Michigan State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I believe I have lived a successful high school career. I was known to be the overly-involved, nice student. I took pride in looking out for my peers and making sure my friend group was positive. However, when I attended college I soon realized I have to be my own advocater. No one was going to go out of their way to make my college experience that much greater, it was up to me. Once I realized this fact, I knew it was a challenge I was ready to take. I joined the MSU girls lacrosse team, became a part of the honors college, and developed lasting relationships that will last a lifetime. I am on-track to having a typical "once-in-a-lifetime college experience" and I am forever grateful that I am to continue my studies at Michigan State.


My senior year of high school I made the choice to go to Central Michigan University to avoid being compared to my older sister who had recently graduated from Michigan State. It turned out that Central was not the right fit for me and I transferred to Michigan State after my freshmen year. In high school I did not realize that I would have the ability to be my own person and I would not have to follow exactly in my sister’s footsteps. I though the only way to distinguish myself was to go to a different university. I wish I had known more about the variety of extracurricular activities, student work opportunities, and living options. It turns out that I have made my own experience at Michigan State that fits me perfectly. I have had a variety of student jobs and joined many different student organizations. Where I haven’t been able to find opportunities that fit my academic goals, I have created my own. For example, I founded a student organization to fit my interests in Digital Humanities and sought out ways to gain library experience to prepare me for graduate school in library sciences.


I would tell myself that one should not lose his sense to tell a story. I know a few friends who have been removed from the university or lost college credits due to using illegal substances or being careless. College is important and allows you to become an educated, useful individual. I know that no one would decline his chance at achieving success. So, why would you want to risk that? Nowadays, education is becoming the main criterion for job applications. It is nearly mandatory for one to have a Bachelor's Degree when applying for any job. Therefore, you are basically required to obtain a college degree. I know it is not easy to get a degree, but determination can bring you pleasant surprises. Experience, along with education, provides the best potential for success. You should look for opportunities that allow you to understand more about your desired career. You might choose to reconsider your career. Although career-related experience is important, you should remember to have some time for fun and relaxation. College is stressful so you need to find respite in activities you enjoy. Just make sure that your activities do not ruin your chance of success.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be learn how to manage your time well. This is very general so I would suggest what I do now to make this possible. Make a checklist for every day so you can see what needs to be done and what you have already completed. Also don't procrastinate. When making your checklists allow yourself time to study a few days before the exam. Academics come first so managing your time well will allow you to get good grades while also spending time with friends and getting a great college experience that everyone deserves. Something else i would tell myself is not to stress. College can be scary but if you learn to step back and relax every once in a while it can be a great time that goes by too quickly. Sleep is also important, many people pull all nighters but if you manage your time you can get the sleep you need and be successful. This is the advice I wish I had when I was a senior and will definitely pass on to those in high school now.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would say to stop freaking out. High school for me was plagued with the feeling that nothing was ever enough. Add pressure to a vast list of extracurriculars plus APs, and you get a metamorphic stressed-out byproduct of me. Mixed with the looming expiration date on high school, I have no idea how I survived. College was an unknown that I would lay awake at night fearing—would I fit in? Would I have the “right” college experience? I was worrying about college in the same way I worried about getting the most out of high school. Once at MSU, I quickly realized college is wonderful, and I’m able to express my passion for school in a way I didn’t allow myself to before. There is no “right” way to experience college, because there’s a place for everyone (even a literature nerd like me, more likely to spend a Friday on the couch with a book instead of partying). I’d advise myself to relax and believe in myself, because that’s all you need to create your right place in college.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, there is honestly only one thing that I would tell myself, and that's to be less afraid. I was afraid to apply for college, I was afraid to take the SAT, and I was definitely afraid of getting my loan. I wish that I could have been less afraid and would have just gone with the flow of things, because I could have turned that stressful time of my life into something wonderful and memorable. But, I can truly say that because of the stress, I have learned a lot about myself and about what I want, and that's something that I wouldn't take back. My freshman year so far is half way gone but, my life is just beginning.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would enforce the concept of time management. I would explain how it is easy to get wrapped up in studies, campus activities, track and field practice, and volunteer opportunities. Attending classes in the morning, practice and weight lifting in the evening and study hall at night will be the primary obligations not only as a full time student but as a full time student athlete. Everything else will have to wait and fall in between time somehow. Juggling all of that will be a struggle that I did not learn until well into my senior year. So preventing that early on would be a blessing in disguise. Senior year was the time when I learned how to finally balance it all. Time in college will come and go in a blink of an eye, so enjoy it from the first day and try not to become discouraged and bitter when you end up in a orthopedic boot your first day of track practice. As stressful as that time was, you will bounce back before you know it.


