Michigan State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There have been two main areas of growth for me at MSU: critical thinking and dialogue. My studies in political theory and economics have focused on critical analysis and intuition. I have learned to think logically, support and structure an argument properly, and analyze information using intuition. In addition to augmenting these skills, my education had provided me with numerous problem solving strategies. This knowledge and experience will prove useful in the work place, as critical thinking, adaptability, originality, and inventiveness are in increasing demand. Furthermore, I have learned to dialogue respectfully with people from different backgrounds, as MSU’s diverse student body provides an abundance of opportunities to interact with students with dissimilar cultural, societal, and religious experiences. I have interacted with many disparate people and learned to respectfully discuss their differing beliefs. This skill will assist me in the future because American society is global-minded, ensuring that I will with people from different backgrounds in the workplace. In conclusion, MSU has offered me an incredible experience that has developed me intellectually and socially.


College is difficult. Not just academically, but socially. It is a whole new experience--but it is vital to have this experience. In just a semester, I have learned so much. College classes engage you and make you think. You meet wonderful people, and yes, your life will change drastically. It has been a valuable experience because it has allowed me to broaden my horizons.


I spent my childhood through high school in Ghana, West Africa. I moved to the United States to continue my education because my step-father is an American citizen. Hence, my application to Michigan State University. I got accepted and started school in Fall 2008. As a freshman, I felt very out of place being international and experiencing culture shock because American students did not do things the way I did back home in Ghana. I am now a Junior and my campus life could not be better. I have great friends , a good relationship with my professors, good grades and I am fully involved in campus activities. So far, my college experience has been great and it has moulded me to be a career oriented individual. I have also developed my public speaking and interaction skills with people. Before my college experience, I rarely approached people or spoke to crowds, but all that changed since I enrolled in MSU. I have made lifelong friends and learnt how to balance academics and fun. It has been extremely valuable to attend MSU because I am being equipped with values and skills to help me tackle the 'real world' after I graduate.


I have learned a lot academically and socially. Not only have I learned by going to class but I have gotten a lot out of the experience. I have met a lot of new people and learned to be more friendly and outgoing which would really help me in the future when I am looking for a job.


I have attended a community college for pre-medicine but realized that criminal justice was my calling from a class I took on campus. This has helped me to fullfil my dream and will take less time to finish school.


One way to measure the value of college is by how much you grow as a person. My college experience thus far has introduced me to a plethora of lifestyles giving me insight on the value of self importance. Coming from a diverse background I have always been intrigued by nontraditional lifestyles and therefore consider myself a very accepting person. However, the town I was raised in was incredibly traditional and sees things very “black and white” often making it difficult to fit in. Not looking the same as others growing up I wanted to attend a college where I no longer had to feel different. Attending Michigan State University has been everything I could have asked for. Not only is the campus diverse, I am proud to be a part of a community that is accepting of people based on their actions and intelligence not because of how they look, speak, or their socioeconomic status. College has been valuable for me to see that although I once was unsure of why I had to be different, I have discovered differences are often reasons to be accepted.


My college experience has taught me many things about life. In the summer of 2008, I received my associates from Southeast Community College in Nebraska. This came after enrolling and dropping out of the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) at a very young age. Too many, dropping out is a failure, but I continued at a smaller school that better fit my learning style at the time. While studying at this school, I was forced to take a break and move to Phoenix to work due to financial problems. I have since graduated from SCC and am taking classes here in the valley. College has slowly taught me how to handle the pressures that life presents us with everyday. It has shown me how to become independent while remaining dependable. Through my struggles, I have learned that it's not always the path you plan for, but the goal you seek that is important. My goal of knowledge is not limited to what I've gained from college, but what I've gained from everyday life. My college experience has provided me with the tools to continue my pursuit of knowledge. I hope to continue this pursuit by furthering my education.


