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What kind of person should not attend this school?


A quiet person and doesn't like to interact with people should not attend this school. Because this campus is so big, if you are the type of person that likes a small environment this is not the right school for you.


If you aren't willing to work at all, then you shouldn't be at university in general. The same goes for if you get stressed out really easily. Everyone's pretty social here, so it might be a bad fit if you're super anti-social.


I believe every kind of person should attend this school becuase it will be the best experience of their lives.


A person who doesn't like to "party" during the week or weekend shouldn't attend MSU, because it seems like that's the only thing people care about sometimes. Also a person who does not want to work hard for their grades should not attend this school.


Social and smart.


I highly recommend MSU to anybody who asks me about it. Michigan State is quite a large campus, though. It is roughly the size of a small town, with 50,000+ students attending this year. If a person prefers a smaller campus or one with less people, then maybe Michigan State is not the best school to attend.


The kind of person who should not attend Michigan State University is someone who is not open to diversity, whether it be ethnic, socio-economic, or gender diversity. Also, someone who does not want to be involved in anything. There are too many organizations, extra-curriculars, and other activities that go at this school for someone to sit around and do nothing. Since the school is so big, you have to join these to make it seem smaller and create a second family.


The only type of person who shouldn't attend this school is the type of person that hates being in large groups of people. Because the average graduating class is multiple thousands of students crammed into a campus with a radius of two miles, that will always be a constant, but the atmosphere, student body, spirit, and limitless opportunity make it one that everyone can and should give a try.


Someone who doesn't like to be in large groups of people


If you are serious about your goals and want an extra push physically and on your resume go to State. They have countless programs that help you gain experience and almost a guaranteed job after undergrad. People are anxious to meet MSU grads and will help you out here. This is a school where you can party but still get the most out of your college experience and education.


I do not think someone should attend this school if they are not driven to work hard academically. Unfortuantely, I have witnessed many students waste thousands of dollars only to drop out of college and move back home. These are students that took the entrance into college as a passage to freedom. They did not take their education seriously, and instead focused on their social lives entirely. Although MSU is a large school and the social opportunities are endless, students here must remain dedicated to their education and realize its importance in their life now and in the future.


Someone who is not open to new ideas, cultures or experiences should not attend Michigan State University. Adding on, the campus is very large and would be suited to someone who doesn't mind 30 minute walk to get to classes. Also, having a level head and being able to think on your own are skills that are needed since some MSU students would rather party than focus on their classes.


Someone who doesn't like big groups of people


There isn't anyone that shouldn't attend this school. Michigan State University is very accepting, and everyone can find their place here.


I feel that everyone should try to attend this University. Michigan State has allowed be to achieve so many things. It has also help me gain more knowledge and insight about the world.


Someone who is not prepared to work hard. And someone who is not prepared to walk a lot.


At such a large University, if a prospective student does not aspire to make a difference in their life and potentially the lives of others Michigan State University is not for them. Michigan State makes dreams a reality because of the many students who take risk and as one of the many school mottos states they “imagine the possibilities.” This is easier to obtain here since school pride is inescapable and resources are never limited. A student should not attend this school if they are not willing to set challenging goals and see them be achieved.


If a person dislikes anonymity should not attend this school. MSU has classes or lecture halls range up to 400 people. Therefore, one on one time with the professors is lessened. Also, student to student interaction is limited due to the amount of people on campus.


The type of person that should not attend Michigan State University , are students that are not willing to work hard. Student that are open to new experiences and different cultures, Michigan State University is not the place for them.


People who are lazy and do not care about school


There is not a set type of person that you have to be to attend Michigan State. Being such a big school, we have more opportunities for people of all kinds to be themselves and also find out the person that they want to be.


Anyone who is intimidated by a big school with a large amount of people should probably not consider attending MSU. Also, athletics and sporting events are a significant part of student life at Michigan State, so while an interest in sports isn't vital to attending MSU, it is definitely an added element to your experience as a student.


I do not feel there is a particular type of person that would not fit in somewhere here. This is a very big university


The type of person who should or should not attend Michigan State University can not be exactly pinpointed. It depends on the individual's personality, the type of environment they were raised in, and their ability to adjust to change. It is difficult adjusting and getting acclimated to college life at any university. At MSU in particular, freshmen may feel largely intimidated by the large campus and number of students. However, I would encourage shyer/more reserved students to still consider attending MSU because it can provide them with a chance to step outside of their comfort zone.