Don't be afraid to leave the nest. Leaving home is scarey at first but you will definately adapt. You WILL meet new people and they WILL love you. Fly above the fear and reach your full potential. You are special Randi.


Listen Venessa, although you are excited about graduating high school and making the big leap of becoming a college student, here is some advice you would want to follow! First of all, do not be lazy, you are a smart girl take challenging classes like AP courses and work your way through senior year –enter with a bang, leave with a bang. Quit doubting yourself; apply to more than two universities. College is not as easy as it may seem –study, study, study. Take time to work out time management skills because procrastination is your worst nightmare. Be a leader and be involved in events on campus because it only happens once. But most of all be safe in your sexual life, for bringing an infant to this world changes everything. Raising a baby, and attending college at the same time is very difficult. Screw your head on right and do not lose sight of your goal in life –don’t sell yourself short. Reach beyond your horizon, believe in yourself. Make a difference.


Don't freak out just because mom/dad are no longer there to look after you. You will meet so many new, fresh people from all parts of the globe, literally. There is just so much to see and explore that you will forget about your homesick-ness sooner than what you would expect. As eye-opening as that may sound, it is the truth.


Dear Leslie, Slow down, don't rush into any decision that you havent fully thought through yet. Do something you love. You are the only one you can depend on.


If I could go back I would definitely tell myself to relax. I've heard so many different things implying that college was going to kick my behind and it put so much pressure on me that I was freaking out about the whole idea of college. I would tell myself to just breathe, relax and that I will be fine. I would also tell myself to always raise my level of awareness with my surroundings as well as academically and no matter how "easy" the professor might seem that I must do everything with a sense of urgency giving my very best. I would definitely tell myself to get involved asap and I encourage every college student to get a mentor or have some type of support to keep them inspired and motivated. Last but not least I would tell myself to remember that college is always going to be here, if you can only handle 9 credits a semester then take it slow if you have to. College is not a race, its a journey. Trial and error. Also, in closing what ever you major in make sure you're for doing it for you, not anyone else.


The first word would have to be "relax". The best laid plans always seem to change, and the ability to "roll with the flow" is of the utmost importance. I would also have to say staying ahead in your classes makes your school experience much more enjoyable and ultimately you get so much more out of your college classes. Lastly, I would have to advise to stay organized, in all aspects of your college life. Being on your own means staying orgaized with your classwork, finances, even your free time. An imbalance in one can lead to upsets in all other areas.


Every Freshman should know to use Koofers at AOP when selecting classes, also on a similar note, try and get the earliest AOP date possible, because classes fill up quickly. You should also bring a bike to campus with a U-lock, since bike theft on campus is a problem. Freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus since parking is hard to come by. Definitely enjoy yourself Welcome Weekend, but be weary of police, and definitely stick with friends. I'm probably missing something, feel free to ask me anything.


think about what is my favourite subject, and think hard about it whether you will love it and wil fight for it through your life. Look at the program you are interested in and look at the location of the school, then think about the cost.


Take more initiative to become socially active in college. There are many clubs and fun activities available at MSU.


If I could turn back time and advise my younger self I would say, "PLAN WISELY!". Being a community college student, I have done a lot of gorwing up. I am thankful that I had this time to grow and explore different subjects before chosing my major. I would tell my younger self to not try and grow up too fast and enjoy the ride.


Dear high school me, Don't stress! It will all turn out fine, just focus on the actual studying part. Parties may seem fun but don't let friends convince you to go when you know you have a test that Monday. Also, be sure to have time for yourself. Class after class after class will eventualy get extremely stressful, be sure to have an activity to relax such as yoga or something fun like zumba. But remember the most important thing about college, it is not like high school! Remember to keep your grades up and always do your homework no one will be there and check up on you, you're on your own here. Believe in yourself this determines your entire life make it worth all the times you couldn't go to bed late on a school night.