My stomach churned as I wound around the twist and turns of the roads wrapping around hundreds of buildings making up the campus of Michigan State University. At first college was an intimidating block of opportunities waiting for me to chisel away at. Taking up my blade, I slashed through the first semester, allowing me to sculpt a path to my saught after career in Media Arts and Technology. College pushed me ot step out of my comfort zone and take initiative of my life by maintaning a high GPA as well as joining extracurricular programs that support my interests. I am now more confident in my field of study after taking the basic required classes and have a more sophisticated grasp on my future career. It has also broadened my awareness regarding the importance social networking and the building an online and offline presence in order to promote my abilities and interests. College was a huge stepping stone in the right direction, and now I can go no where but up.


When I came to Michigan State University, I thought it would be a breeze. I was a 3.8 g.p.a average student in high school so I didn’t think college would be any different. Instead of studying when I should have been, I hung out with friends and procrastinated late into the night of every weekday. That resulted in my 2.3 g.p.a at the end of my first semester of freshmen year. I was at the borderline of prohibition so when spring semester came around I cut back on my playing time and opened my books. I also took the opportunities to visit advisors and tutors for assistance when I needed it. My hard work paid off because I managed a 3.5 average that semester, putting me on the Dean’s List. This experience showed me that life is not a walk in the park. A valuable thing that college gives is that it shows and prepares young people to face the “real” world that’s ahead of them. It’s been awesome to attend because of the many great experience and it’s also giving me a heads up for my future.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience in the two years I've been at MSU. Not only academically but college has also taught me life lessons, helped me build friendships, showed me a different way of looking at things, and I also think it has made me a better person. I have learned how to manage my time, that in life you have to make decisions, and whether it's the right decision or not, everything is a learning experience. I have learned to accept people for who they are because no matter how different someone may be than me everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Before college I was very judgemental, and now I've realized that I've gotten better with that and I'm starting to accept people for who they are, I no longer judge people like I use to by just looking at them. Most of the things college has taught me have not been based on academics, but on life. Everything I've learned has helped me to become a better person in many different ways, something I don't think I would have got without my college experiences.


I have aquired a great deal of knowledge throughout my course studies. I was able to explore different areas of interest so that I could discover what career would most utilize my strengths and passions. Throughout my courses, my teachers helped guide me into other courses and careers that would possible suit my strenghts in math and science. There are an abundance of resources available to me that I can use to enhance my learning experience and further discover what major to declare. The various course schedule the first two semster helped me be well rounded in my knowledge basis, and it helped me discover myself and what I truelly like and excel in. It has also taught me how to take control of my life and motivate me to reach for higher goals. I've learned how to balance my time, prioritize, and multi-task. It opened up possibilities that I never knew I had and made me realize that I world is limitless. It has showed me that a single person can accomplish great things that can change the world in a positive way. I am a more proactive person with higher aspirations after attending college.


Thus far, my college experience has been wonderful. I have worked this hard in my entire life. I have learned time management and also scarfice, Being in college I had to give alot of things. I value being able to make hard decisons without my parents input. College have showed me the bigger outlook on the world, not just what I am use to. Everything Michigan University have offered me is truly valueable.


Personally, for me who wants to pursue a career in secondary education, the experiences I gain are from the different types of students and professors that I encounter. From each person, I take something from them--perhaps a sentence, a personality characteristic, teaching styles, or a particular interest. As a high school teacher, I will encounter different kinds of people--and this is true for anyone. From everyone I meet, I learn something from them whether it is from their own mistakes or perhaps from their own successes and I try to apply it to my own work ethic, my own attitude, or my own particular teachign style. This is a valuable experience for me and it is something that I look forward to continue doing for a long time.


For a long time I didn't know what I wanted to do with my future. I went from wanting to go into law enforcement, to politics. Finally I decided I just needed more money so I decided to just do the Vet Tech program at Mt San Antonio college then continue my education. That is where I found my niche. Thanks to my teacher Jaime Sakujawa, I found myself falling in love with working with livestock animals and genetics. I quickly decided to go into animal sciences with a major in Livestock management with hopes of getting into the breeding and genetics of these animals . So I can say going to college showed me what I want to do with my life, what I want my career to look like, where I excell with my love of animals and showed just how many doors there are to choose in this field. Going to school made me love going to school and gave me hope for a future.


