campus, and a great place to go to school.


MSU offers eligible students a super good education, and the opportunity to meet 40,000+ that attend the university. My favorite thing about my freshman year was the people that I met. One thing I'd change is the wicked cold in the winter, but you learn to deal with it. The size of the campus scares a lot of people away from it, but with a great bus system, it's easy to get where you need to go. Everyone at MSU has a lot of school pride, and is happy to be spending their college years in East Lansing.


The "Big Picture" about MSU is that the school is exactly that- it's huge! It has the largest campus in the country, and it's got about 45 000 students enrolled. There are a couple of sides to this. The good part is that there are plenty of people to meet. There are always new people, and it's virtually impossible NOT to find someone who's interested in some of the same things as you are, IF you get out and look. It's really easy to make a lot of lifetime friends, good study partners, and keep busy. One particular advantage is if you happen to have an akward encounter with a girl (or guy) at a party, you never have to see them ever again, because you probably won't unless you track them down. There is so much to take advantage of and do at a school this size, and there is always something new to try. The problem is, you can't get lost in it. Some people do. It's just as easy to sit in your dorm room for the first month, and then you'd wake up and realize one day that everyone else has friends and you don't, and by this point you may not even care enough to try anymore. It's important to be actively interested in other things, but never lose track of who you are. It's pretty easy to have an identity crisis if you don't get involved with something. The thing is, a big campus and big student body = big money, which means big potential. If you want to do any kind of study abroad or get involved in some really high tech research, there is funding and resources available on campus to help you do that. It's not like being at a small school where you'd run into, "Oh well you'll have to commute to another school for that research idea because we don't have a nano-robotics laboratory" or, "if you want to study abroad, we can set you up with the larger group from Ohio State so you get the full group discount in travel." You won't have those problems because you won't be alone in your interests here. Gathered interests = gathered potential. One final thing to consider if you're worried about going to a small school vs. a big ten school like MSU- how many people were in your highschool? Mine was kind of midsized, around 1100- 1200 kids. If you went to a small lib. arts college, you'd basically be going to highschool all over again. It's not a good way, or a realistic way to "spread your wings."


I personally love my school and am happy I chose to go here. I complain about the tuition constantly because it does keep rising but when i think about the fact that MSU is a fairly well known school and the fact that i will have that MSU stamp or seal or whatever on my diploma it somehow makes it all worth it. employers will see that and know my education is really worth something. I like the size of my school. It's huge! but I like that because you are always able to meet new people and there are so many opportunities and clubs and activities to participate in. You will never be bored if you just take the time to open your mind and try new things. The diversity at MSU is wonderful. I never would have gotten this much exposure to different people if I had stayed closer to my home town.


I would change the constant waiting for trains and the way too high prices for parking. It's crazy.


The school is large and diversified, so you will find all kinds of people. In a stength of 45000 students, there can be all kinds of people. Besides the parties at MSU, there are many other activities for all the students conducted by the UAB. A recent controversy was the Cedar Fest - where 6000+ students gathered from 9pm to 3am, where the police threw tear gas, and students retaliated. However, most of the drama was done by students who were not a part of MSU.


the best thing about msu are the people. everyone is friendly and willing to help, staff and students alike. many people say our school is huge, but within it are many small groups, such as people in your dorm, the honors college, teams, etc. so it's not so overwhelming. as far as literal size, well, get a bike. and a pair of good hiking boots because the winters are harsh. i spent most of my time in the dorms with my friends or walking around on Grand River Avenue where most of the shops are located. there is an exorbitant amount of school pride. most people react positively to msu when i tell them i go there. i think msu is a great school, and if you come here you'll make friends, have good experiences, and get a solid education.


Because MSU is such a big university, a lot of people are intimidated by that. Yes, the classes can be big, but its what you make of it that really counts. This is my fourth year at MSU, and I can honostly say that the school seems to get smaller, I walk to class and am guaranteed to see someone I know, it's a great feeling. The college town is some what small, but if you find the time to explore, there are a lot of cool things to do around the area.


MSU is the perfect size. I love it there and I cannot say anything bad about it. The campus is gorgeous and the education is fantastic. The football team however will always let you down, but students will continually support the team and continue to buy tickets. Also, the basketball and hockey teams are awesome and really fun to attend.


The campus of Michigan State University is beautiful. Many of the building were built during the New Deal (for those unaware, the New Deal occurred during Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration) and thus have a certain style of architecture that fits nicely within Downtown East Lansing and the surrounding suburbs. There are many walks that are absolutely beautiful during the spring, summer, fall and even winter (if you are brave enough to walk outside in the cold). Trees and friendly squirrels are abundant, and the pathway by the Red Cedar River is perfect for a stroll between classes.


MSU is a big campus and it can be hard to get around sometimes (especially in the winter when its cold and snowy) but it is also one of the more beautiful campus around. I personally love walking around seeing all the different people, buildings, and whatever else you may see. Our mascot, Sparty has got to be the best mascot ever. We have a lot of school pride. Even the area around MSU is great. There's plenty to do and most of it is pretty close.