Throughout my life I have been extremely self-conscious and I find myself continuously striving for perfection. During high school, I unconsciously sought to gain a sense of balance in my life by controlling the food I ate. Unfortunately, what started off as an innocent diet spiraled into a full-on obsession. Sadly, by senior year I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Eventually, I had reached a point of such pain and weakness that I needed to be admitted into an inpatient treatment center. The last semester of senior year I spent five months at an eating disorder clinic in Arizona called Remuda Ranch. This was a remarkable, life changing experience and saved me from the death that this disorder could have led me to. However, it wasn’t until college that I truly began to practice full recovery. Because of the friendships I created at this university and the level of support given to by my peers and professors, I realized that potential that I had and the promising future ahead of me. In a mere week, I will be graduating from Michigan State University. A university that opened the doors to my future and ultimately saved my life.


I wished I could have known about my ADD before graduating high school. I felt something was wrong but thought I was just lazy and unorganized. Knowing now that I have ADD I am currently receiving help and my life has completely turned around in my daily activites and tremendously at work. I would also tell myself back then to keep asking questions and if you feel like something's wrong then figure it out don't just say okay and assume there's no answers. I was very discouraged in high school and never thought I could do it. I couldn't get the grades necessary to go to college and because it was such a hard struggle for me to complete the work and tasks most students could do I just wanted to be done with school and had no desire to go back. I also thought I couldn't receive any aide other than student loans because my step-father made a fair amount of money even though he didn't help support me or in my school. I would also tell myself to keep persuing your dreams. It's never too late to persue your goals.


I would say a few things to myself as a senior. First, I would say that some of these people that are your friends now, are not going to talk to you as much anymore when you all go seperate schools, but that won't change your friendships, so enjoy them now while you still have them. The second thing I would say is, that no matter how annoying they are sometimes, that you are going to miss your parents and family, so just be happy that you still live in there house because it won't last much longer. I would tell myself to keep an open mind about everyone, some people seem different, but there actually really cool and interesting, so get to know them. The last thing I would tell myself is to relax, enjoy high school and don't be too scared. Your going to love Michigan State and you don't need to be so worried.


Dear High School Senior Ashley, I am writing to you from a year from now with the intention of making your transition to college easier and smoother than it was for me. First of all, when you make your decision to go to your dream college, start looking for scholarships. I know you don't enjoy writing essays and completing applications, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT. I assure you that you will love it here, and you will not want the lack of financial aid to keep you from pursuing your dream of teaching. Also, "senioritis" will infect most of your classmates, and they will become lazy in their schoolwork. Don't catch the bug! Push through until you graduate, and then ocntinue to learn through summer. Take this time to work on your time management, as you will put it to good use your first semester! Don't be afraid to meet new people, but manage your time spent with friends. Instead of always spending time with you new friends in leisure, organize study get-together's with them. This will help so much! One last word to you-YOU WILL MAKE IT! Love, College Freshman Ashley


If you thought you had some emotional breakdowns over classes now, wait until next year! Remember that you are NOT superwoman. You CANNOT do everything by yourself. Swallow your pride and ask for help even when you don't think you need it.


LOOK FOR AS MANY SCHOLARSHIPS AS POSSIBLE. Find every single way you could to get money to go to school. Don't just rely on loans because you will eventually have to pay them off. Think of every possible option and maybe even consider going to community college for the first two years before getting into the big university. Make a schedule of what you want to accomplish and lay out how you are going to do that everyday to achieve this goal. Ask youself why you really want this and what you are willing to do to get it. Finally, WATCH YOU FINANCES. Money doesn't grow on trees. Keep track of how much you are spending, where it is going and why it is going there. Calculate the amount of money you make vs the amount you save and spend. BE FINANCIALLY CONSCIOUS.