I have only been in college for a little over a yearand I have gained so much. I'm taking challenging courses, and I have learned so much about myself and my potential. I have been involved in numerous clubs and organizations, and it has helped me to meet new people and give back to the community.


The most important thing that I have gotten from my college experience so far has been time management skills. Being in school full time as well as having two part time jobs takes up a lot of my time as a student, and it has forced me to plan my days out tediously so that I know I have enough time for everything that I plan to do. Michigan State has been valuable to attend because it forced me to keep myself motivated; there is not as much one on one attention, so you have to be the one to tell yourself to keep trying and doing the best you can. Another thing that is valuable that Michigan State offers are the many opportunities to find extra curricular activities. The activity that was most important to me was that there are so many jobs that are available, I needed to find a job close to campus with flexible hours because I had such a busy schedule , it was made easy for me because of all the small businesses around campus. The job I found helps me pay my way through my college experice.


I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of Michigan State. While it used to be considered a rioting, party school, I have never experienced that here. Instead, I've experienced professors that are dedicated to giving students the most up-to-date information, because they are active researchers in their field. I've experienced a terrific athletic program, with players that give it their all and fans that are outrageously dedicated. I've experienced an administration dedicated to keeping the campus Spartan Green and reducing their carbon footprint. I've experienced a beautiful campus with the Red Cedar River Trail cutting through it. I transferred into Michigan State halfway through my college career and I wish I could have started off here. My heart definitely belongs to Michigan State.


My college experience at Michigan State University has taught me to see the world as a land of opportunity and that you can never learn too much. Learning is a daily process. At MSU, I've had the chance to meet people of all ethnic groups and religions with no discrimination. We've found that we are similar in goals and where we wanna be in about 5 years. At first i knew i wanted to be a Pre-Med student. But as i began to explore the campus and hear of many new opportunities to explore new heights, I've found a love for wanting to major in Communication. and for this major to take me into Television and/or radio. I feel even more comfortable with this career choice than even stepping into MSU thinking that i wanted to go into medicine. I've found my niche. Our school even has a radio station that i'm pursuing interest in to give me some advancements for my newly found major. Thanks to Michigan State University, i feel a new confidence and self-assurance about life and what it has planned for my future.


I have become alot more extoverted and social since I have attended college. I have also learned alot about Psychology since I am ofcourse majoring in the that field and taking classes does help. since enrolling ,I have met people from many different cultures at my school and have befriended many of them.Most of all though the respect I get from my friends and family has been wonderful. Plus the new found respect I have for myself is absolutely priceless.


I've gotten the ability to express myself confidently in a verbal and written manner, to think critically, and to understand and know myself better. Michigan State was absolutely valuable in making me into a well-rounded person because of the sheer amount of opportunities it allowed. Also, because of the large number of opportunities, I developed the skill to sort through mass amounts of information and narrow my possibilities in a short amount of time. I learned to think and act independently but also how to work as a team.


So far from my college experience, I have learned that you have to be willing to become more outgoing and to stay focused on tasks. In high school all you had to do was sit in a classroom and you made friends just by sitting there. In college in order to have any social life you have to be outgoing. I now have the option where I can stay cooped up in my room and not have any contact with any one. What kind of life would that be though? I believe that having a social life is an important aspect of college that helps balance your daily life as a college student. Also, keeping track of my hectic schedule is very timportant. Being a freshman on such a big campus is aready hard enough. Not knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going would add so much extra stress which isn't needed. I think attending college is very valuable not only to help get you a job, but to prepare you for life. In college I will face many problems that will help prepare me for how I handle life later on when I'm older.


