Michigan State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is an open minded out going person. You have to be able to step outside if your comfort zone and talk to people. This will also help to better learn within the classroom.


It's not the most intensive school (it really depends on your class/prof) but you need to be willing to put in a lot of work, and you need to be able to deal with stress. People are pretty friendly here though, so it's good if you're at least somewhat social--you need to be able to find the balance between your social life and work.


Someone who is willing to work hard. Some of the classes are very challenging, so it takes someone with a strong work ethic.


Michigan State is a very sports driven university and is known as a "party school". That being said this would be a great fit for someone who loves sports and who has self-control; I've seen and heard of a lot of students who get too caught up in partying and their grades take a hit for it.


Michigan State University is a great school for those students ready for a challenge in their class work. Students dedicated to their studies and ready to be involved in a great campus life should consider this school for their higher education. Michigan State is not for those people who plan on partying through college and sleeping through class. A person going to Michigan State needs to be able to balance their social and school life well.


Michigan State University is a great place for a student who is comfortable attending a large university with a diverse student population. MSU is a big name school and has high expectations of its students. It is often the "best of both worlds" as it has so many high calibre academic programs but also a great athletic department in the national spotlight and would be great for someon looking to be prepared for the professional world.


People who want to grow out of their shells.


The kind of person that should attend MSU is a person that is ready to learn. You have to be well-organized, have great time management skills, and use your resources wisely. You have to be a bright and eager person, that is a Spartan at heart.


The type of person who should attend Michigan State University is someone who is looking for both academic and social opportunities. With Michigan State being such a large school, there are seemingly endless resources and organizations looking to help each student succeed in the classroom and with their future. The person looking at attending MSU should be someone who wants a bright future. There are constantly companies on campus attempting to recruit spartan students.


I think someone who is hardworking, dedicated, and ready to give back to their community should attend Michigan State University. It's a college with a lot of great opportunities to better yourself and give back, and the environment is generally very friendly and cheerful.


Outstanding, hard working and will to meet new people and have clear career goal and willing to fight for it.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be someone who is open to diversity and ready for an adventure. You meet a lot of people here from all different backgrounds. The person should be ready to learn, because classes are not always easy and the person should also be ready to get involved, in sports, going to athletic events, and clubs.


This scholl is set to be attended by all diverse people seeking whatever life holds for them.


Definitely someone who is looking to meet new people, broaden their college experience, attend varsity sporting events, enjoy walking around a beautiful campus, being surrounded by wonderful spartans!


A career focused and determined person, especially, someone who can balance fun and being serious. In addition, a prospective student in Michigan State University would have to be headstrong in order not to succumb to peer pressure on campus.


Those dedicated to working toward a better future for everyone else should attend this school. They must work hard, persevere, and be dedicated to their studies, and be focused on their goals.


I think that the kind of person that should go to Michigan State needs to be very focused and they need to have motivation to go to class and keep up with the work load. Without motivation, it is be hard to keep up with the rest of the people in class and your grades will suffer. I also think that the person needs to ve outgoing, there are so many people enrolled in Michigan State that it is hard to stand out, so you need to be outgoing and self confident.


A person who attends Michigan State University should be engaging, creative, open-minded, free-thinking, and dedicated. Most students I interact with at MSU are goal-oriented and driven, and always inclusive. I have made some of the best friends at MSU that I know I couldn't find anywhere else.


Any person could attend this school. Michigan State is a very diverse school ranging from kids who grew up in the country to kids who grew up in the inner city. There are kids of all different types and any person could make new friends from all over the world. There is not one kind of person who should attend this university.


I believe any person that is willing to work hard to achieve what they want should attend this school.It is very difficult but its worth it. The experience you gain here will be unforgettable.


The people attending this school should be open to new ideas and cultures. They should also be able to handle a heavy workload and academic pressure. While not all the classes are difficult, some fields are very competitive.


A student who is determined to make a difference. If that person wants to a attend a college that is small and quiet then Michigan State University isn’t for them. But if they like meeting new people on a daily basis, having a 101 relationship with their professors and love learning in a fun environment then MSU if for them.


it all depends on what someone wants to pursue. I feel there is a area for every type of person that is looking to go to college.


i very open minded person should attend Michigan State because you find many people are different from you


Michigan State University is a large scaled institution, therefore a person who is both book and street smart would be a good type of person to attend this university. The person must be determined, focused, and organized as it is easy to get side tracked in all the extra curricular activities the institution has to offer. Michigan State provides excellent education, so it's beneficial to be diligent with great time management . Lastly, the student should be an open minded person because Michigan State University is a very diverse university, and offers a great mix of all cultures and ethnicities.


The kind of person that should attend MSU is a person ready to embrace different cultures and get involved in all the activites MSU has to offer.


A focused and dedicated person. Michigan State University, as well as a number of other schools, is not a place to come and expect to get pressured to be responsible. A person has to be dedicated to doing well and focused on their long-term goals in order to be successful.


The type of person that should attend this school is one who is goal-orientated but still wants to have fun. The school itself offers a top rate education, with all the resources necessary to succeed, but its up to the student whether or not they take advantage of it. It is extremely easy to allow oneself to become detached due to the large campus population, and there are more than enough social distractions to bring someone down if they don't keep they're eye on the prize.