I would tell my high school senior self to not listen to my parents and go with what you want to do, not with what they think you should do. It's your life and you are the one who will be living it, not them. Regardless if a career in Animation won't make millions, you need to enter into a career you will enjoy. Doing something else other than what you've been dreaming about since you were very young is foolish. I know you want to make your parents happy, but you must consider your own happiness. Right now as an adult, I am working for a cable company's call center, which I tolerate because I need a job. Yes, I can pay the bills, but it's not something I can see myself doing for 30+ years. Now I am going back to school for a degree in Animation, something I should've done a long time ago. I am looking forward to going back to school so I can finally begin my career and be happy with my life. Don't ignore that inner voice screaming at you because you will regret it.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to go to college period. I would tell myself that the minute i graduated from Military Occupation School (MOS School) and arrive at my first duty station to go straight to the education building and get the ball rolling. I would also tell myself that 11 years is a very long time to wait to even start going to school and that if i hadn't waited i would probably be working on my masters degree right now. But, the most important thing i would share with myself would be to try and find a tutor to help me with the math so when it comes time to take the College Placement Test, I would pass with flying colors and not be stuck taking the lowest math ever that doesn't even count towards your degree.


Be sure to learn to allocate time. There are so many different thing that you will want to do. Take it slow, experience campus life. But remember why you are there, it is the education you are being given and then it is the memories you will make.


The advice that I would give myself is to take AP courses because they will really help when you hit the intensity of a college level class, and they offer the AP tests which can actually earn you college credit that will make your tuition bill lower. I really wish I could go back and do that because I am looking at student loan options that will take me 15 years AFTER I graduate college just to finally pay off which isn't something a college student should be worried about; they should be thinking and planning how they are going to pass their classes. I attented a seminar and I was told that 45% of all college dropouts ended up the way they do because the tuition bills were too much. Our future society can't even finish college because they can't afford the bills and I don't want to join them. So my advice to every high school senior is to strive to do as many AP classes as possible because the tests will really come in handy.


There are a few things I would tell myself as a high school senior. First of all I would say, learn to cook healthy foods to avoid only eating junk food. It is just as important for your body to be healthy and well-nourished as it is your brain. Also, learn how to do laundry. My family always did the laundry for me and my sister so when I got to college, I was kind of clueless. Another thing is don’t go home every weekend or even every other weekend. If you are at home it is hard to meet new people. One of the most important things I would tell myself is to not try to be someone I am not. Moving to such a big college town and away from family is scary. However, it isn’t good to try and fit in with every type of person. I realized that when I went to Northgate with a couple of girls and all they wanted to do was get drunk. I knew that that wasn’t me. Why would I all the sudden want to be that type of person now? Just stay true to yourself.


I would tell myself to not give up! I ended up dropping out of high school as a senior because I was pregnant and had health problems. And I would tell myself to drop the typical teen attitude and try harder because life does not come on a silver platter as all teens assume it does. I also would tell myself that if school is actually pretty easy and very interesting if you listen and actually want it. And finally the most important thing I would tell myself would be to be true to myself!


Make sure you carry a map and learn where all of the buildings are. Be sure you have a bike to get to class quickly. Don't take too many classes each semester and try to do well in all of your courses regardless of how uninteresting you find the material to be. Join a sorority your freshman year. It'll be a bunch of friends that you can rely on in class and for going to to have fun.


If I were to give advice to an 18 year old me...I would let him know that a college education is absolutley neccessary in the world he will eventually live in. That with the strides and advances that have been made in technology, he would be a fool not to pursue an education in that field. I would tell him to take a few months off after high school and see some of the world, a trip to Europe maybe, and then right back to school. I would tell him to take things much more seriously in High school, to study harder. I would tell him that once he starts paying to go to school, its a whole new ball game and he had better be ready to get his money's worth. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, studying while your friends are out having fun, missing the party on friday night, etc. But the rewards and benefits of having a college education are far more valuable then the cost of the tuition. Nothing is more important than preparing for your future, because you only get one.


The transition from high school to college is not as intimidating as it is made out to be. Making friends is as easy as leaving your dorm room door open and seeing who stops in to say hello. But, as much fun as making friends and hanging out can be, don’t forget that the reason you’re there is to obtain an education. Don’t let yourself fall behind in your classes, just keep up with the assigned reading and homework, pay attention in class, and participate every once in a while, and you’ll do fine. If you haven’t decided what you want to study yet, just take university-required courses and make sure to keep your GPA up. Your college experience will be some of the best years of your life, so try not to let it slip by too fast.