Like most college students, my time in school has been and will continue to be a very valuable experience. Though I could rattle off a number of reasons to back up this statement, the top reason that immediately comes to mind is the opportunity college has given me to challenge and discover myself. My very first year, I enrolled in a Biology course, which terrified me. I wasn't confident in my potential, but I pushed those feelings aside and ended up passing the class with flying colors - as I have done with every class I have taken in my college career. I take pride in the fact I am an excellent student, something I didn't know I could be. Attending college has not only allowed me to challenge myself, but has opened my eyes to interests I never knew I had. The biology class that initally terrified me is now one of my absolute favorite subjects. Obtaining an education will not only get me a job I love in the future, but has allowed me to challenge myself (and continue to do so), as well as discover my true potential and interests.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a multitude of life experiences I could not have ever dreamed of. I've met some of the best people I could have and made lasting friendships; I've been exposed to course material that has been almost too difficult to understand but has been critically worthwhile to study; I’ve learned how to present myself as a professional, and gained the skills to keep up with this technological world.Most importantly, I belong to a community that is engaging, inclusive, and intellectually challenging. I couldn’t imagine attending college anywhere else now that I am here. I’ve been forced to grow up very quickly in the last semester—I find myself working two jobs and saving every bit of money in order to pay for my rent next year, as well as my tuition, because it is possible I could receive more aid if my mother didn’t help me pay for college. I come from a very poor family, and am the first in my family to attend a 4-year university immediately after graduation, but none of my family members anticipated the cost of higher education.


So far I've learned that college is truly a time when you have to grow up and become the person you are meant to be. In high school you and being prepared for college. In college you are being prepared for the real world and the rest of your lives. Everyday is a challenge and everyday there are opportunities waiting for me to join a new club or organization or just get involved and participate. I've gotten a new outlook on life as a college student. I've seen have your decisions will either make you or break you. There is no one here to look after you and there is no one here to tell you watch you. College has given me a chance to see myself as a responsible adult and pushed me to realize that this is my time to make my dreams come true through hard work and dedication. This experience is so valuable for anyone who needs to find their own way in the world and see their true potential in themselves.


I have gotten more out of my college experience then i could have ever imagined. I have learned and done things that i never thought i could do. I have met knew people that i never thought i would talk to. And i have made many life long friends. The most important thing that I have gotten out of college so far is my education. I am a pschology student who plans on going to medical school. Going into school I knew that I wanted to go to medical school but did not have a major decided. With the help of friends that I met in my first year of school I have now picked a major and am on the right track to attain my goal. The knowledge I have gained from my classes not only applies to my educational success but also applies to everyday life. Through classes I have come to understand the cultures and people of different countries. Even meeting people from many of these cultures. This is something I could not have done anywhere else. That is why the diversity of Michigan State is so great.


So far, I have gained much from my college experience. Not only have I obtained knowledge in my field of study, but confidence and determination to build a life for myself and my family. I am still a freshman, however I know I am farther than I was yesterday to reaching my goal of having my bachelor degree. College is teaching me subject matter, as well as keys to becoming successful in my life which really makes Westwood stand out to me. Not only are they focused on their students academic success, but emphasize how important it truly is to believe in myself so I can finish school. Before actually attending, I never thought I would end up in a program that would take three years to complete; but now, graduation feels like its just around the corner because learning my specific material (Criminal Justice) is so interesting, and furthermore, fun! I love everything about school- from the environment to the people, from the subject matter to the general ed classes. I have gained a boost of self-confidence and motivation that I never thought I could have from attending school alone. Everybody benefits from obtaining a college education!


College has been an invaluable experience in my life and my children’s lives. It has taught me that age is not important when it comes to learning and it is never too late to obtain a college education. College has opened up many possibilities for advancement at my current workplace, and, broadening my friend base. College has given me the ability and skills to look at situations from a completely different perspective, allowing me to come up with better solutions, as well as the confidence to take on new challenges. The present value of my attending college is the expansion of my knowledge base, the habits and examples that I am creating for myself and my children. The future value college will bring is the opportunity to achieve superior positions within my company that I could not have otherwise aspired to, in order to advance my career.


Michigan State was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to explore different avenues in order to choose the right path for me and once found, professors and guidance councelors were able tohelp pave the way for a successful and memorable college career. I enjoyed my classes and professors and I loved being part of the athletic community at Michigan State. All the experiences opened many doors both socially and educationally for me, and showed me that I was able to achieve many goals I thought I would never realize. My education has helped shape me into the person I am today, and definitely prepared me for my continuing medical studies.


