Michigan State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about this school is the fact that it is so big therefore making it very hard to learn in big class lectures. This is why it is important to make sure you take those extra steps by going to office hours and study groups in order to make sure you understand the material.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the competition and the ability to get into the desired school of your choice. I transferred from Grand Valley State and since most of my required classes for admittance to the MSU business school transferred, I did not recieve a grade, thus being I did not get accepted into the school.




The cost of going to school there. At times it feels like it will not be possible to complete undergraduate studies at Michigan State because of the amount of money it takes just to complete one year.


The only bus that runs to my complex arrives at very irregular times and tends to be completely full at busy times. It was incredibly bothersome this winter, because almost every day was eleven degrees or under.


If you get behind it can be very hard to catch up. Best not to get behind.


Sometimes it is too big. I like the size dont get me wrong but when everyone is online doing schedules or waiting in the advisors office to talk schedules or classes it will take a little bit longer to get through unless you are smart and go in early.


The most frustrating thing about Michigan State was the library. It was very huge and lots of places to hide and get lost when you need to be alone in a quiet area, but during mid terms and finals week you are better off staying at home, because there are no places you can go to that will be quiet.


Its hard to recieve help when you are dealing with a problem. Having "good" professors is really a hit or miss. Advisors are rude, along with fin aid.


The most frutrating thing about MSU , is that it is very large and is sometimes frustrating to get from one side to another.


The most frustrating thing about Michigan State University is that the train, that can be heard all over campus, comes at all hours of the night and blares its horn for long periods of time.


For me , I am an out of state student and the tutition is somewhat high.


Campus is so large, it can be overwhelming at times.


Being able to achieve good grades, which is also for any student who attends any school.


A lot of the buildings are not clearly labeled so its easy to get lost at first.


The most frustrating thing about Michigan State is having to takes the bus around campus. Michigan State is a beautiful place but the campus is huge.


The most frustrating thing about my school like any other school is the work. Yes we have all heard the same story over and over about the work being too hard. Michigan State challenges their students to do the best they can with advance tactics and showing students that if they don't want to help themselves nobody is going to either.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the sheer size of the campus. It makes getting from class to class almost impossible. Yes, we are able to create our own schedule and plan out our classes, but with all of the organizations and clubs that people belong to, sometimes we have to schedule classes back to back thus sometimes only having 20 minutes to get to class. Usually this would not be a problem on any other campus, but since Michigan State is such a large campus, it is basically impossible to get across campus in the time allowed.


I'm an out of state student and even as an honors college member (who receives an additional scholarship) tuition for out of state is totally unaffordable for the average family. I love Michigan State and intend to graduate from the university but currently I have to take a year off from school to earn enough money to do that.


The most frustrating thing about Michigan State is definitely the lack of parking spaces near key places on campus, such as dorms, class buildings, etc. That's really the only issue that I can think of that was personally frustrating.


Mostly what I mentioned above, but I also have an issue with some of the required classes being very pointless and repetitive. As a student organization president it also bothers me that students are really not intrested in particapting in anything if they don't see exactly how it personally benefits them right now.


The most frustrating thing is that it is so big that a lot of times the professors are unable to give one on one help. It is difficult for them to actually see when students are struggling, and because of that, it seems like they don't really care too much about whether or not the students succeed. It is almost as if the professors are setting the class up to fail.


I feel that the financial aid office is not as helpful as my undergraduate financial aid office was. We all know that dealing with financial aid can become a very rigorous process for undergraduate students. Sometimes not receiving this money in time leads to added stressors and lead to students getting off to a slow start. They are not able to purchase their books and supplies on time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that there is nowhere to park! It's a hassle trying to find a place for visitng friends or parents to park somewhere within a mile of my dorm, and parking tickets are annoyingly common.


MSU is so great this is a tough question! Class sizes in basic classes can be large which requires you to make an extra effort to get to know your professor.


The math department is probably the most frustrating thing at Michigan State. A lot of the teachers are fully qualified, but most of them are from a foreign country. They have really heavy accents which can inhibit learning. I found myself struggling to understand what the professor was talking about at some times.


Sometimes the work load but that can mostly be corrected by learning how to use time managment and to organize your school life and social life.