The most important advice being major in what you love not what will make you the most money after graduation. I feel that this is the most important advice that I could give because it took me awhile to learn this lesson myself. I went to Michigan State University intending on majoring in Management because I needed to be able to pay off my loans after graduation. About half way through my freshman year I realized that I didn't like what I chose to get my major in. Therefore, I switched my major to Hospitality Business. Being a Hospitality major I knew that I wouldn't make as much money starting out after graduation, but its an industry that I love and have a real passion for. The second most important piece of advice is to make decisions with your heart and head. It's extremely important to be practical and logical when making decisions about what college to attend and what internships/jobs are right for you? However, it's also important to chose what's right for you. Don't let others strongly influence the important decisions in life.


There are many things that would have been helpful to know as a senior. The first would be to not wish away highschool and enjoy the time I had there. I didn't realize how much I would miss my friends and family back home. The second would be to learn how to study. The transition from highschool to college was a big change especially with the amount of studying that needed to be done. I was not as prepared as I should have been. I didn't realize how studying is done in college compared to highschool and this would have been helpful to know. The next advice I would give to myself is that first semester is the hardest, and it is for every freshmen. Stick with it and second semester will be much better. I would also tell myself that friends will be hard to make at first, but in the end you will end up have many of them. The final advice I would give to myself, is to stick with the first major you chose. I changed my major many times, and in the end I went back to where I started.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to keep working hard first of all. I would tell myself to stay focused on school and not just have fun my senior year in order to be more prepared for college. I struggled with remembering the things I had learned earlier in my high school career, that were important for college, so I would make sure to tell myself to review past notes in high school. More advice I would give myself is to not be afraid to get involved with different groups that I may not have been that interested in in high school. I would tell myself to be more outgoing and try to make more friends, not just stay in my comfort zone but expand my horizon and meet new people.


If my 18 year old self were standing in front of me, I would say: you need to be more open to people and not be so secluded. Understand that you now have entire responbility in crafting your identity and you should revel in that, not shrink back and fear it. You need to take charge of situations and step forward when opportunities present themselves. Don't continuing being the shy, scared person you were in high school. This is your chance to rise above those labels. Don't be concerned with what other people think or worry about impressing anyone. This is your life, you are living it, you make all the decisions yourself. Don't be a slave to what the people around you expect or define you as. Be yourself. Love yourself. And love the people around you. Accept that you are loved. Have fun. Be wild, but don't do anything stupid that you'll regret. Think through your decisions, but take risks and remember that ultimately God has his hand in everything. Stand up for your beliefs, but don't judge others. Submit to authority and don't complain. Love, live, and have faith.


"You don't have to know what you want to be when you grow up." These are the words I would share with my high school self. High school seniors are bombarded with decisions to make and questions to answer. I vividly recall struggling to answer them, as though my very life hung upon the response: "Where are you going to go to school?" "What are you going to study?" "What are you going to be when you grow up?" The echo of the footfalls of those who walked before us bear testament to the fact that few of us traverse a straight line in the journey of life, however well planned we might think our trip. So relax. You won't have all the answers. No one does, and you don't need to. While decisions have to be made, remember that the road will wind as it stretches out before you. Take that road one step at a time, and recognize that you don't have to know what you want to be when you grow up.


I would tell myself to quit procrasting and submit my college applications.


I wish I had known how big campus was. It was strange going from a small high school to such a large campus, and at first it was extremely overwhelming because I was not expecting it. With time, things got a lot easier and I have come to love my campus, but at first it was a huge adjustment. I wish I had some warning to that.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advise to be more outgoing. College is a very hard transition to make, and I could not imagine how hard it would be doing it alone. Therefore if you have a shy or more reserved personality, I would recommend to break out of your shell a little. I wasn't the only one that felt alone and nervous at first, a lot of other freshmen felt the same way. By reaching out to people and trying to make friends, it makes the transition to college a lot easier. It is nice to have people to eat with, to study with, and to just hang around with. The people here at Michigan Stae are really nice individuals, so it is easy to make new friends. Knowing what I know now, I would have been a little more outgoing.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to stress so much about leaving old friends behind. I know now that they will still be there when I go back and it is more important to focus on making new friendships with people at college. Otherwise, you miss out on all of the new people you can meet as well as all of the great connections you can make. I would also tell myself that everything I had done up to that point had fully prepared me to take on college and that I should not be worried for what was to come. Academically and socially, I would be just fine. Also, I would make sure to remind myself to have some fun.