When I started as a Baking and Pastry Arts major, I thought there was a specific way to do everything: one way to make cookies, one way to ice a cake, and even one way to bake bread. However, I quickly learned that this was not the case. Of course the first thing you have to do is learn the basics, but after that, you are able to take the knowledge and twist it. Once I learned the foundation and principles of baking, I was free to do things my own way and establish my unique style, which is very important to the career of workers in the food industry. I later learned that this doesn't just apply to baking, but it also fits with life in general; people may try to tell me how I should live my life, but ultimately it is up to me and the decisions I make along the way. I don't have to follow a path that someone has laid out for me. I am free to be my own person, live my dreams, and make a difference in the world.


The most important thing I have received from my college experience was the opportunity to make a difference. This past year, I had to chance to work in a lab researching what makes Cholera bacteria virulent, research which hopefully will someday lead to better treatment and prevention of Cholera. Initially, my research seemed like just an interesting opportunity to apply the concepts I was learning about in classes. However, after the Cholera epidemic in Haiti broke out, I realized the things I was doing in college could have a huge impact on the world and that the impact I could have in college would be miniscule compared to the impact I could have after I graduated. This realization has inspired me to continue to seek ways to be involved in meaningful research and to look for other ways to impact the the world.


The most valuable things I learned from my college experience has been hard work pays off, and learn about yourself. These will stay with me for the rest of my life. First, I found that you get what you put into your education. In school, taking a very difficult class, I put much more effort into learning the material and earn better grades than classes that i have considered easy. I just don't put the effort into them and get lower grades. This has given me a great sense of pride in knowing that anything in my life that i work hard for will come. I have found this to be true in all aspects of my life. When dealing with my young children the more time and effort i put into teaching and raising them the better they behave and the easier home life is. Second, I learned how to learn, and how i learn as an individual. Taking classes with different instruction methods has shown me the things i need to do to learn. This has helped at work and will help me to continue to do well in any future learning experience life has to offer.


Classes, Professors, assignments... none of these aspects of the college experience have really had a huge impact on me simply because I have been dealing with this "educational world" ever since I was four years old. What I have found valuable is fairly simple: I have found me. I was thrust into an enviornment far from home, and due to my shy-tendencies, I did not make a lot of friends. But with all of this time to myself, I have discovered who I really am. It was like a silence that came over my life. I wasn't constantly attempting to entertain the popular high school crowd, or make my parents happy. Hear I was, standing in the middle of a constant flow of people, and time stood still. I had to learn about myself all over again. What did I want? What did I like? What did I believe? That's the thing, college should not be an extension of high school, like what most experience. It should be a moment in time where you grow, learn, and believe in the immense amount of potential that you have, and that college oppertunities provide you for. I found it.


College seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of. Whenever I thought about it my stomach would immediately begin to spin in circles. Although I was ready to go off and be by myself and meet new people I was scared to death at the same time. Attending college for the first time has been a trying but great experience for me. The way in which you grow up, mature, and find out who you really are, is something you can’t accomplish without going to college. The feeling of being home sick, the loneliness of not knowing anyone, living with someone you have never met before, are just some of the struggles of being at college for the first time.College is a scary roller coaster that has its ups and downs and its out of this world and it is different from anything else. I am hoping while here to find the person I am meant to be.College is one of the best experiences you can ever go through in your life, and as long as you explore within and let yourself out of your shell it will be a the greatest experience ever.


I have gotten a great education so far. I have learned a lot that will help me when applying to vet school and hopefully get into vet school. Also, I have met lots of great people and had experiences that I would never have dreamed of. Finding people with the same interests as me has made a huge difference in my college career thus far. How many groups of college kids would be excited about going to a zoo? Well, all my friends from ZSA are, and that makes it so much more enjoyable. The professors are great and, for the most part, have been wonderful about meeting one on one to help me. I have the big college resources with the ablilty to have small classes as well. MSU is amazing!