It's extremely expensive.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that because it is such a large university, it can sometimes feel like you don't matter, or worse, that you cannot compare to your fellow students. If you are struggling in a class, there will often be dozens of classmates that are all doing very well, and you feel very unintelligent compared to them. If you do go see a counselor to discuss what you are struggling with, often you have never even met them before, or they don't genuinely care about your situation, making you feel isolated.


The most frustrating aspect about Michigan State University is that after you sign the housing contract, it is difficult to terminate the contract even if the semester has not started. In order to do so, one must fill-out papers and wait a couple weeks to see if the committee in charge allows the termination. I tried this once already and they denied my request. Along with this, there is no number given to directly call the office, therefore direct communication is difficult to achieve. Instead, only a fax number is given.


Well, like most schools, homework and exams can be very frustrating. But, that being said, nothing of value comes easily. I personally like the walk to all my classes although I know several who complain about having to walk 25 minutes to get to class. I can see how, for some, that could be a little frustating, but for peope with that problem there is always a bus pass option. Other than that, I love everything about Michigan State University, and I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they are so busy trying to cater to minorities that they forget about the students who are in the majority and we end up having more troubles than the minority students.


The apathy of a large portion of the student population. While the perception of MSU as a party school, among students, is greater than reality, MSU still possesses a large party-minded portion of its student body and these people reduce the quality of other students education. Beyond this many of the students in non-practical degree fields are not particularly motivated, possible a consequence of career field rather than university though, and this made the social science and communication arts schools (I am part of both) particularly lethargic at times.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are too many non-major, required classes to fully focus on a potential career.


As you progress in your chosen degree field, the availabilty of courses and their scheduling times often make it difficult to have a job.


the college i'm trying to get into is very competitive so i constantly worry about if i will get in.


The fact that there is not much to do outside of campus and that everything is pretty far away.


Being so large, you either need a bike, to bus it, or plan your classes carefully.


I feel like the economy in East Lansing is so terrible that there is nothing to do here, so people drink . There is no relationship between community and students.


Financial aid can be difficult to understand, but even that is a minor shortcoming, as there are always people at the financial aid office willing to help out if you're willing to ask. Overall, I find very little frustrating here.


The most frustrating thing about school for me is probably having to get up for a class at 8 o'clock in the morning. Not only are you supposed to wake up at an ungodly hour, but the professor believes you would be able to pay attention in the class when you are still sleepy. I am in my second year of college now and I still can not adjust to that.


Trying to change classes for the upcoming semester and not having a fall break; the schedule builder website is not always up and running, and around the middle of the semester people get really tired, but there is no sanctuary for old men.


Transportation can be a problem. They discourage cars so there is very little, very expensive parking for students. Bikes run wild across the sidewalks, and buses are everywhere. I was hit by a car while on my bike, my bike was stolen, and other bikes ran into me. To put it plainly, be wary of riding a bike to class. :0)


The most frustrating thing about Michigan State University has to be the size of campus. It is absolutely huge. I know that East Lansing has one of the most efficient and well-known public transportation systems in the country with the CATA Buses, but I am far too stubborn to use them everyday. If you are planning on attending MSU, it would be wise of you to bring a bicycle. The classrooms are spread wide over campus, but there is always a bike rack near wherever you are going. Probably part of the Go Green Movement we always hear about.


Inaccessible-the administrators/faculty at this school don't seek out students, you have to go to a great deal of trouble sometimes to get something simple accomplished.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the cold, snowy winters. These winters make it difficult to travel to and from classes and be on time as well.


Because it's a big campus, it makes it difficult to find your way around, especially to buildings you've never been to before. It's easy to get lost if you don't know where you're going.


Its pretty spread out so in the winter getting from class to class isnt a lot of fun because we get so much snow and the wind picks up.


Almost everything about my school is great, the most frustrating this is paying for my education. Michgan State is a competiv school, so there are many students dying to get in with adequate funding. I was not given financial aid when school started, but before I came to school my father's job had a pay cut to half of what he was earning. This tragedy has caused major problems and could be the cause of me leaving MSU. If I had the funds, then nothing about my school would be frustrating.



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