I would tell myself to take my high school career more seriously. Study more and ask for help whenever possible. I was embarrassed to ask for help and because of this I know that I did not do as well as I could have. Never be afraid to ask for help. There are people there to help you and want to help you and you must take advantage of that in order to do well in the future.


Going into Michigan State I was not sure exactly what to expect, but after my first semester I realized that it college is more than just school it is a way of life for anybody that expects to succeed. So far in college I have gained proper knowledge and life skills needed for me to succeed on my own as well as an education. It is valuable to attend college because the skills that are available and that you will come out with. College is a life changing experience, an experience that everybody should take a part in, it is an experience that typically produces more productive and efficient community members, it is an experience that is worth all the money that people usually spend. College is more than the next level of schooling it is what is required in order to succeed. College is a must and that is why it is so valuable to attend.


I am the first in my family to attend a University. As much an honor its to accomplish, it is a heavy burden. The future of my entire rests on my shoulders and the weight of that alone is heavier on my body then any grueling day out in the fields. All our lives that’s all we knew, waking at dawn, work in the dirt, mud, and heat of the afternoon sun hard labor was our education. Entering into a University I was exposed to vast amounts of information that I desperately wish I could share with my family. Yet I can’t, I’m too far and cannot go back, no matter how much help they may need. Coming to this University has given me the tools to pull my entire family line out of the fields. To lead the younger ones, like my brother to an education by being the lead example. Attending my University has given me experience and knowledge to lead a better life when I’m done with my major. But most importantly just attending has handed me the tools to pull the rescue line and bring my family out of the dirt.


When I came to Michigan State, I had big dreams of making a difference in the world, but I had no clue how I was going to do that. Michigan State helped me discover my passion. As a freshman I was given the opportunity to get involved in research, working directly with a faculty member. The study I participated in examined the effects of domestic violence on mothers and their children. Through working with the kids, I realized that I wanted to be an advocate for the rights of women and children. Whether I go on to practice clinical psychology or attend law school, I want to help these disadvantaged people live the lives they deserve. Without the opportunities presented to me through the Honors College at Michigan State, I would still be lost and unfocused. Now, I have specific life goals that I cannot wait to make reality, along with a social support system of friends and faculty that also want to see me succeed. My college experience has so far been invaluable, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me there.


My college experiance has helped me grow into a valuable member of society. Before college I had never really done anything on or for myself. Because of college I moved out of my parents home and worked in order to support myself. I'm hoping to return and continue to improve myself and keep growing. Independence is an important part of my life, and college was a great stepping stone to achieve it. I'm going back to college to give myself more freedom, and the ability to conquer the workforce and make myself happy.


As a Junior at Michigan State Univeristy, I can not believe I only have a year and a half left! The time has absolutely flown by and I wish I could make the next year and a half slow down. These past two and a half years have been phenomenal. I have learned so much not only through the courses for my major but also from other university classses as well as the people I have met on campus. The people at Michigan State have absolutely changed my life for the better. I have made life long friends, had once in a life time experiences, been able to travel the world through study abroad, take part in an amazing internship, and be a leader in my on and off campus community. Michigan State is in a league of its own and I am proud to attend this fabulous University. Go Green! Go White!


Attending Michigan State University has allowed be to gain more knowledge and wisdom about the world. I am able to meet new and exciting people that have different religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. I have matured greatly throughout the years because of Michigan State. The teachers are very intelligent and knowledgeable in their specific fields and they have greatly helped me understand the course and the material. Through the University's labs, study rooms, and other electronic devices I am able to develop my mind and be more resourceful. Michigan State is an excellent university to attend, and I feel that any student who decides to go there will be greatly rewarded in the end.


A community is exactly what Michigan State University is; it is a place where instead of hearing about students helping, you actually expercience everyday firsthand. After completling my third semester at MSU, I can say I have created a whole new social life while retaining the old, and learning how to balance work. With the pressure of time constantly running in our lifes, the professors here have helped steer me toward the major of psychology and working to get into graduate school for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I have had two professors that have made large impacts on my life. As both have said, now is the time to see the world, you might not get another chance. so thats what I have decided to do. With their inspiring words and encouragement I have made the decision to study abroad next year in Canterbury, UK. With the inspiration of my professors, I have become more confident working to find opportunities outside of school that will better my career and future. I have changed for the good since highschool and I can't say I did it myself; I had my new family (Michigan State) behind me.

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