Michigan State University has given me the tools and proper surroundings to help me develop a better understanding of my future. With over 250 extracurricular activities, I have found my place in multiple clubs. I help put on events through out the school year for students of all different interests, give my extra time to volunteer work, and take opportunities that will strengthen my career choice. I plan to study abroad and have an internship, but none of this could have been possible without going out of my comfort zone and attending an amazing university. It has been valuable in more than one way. I meet magnificant people every day on campus. The staff are willing to give you every tool you need to succeed. The memories, whether good or bad, will be impressed into my memory forever and the education opportunities will make my resume so valuable, companies won't be able to say no to hiring me!


I've only been in college for 3 weeks, granted it feels like 3 years but I feel like I've already learned so much. I've so far gotten out of my college expierence is that there is a whole other world out there that most of the time one does not expierence in high school. I'm pretty sure I've met the friends who I will have for life and I've met some people who I wish to never see again. I've also gotten the fact that life is pretty much awesome. I am not from Michigan, I am from Houston, Texas; meaning I did not know a single soul here when I arrived. In the just 3 short weeks here I've seen the goodness in people and that no matter where you come from, you are welcome. I think everyone should go to college of some sort, away from their family, and to expierence what making your own decisions is actually like. College is just starting for me, and I know that I'm going to go through some rough patches, but I'm prepared, and I'm ready.


I have changed my whole view of what I want to do in life. I no longer aspire for the unnattainable, but have a practical career choice ahead. I'm a Resident Mentor (aka Resident Assistant) as well as an intern in my major, a team member, and still have time for a social life while keeping a 3.8 GPA!


Go Green! Go White! Those are the words that are chanted across the MSU community. They are words of cohesion, and understanding, that MSU grads regin amungst the best in the nation. After I graduated from Michigan State, I moved to Denver to start graduate school, and I was nervous that I was not going to know anyone. However, my fears were dissolved when I learned about the amazing MSU alumni crowd that reside here. Knowing this, I now understand how valuable it was for me to attend Michigan State. Not only did I receive a priceless education, but I gained a family thousands strong.


I have gotten all the things that I have expected out of my college experience, both good and bad. I have gotten an amazing education, a hideous amount of debt, and unparalleled life experences. I have made friends and have created the foundation that I will build the rest of my life on. However, the experences that are of the most value to me are the ones I never expected. I have been exposed to people and ideas which forced me to examine my own thoughts and beliefs, and as a result I can express my own views and opinions with intelligence and conviction. I can apply skills I honed in the classroom to my daily life, by looking at economical, social, and political issues analytically, and looking at all sides of an issue before forming opinions on it. The most valuble experience I have undergone is the experience of being self-reliant. My time at MSU has forced me to effectively manage my time, budget my income, and learn new study methods. All of these experiences combined have made me into a mature, aware, and independant member of a global society, courtesy of Michigan State University.


I am learning quickly that I should have never taken time off from school. I believe it is much harder to return to school after a seventeen year break. I can see now why it is important to continue education. The more I learn the More I want to know


My first semester starts in November, so I have not yet gotten to experience all that encompasses being a college student. Knowing friends who have already spent a year in college has given me a small surface perspective of the amount of integrity, responsibility, and endurance it takes to be a good student. Of course, there will be things that are easier, but there will also be things that become much harder. I will be living on my own, which means I will basically be an adult making my own decisions in this ever so real world. At first it can be slightly alarming and even overwhelming. Once one begins the journey, it gets easier and easier each and every day and becomes apart of one's life long story. All of this can be summed up into taking the leap of faith that is fresh adulthood with nothing to protect you but a few virtues and a loving God, knowing it's all apart of the script in this play called life. I wouldn't revise it for the world, for it is something that unfolds. I hope that I find my place in this world through my education.


College has truly been a life changing experience for me. I've learned so much more than what is taught in my classes. Attending Michigan State has developed my study skills as well as intilled a solid work ethic in me. My family is 600 miles away and, consequentially, I've become much more independent and to have faith in myself and my abilities. Learning to be independent and have faith has carried over to my current situation. As a student unable to afford tuition, i've been forced to take a year off from school. My education is the most important thing to me so the transition has been difficult but after attending college, even though it's just one year so far, has provided me with the skills to take care of myself. Michigan State provided me with something else I could never live without, a solid group of friends who have supported me in all that I do. I know that the friends I've made through college will continue to be with me for the rest of my life.