A very shy, homebody should not attend this school. It is a vast campus, that can be made small, but maybe not small enough for a very shy person. Otherwise there is really no person who should not attend. You make your experience however you'd like it.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not into a large campus and walking long distances. MSU is one of the largests campus in the US so it can take a lot of time and energy to reach one side of campus to the other. People who like small classrooms and more attention from the instructors probably wouldn't benefit from MSU since many classes contain more than 100 students.


Someone that is not willing to put in an effort to achieve success should not attend MSU.


Anyone who grew up a fan of the University of Michigan. Other than that, this school is great for just about everyone, as there are so many opportunities to go out and get involved and otherwise just have a great time. However, the campus is large, so I suggest to those who who prefer not to walk too far to class and refuse to buy a bus pass, this campus would not be for you.


An outgoing and involved person would fit best in this school and find the opportunities to grow here. The more open-minded and driven person who wants to inspire and make a difference is the type of person that would find happiness here . Additionally though a person who has probably not lived in a big city or culturally diverse place would be more comfortable due to the general population economic and ethnic backgrounds.


I think some one who wants a small school should not come Michigan State. The campuse it some what big but it is not huge. I also think some one who wants only small classes shouldn't go here. There are some small classes but most of your classes that you take in the first two years are large lecture hall classes.


People that are not willing to work hard and devote a large amount of time to their academics should not attend Michigan State. No matter what class you take here, it will require a large amount of your time. Those who think they can not attend class, never do any work, not study for tests and exams and still succeed at Michigan State are out of luck. Someone with a poor attitude, poor time management, and lack of motivation, will not be a successful student at Michigan State University.


Michigan State University has high expectations for their students. Therefore, one who is not dedicated and serious about achieving their dream profession should not attend this university. Also, one who is highly dependent on their parents and is not ready to live on their own as well as take care of themselves is not ready to attend Michigan State. Michigan State University is a very large campus and school as a whole, so if one does not feel comfortable in extensive lecture classes and navigating around such a broad campus should consider attending a smaller college or university.


A person who is easily influenced by the urge to drink and do drugs instead of go to class. At MSU it is easy to get lost in the party scene and forget why you came here in the first place. Before attending this school a person should really think about if they are ready to move onto higher education and if they are really focused on school at this point in their lives.


The type of person that should not attend Michigan State is a person who is not serious about school meaning that there not willing to give there all. This school is also a big top ten school with over 20,0000 students so if a person wants to go to a small school they should not apply here.


If you are uncomfortable with walking at least 10 minutes to get anywhere on campus, then MSU isn't right for you. If studying abroad doesn't appeal to you, if you are not very interested in making new friends, if you can't appreciate the cold winter days, if taking a class on Human Sexuality taught by leading psychologist Dr. Breedlove doesn't seem intriguing and slightly amusing, and if you don't want to listen to students speak emphatically about their ideas and beliefs on the quad almost every week, then you shouldn't consider being a Spartan.


I wouldn't recommend this school for someone who is not prepared to give the effort necessary to be academically succesful. I also would not recommend this school for those who are hesitant or somewhat shy when it comes to doing what is necessary to do well in school; whether it be approaching a professor during class or their office hours, finding a tutor for a difficult subject, or asking your peers for help, it is vitale that students be proactive in acquiring knowledge by using the resources they are given here.


I believe Michigan State University is a very challenging school. The type of people who shouldn?t attend this school would be the ones who aren?t serious about their future in education. It is not a school where you can attend and only expect to have fun. If you aren?t hard working, goal oriented, and consistent, Michigan State University would be a hard school to get through.


no one


A person who wants to be in small classes or a person who couldn't take a big campus.


People who are introverted, this is a large university and you need to be able to get out and explore and create your own opportunities to meet and from new friendships .


People who truly want an academic experience


Someone who is not prepared to accept people different then themselves.


Any type of person, there is something here for anyone, and everyone is treated the same, feel free to discover yourself here.


It is beneficial for all people to experience diversity first-hand;


This school isn't for someone who needs a small intimate environment. The campus is huge and you never see the same person twice on campus.


Those looking for really small classes


There is no type of person that shouldn't attend. There's something for everyone. At first, the size of the campus seems intimidating, but really, things shrink down to size. Plus, there's an academic program for almost everyone with so many options. The unforgettable experiences are just waiting to happen.


It's probably best not to attend MSU if you lare very shy. It is possible to get "lost in the crowd" since campus is so huge. However, I was afraind this would happen to me, but once you find a group of friends or an organization to join, you get the small community feel with the big campus benefits.


someone who is not open to new ideas or expeieriencing diverse personalities and cultural opportunies


A person who is not independent or responsible enough to attend a big university should not attend MSU.

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