Any type of person should attend MSU. Any person with a passion for learning, with a passion for having fun, a passion for meeting new people and discovering their true personality. There are so many ways to do this be it through jumping and yelling in the IZZONE (basketball student section) or knocking on the door across from you're dorm. You may just meet you're new best friend. Go Green!


Someone interested in a bigger university. Its a decent size campus and most freshmen work is done in lecture hall. One big perk is being able to support a Big Ten school for collegiate sports


A student that is driven and motivated to at least seek out the resources on the campus that will help them to further their education and ultimately be successful.


Anyone who has a desire to learn and be succesful in life should attend MSU. Classes are challenging, so the person should be willing to work hard and devote themselves to their courses. That being said, there are also plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fun.


Michigan State is great for the person who wants a true college experience. From class to athletics, Spartans are serious about everything they do and with the huge number of students, there is definitely room for everyone on campus. Michigan State has a variety of strong academic programs from their advertising school to their business school, and there are so many majors that there is plenty of time for an undecided student to find their true passion. Outside of class, there are tons of activities available for students, so MSU is definitely a great place for anyone.


Someone who can manage his/her time well. There is no one looking over your shoulder to make sure you are doing your work. You have to be very independent. Also you should be prepared to meet and live and work with people from all over the world. It is a very diverse student population. The campus is contained within a large area and there is a lot of walking to get from building to building. Someone who is attached to his/her car will not enjoy having to leave it far behind!


There are many kinds of students that attend MSU. The kind of student that should attend MSU should be outgoing, friendly, hardworking and able to work well in a large environment. The campus atmosphere is friendly and school-spirited. Therefore, someone friendly would enjoy it here. It is necessary to be hardworking at MSU to keep grades up and succeed. However, the campus is fairly large, making some classes with 600 students or more. In this case, a student who won?t be afraid to get to know other students and ask the professor questions will do great at MSU!


I believe a person that attends this school should be very academically focused however is also aware of how to interact with others socially. The school work here can be very demanding but the social life and activities offered have made it into such a rewarding time. There are activities offered to a wide diversity of students and relating to all cultures. Someone that attends this school should be open to meeting new people and also have a passion for learning. There are people from all over the world attending this school, making it a wonderful learning experience.


The people that would most benefit from this school are those who want to experience a great atmosphere. This is a very beautiful place and all types of people make it what it is. Any type pf person could find a place for themselves at this school. It provides almost any type of opportunity. People who attend this school should know that it is a challenge but that this place is worth it.


MSU is a good school for people who are outgoing and like meeting new people. MSU's size guarantees a very diverse student population, and that is definitely the case. School spirit is very strong, and for those who enjoy being part of a huge crowd (student rallies, Big Ten football and basketball games, etc.) this school is perfect. This is a good school for someone who is competitive and prefers activity to relaxation. Students hoping to enter business or fields such as this also benefit from the large alumni network.


People who should attend this school are those who are looking for a challenge academically. Michigan State really tries to ensure that their students graduate here with a well rounded knowledge base, so expect to take classes which range from a wide variety of topics. Also, this school is not for students who are lazy. While some students may be able to get by some subjects with minimal effort, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that just about every student here has been challenged greatly in multiple courses.


I believe that a person who is able to balance school work and social life would be a good person to go to Michigan State University because both are important to many students. Being able to balance these two things and maybe even a job outside of these is very helpful for resume building and extra cash which is helpful to many students like myself who have to pay for their own rent and housing.


Anyone should attend MSU. Especially students who want to get involved, who aren?t afraid to take a little bit of initiative and look for opportunities or try new things. Great for curious students who like to wander, explore, and discover. It?s also perfectly fine for more shy students ? you can find your comfortable niche and stick to it. Only a large campus like MSU allows such options. Any student interested in the Zoology, Veterinary Medicine/Technology, Business, or Education majors should seriosuly consider attending MSU. Overall, MSU is one of the best universities for any major.


A social person, who wants to get involved on campus.


Pretty much anytime of person is welcome at the school. The only issue is whether or not they would be comfortable at such a large campus with so many people.


Any type of person can and should attend Michigan State. I don't there is one person who has ever come to MSU and not been able to find a friend. No matter how much of an outsider one might think they are, there is someone at State who can relate. People looking to have the "typical" college experience of partying and being crazy can do that at Michigan State, but can still be successful too. People looking for a serious and top-notch education will get that at Michigan State too. It is a school of any and everyone.


Spartans are fun-loving, smart, sociable people. We love to get together with our friends, or make new ones. We support our teams and our fellow students. We care about the environment. We have definitive goals about what we want to do to help the world after college, but we live life to the fullest while we're in school. We give everything our all - whether it be in the academic arena or the social one. We are loyal and dedicated to our school and our friends. We are not scared of hard work.


A person that is very social and dedicated to work should attend this school.


The kind that wants to succeed!


Honors students are given numerous opportunities that other students are not. I got to substitute interesting classes for my basic requirements. I got to be a big fish in a big pond, so my freshman year I got to do biochemisty labwork to further AIDS research - I synthesized a peptide derived from European bee venom that is similar in structure to the fusion peptide, which is how the AIDS virus infects healthy cells. Honors students should definitely attend this school.


People looking for lots of opportunities but are willing to put some effort into finding their niche. It's big campus, but you can make if small with a little effort. Also, anyone who likes stunningly beautiful campuses.


Some who loves a social, supportive academic and social atmosphere. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.

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