MSU is a good school for someone to go to if they like a big-city feel. What I mean is you have a choice in everything. You can party, you can study, you can do nothing and there will always be other people who want to do the same thing you want to. Some would say you'd get lost at a big school like MSU. But I say you can't since you're chances of finding people you fit in with is much higher than at a small school. MSU has all types of people. A=In addition, MSU offers a lot of choices when it comes to majors. I think a lot of MSU students end up switching once or even twice just because the school has so many options. Plus, it doesn't just have a lot of majors, it has a lot of highly regarded programs. You really can't go wrong. There is a lot of school pride from the majority of students. Of course, some less than others. But it takes all kinds of people to make up a big university like MSU. East Lansing is a college town for sure. It can be a really fun place to be. Especially when you're old enough to hit up the bars. The big controversy lately has been Cedar Fest. Not as big of a deal as the press would like you to think. One unusual thing about the school would be the size of the campus. It's huge. I'm a senior and I still get lost. But I think it's more fun that way. You can't get bored. Some of my best and worst memories have been at football games. I'll never forget that game against Notre Dame...that we lost. And, I'll always cherish the Penn State game from last year. But the best memories are the ones I've had with roommates, floor mates, friends and classmates. Some really good people go to this school.


MSU does have some stigmas working against it. There are the aforementioned stereotypes that MSU is for U of M rejects, or people who just want to get a degree in partying. Cedar Fest last year compounded this stigma, and it is sometimes difficult for those outside of Michigan States community to see that these stigmas are applicable to only a small fraction of students. Overall, anybody attending MSU or who is an alum is extremely proud to be a part of the community. Michigan State offers the advantages of a big school without being overwhelming. It has great sport programs, extracurricular clubs for everyone, and a great campus with anything you could possibly need in the area. Meanwhile, it can allow for the comforts of a smaller school/campus, with subcomplexes on the campus to allow for a sense of community, small classes to let you get to know your professors and vice versa, and people that can create great trustworthy and loyal friendships.


MSU is a large school with a ton of options for careers. The only thing about MSU I would change is the size. I believe that most people learn better when things are more one on one. However at MSU this simply is not possible. You will be in a lecture hall with hundreds of other people. However MSU is full of intelligent professors and TA's that are dedicated to helping you learn. They are compassionate most of the time and don't follow the typical arrogant professor steryotype. At MSU we love our school and our sports teams. We have a great deal of school spirit and have a blast at games and other events. Recently MSU experienced the controversy of Cedar Fest. Cedar Fest is basically a big party attended by a few thousand people (some MSU students some from elsewhere). People spend the day drinking, grilling and just having a good time. However Cedar Fest 2008 got a little out of control and the police were forced to make some arrests. A few people (some from MSU, others from elsewhere) were arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Those few people ruined the party for everyone and because a few of them were MSU students, our college was once again placed in the partying spotlight.


The campus is very large, but you get used to it after a while. People are usually pretty impressed when saying that I went to MSU, being that it's a Big Ten school. If you plan on being an engineering major, be prepared spend a whole lot of time in the Engineering Building your last 2 years or so of school....but trust me when I say it is well worth it in the end. East Lansing is an awesome college town. Grand River has everything from restaurants to clothing stores to multiple bars just across the street from campus. MSU has a lot of school pride and tailgating and football games here are a blast.


I chose to attend MSU to obtain my Master's Degree in Biology after having received my undergrad from UofM. I wasn't really sure that I wanted to make that switch, yet MSU had the best program for me at the time (I work full-time as a Science teacher in Flint), so I made the decision based on availability of classes, etc. After I was in the program and was exposed to the campus, the profs, the caliber of the classes, etc. I was elated that I had chosen MSU. I don't live on campus, but I have had to spend plenty of time there while working on my degree (weekends and summers!). I have yet to find a department that didn't go out of their way to make sure that I had everything I needed, and to assure that all went smoothly. Everyone was kind, efficient and supportive. Most important, I feel that the education I received was top-notch. I have several students who have attended MSU, as well as my niece. They all agree that they have received an excellent education and an all-around great experience.


Something I like about MSU was its large amount of people, I could be just want of the masses or I could be involved and my own individual. There are classes that are large, which i liked being another face, and getting my grade without the professor even knowing my name, and on skill alone. The great thing was the professors were accessible if you didn't want to be just another face. I also enjoyed the smaller classes where class discussion took place, to me it was a perfect balance of both. I was a member of the Honors College, which provided special opportunities, assignments and smaller classes. I liked this as well because there were a lot of things that i was able to participate that were more difficult to get by being a student, such as research with professors, special assignments, and much more. I also enjoyed the extreme school pride that came with campus, I don't think i could of asked for a better experience when it came to football games and tailgating. It was always a blast full of games and spirit. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the grad students protesting their contracts. Grad students cancelled classes they taught, MSU didn't seem to be upset by the effect they had on the grad students, which is somewhat upsetting. Another big controversy is was the student revival of cedar fest, a big party in cedar village apartments, and police ended up tear gasing the students because of the fear of riots. This i find annoying because this also occured my freshman year when they thought students would riot after we lost in the final four for basketball. Just because it happened in the past does not mean this would happen again. Grand River is awesome, a ton of bars, cafes, restaurants, stores, boutiques that are really accessible and always filled with students mingling.


The best thing about MSU is the feeling that you belong even though its such a large campus. There is a ton of people but its awesome because you get to meet a bunch of new people. Most of my time is spent on campus probably in the dorm rooms (not mine of course) and just being outside somewhere. It is definitely a college town. Just about everything revolves around the students/school whether the actual town residents will admit that or not. MSU students have an incredible amount of school pride. I was shocked when I went to my first football game. If you go you definitely have to get student season tickets. It's insane. You don't even have to like football. THe biggest controversy that happened recently is probably when the administration is trying to "get rid of welcome week" although it is basically the worst idea ever. It's okay. We'll just party instead of going to class for the first week. HOLLER ! The #1 complaint I would say is how hard it is to park // the Nazi like parking people and their ticket giving. It's fucking out of control.

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