I have yet to start my classes, which start september first, but I have started my job and explored the area. I look forward to the full college experience that is coming in the next few weeks. I have meet my teachers and some of the students on campus, they all seem happy and joyful just like me. I believe that this moment only comes once in a persons life and I am so very happy to be here. I even plan to do study abroad this summer, and I cannot wait. I will value my college life forever, and plan to remember it as the start of my independence.


Attending Michigan State University has been both an honor and a privelage. Coming to college, I knew that I was the first one in my family to actually go away to a 4-year University. Having that University be a Big 10 University just made everything much better. My college career is still not over but, so far, I have learned a lot. I am the type of person that usually keeps to myself and likes to do things on my own and in my own time. Coming to Michigan State showed me that if I want to be a successful person and good team player, then I can't keep that mind set. This experience showed me the person that I want to be in life. This experience also showed me that there are people out there that are willing to help because they may be going through the same situation as I am. It is all one big support system in the end. Ultimately, I know that when I graduate from Michigan State I am leaving with the support of millions of other Spartans and one of the best educations that the Lord could have ever provided.


I think everyone should attend college. You can learn so many things. When I was in high school majority of the students were one race. Everyone hung out with their own races as well. So as I transitioned into college life I wanted a change. Michigan State gave me that change. You learn more about different types of people and communities, not just within our country but around the world. Not everyone looks like you and we need to know that. I learned things in college that has opened my mind that will help me live a better life and not to mention make more money in the future. College has changed my life and I love it.


My name is Cherilyn L. Moye, I am nineteen and currently attending Hillsborough Community College. I am going into my fourth semester. So far my experience at HCC has been an interesting one, yet very valuable. I feel as if I have lucked out with my past professors. I have gotten professors that challenge me, making me use my brain and push myself to achieve my educational goals. Having professors like these have helped me enhance my drive to be successful. In the long run, when I complete my goal and become a dental hygienist, I will look back and realize the most valuable thing I received at HCC was the support and challenges my professors provided me with.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the opportunity to mature and become more responsible. Not only have I acquired a plethora of knowledge in my two years of attending the College of Central Florida, but I have met many intellects along the way. My profesors and tutors have all assisted me in learning what I know and applying it as needed. I have mastered areas of my education so much that I have no trouble teaching what I have learned to others. I was not only a student at this college, but I was also a student tutor who helped many a student master troublesome concepts in mathematics.


In my college experience, I have found that you never stop learning. No matter how old you get or where ou go, you always have something to learn. College life will prepare you for any challenges you meet after your time there. Many people decide not to attend college, and some become successful; moreover, most people feel like college is not for them. I encourage everyone to attend college for the simple fact that it teaches you the basic principles of survival in the real world. At times, college may be extremely difficult and it may seem impossible to succeed; it will easy to give up, but you must push yourslef to overcome this hardship and perservere. College life prepares you for real life by showing you that life is difficult, and it will not be easy to succeed; the best part of it all, is that you will learn how to persevere, and how to become successful. Ultimately, you may not go to college, and you may become successful, but in the end, you will lack that college experience that will definitely be the determining in your life. In one way or another, you will need this college experience.


I have had little experience with college, I have made friends and gotten to know some outstanding people,but with in my lack of experience is what i have learned to be valuable. When I first attended school I was young and I thought I had better things that I could be doing with my time. I have now been out of school for sometime and I have been working a deadend job. I feel as if I am treading water but not going anywhere that is why I have chosen to go back to school and complete my degree. With out a degree so many doors are closed to me, and I would like nothing more than to open those doors for myself, to better not only my life but the lives of family members. A college degree is the most valuable piece of paper you will ever have I know that now and I wish that I had come to this conclusion when I was younger. I thank you for your time.


I want to better myself and help the community.

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