Michigan State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Michigan State is that I am in an incredible education program. My specialty is Special Education, and my professors are amazing. Another great thing is the school pride. If someone went to Michigan State 20 years ago, and they see you with an MSU shirt on - you are automatically friends! I love it.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. Everwhere you look, there is someone who is different from you and it's a pleasant surprise. My high school was not a very diverse school, so coming here and meeting people from all over the world has been an amazing expereince that I couldn't get from anywhere else.


The best thing about Michigan State University is the sense of community. Everybody I met wanted to be there and welcomed me with open arms. I met so many people that I would of never had a chance to if I did not go here. When I was in the student section at a football games, I felt like I was with my family. We all cheered in unison together and always made an effort to meet the person sitting next to you. The best part about State is that its not just a school but its my home.


I think the best thing about my school would be that we are diverse. I get to take heed from people all over the world and get a perspective from them instead of the media. The past 18 years, I have assumed that whatever the media said about another race was true. I believe that I will hear another side from those people who actually are being thrown under the bus by the media. I just can't wait to hear their side of the story.


Michigan State University has an incredible public policy program in their James Madison Residential College. Students who attend JMC oftentimes go on to incredible law schools in the future, and despite the rigor and difficulty of the courses, learn much more than they would in an ordinary political science curriculum.


The Red Cedar River runs through the center of our campus and much of the architecture on campus dates back to the turn of the previous century.


With every school there is a different atmosphere and of course a big ten school will have a great sports atmosphere. I feel students unit together when It comes to sports. Another thing that is really interesting about this school is how encouraging it is about recycling. It really is amazing. We make the effort to put up signs have recycling areas in a lot of the buildings and have recycling trucks. The effort is really great.


Michigan State is unique in that literally everything you could possibly want to do here is located in one centralized campus instead of multiple, like many large universities. Although our campus is huge, we have a good bus system and it's absolutely beautiful. So, many people (including myself) enjoy walking for the exercise and the sheer entertainment of being on such a wonderful campus!


Our campus has a lot of unique things. It is the second largest campus in the country area wise so there is a lot to explore. I remember driving around one day with my buddy in south campus and we saw that they were having Llama Fest at the MSU Pavilion (Rodeo and horse expo center). We stopped in and it was pretty awesome. They had all sorts of llamas that you could go up and pet. Some of them were dressed up in costumes and they had awards for different categories. It was definitely bizarre, but pretty cool all the same. Other unique things include the new art museum, the Red Cedar river, Beaumont Tower, the Sparty statue, and all of the sports stadiums.


I loved the size of my school. There were endless programs, things to do and opportunities to pursue. My school had everything and you could choose to be in a drama or get into some of the most random clubs. It really let become who you wanted to be.


The academic programs because the hospitality business programs is one of the best in the nation. I would not have obtained the networking skills and internships that I have anywhere else.


The best thing about Michigan State University is that there is a lot of different activities, both educationally and recreationally to get involved in. Depending on the what your interests are, the school most likely has a program, club, or group for that activity.


The best thing about this school is the school spirit. Everyone is very proud to belong to this community, and everyone is there to help out their fellow peers.


I think the best thing about Michigan State University is the faculty. The professors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are very good about answering all questions and really care about students succeeding. They provide you with so many resources and outlets to find help that there is really no excuse for failing. Also the residence faculty is incredible. They are very nice people and are always willing to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.


The campus and the people on it are wonderful!


I without a doubt love my school, but I wish I would have known how hard it was to get into the nursing program here before I came. I have known I wanted to go into nursing since my senior year in high school when I started my job as a nursing assstant at the hospital. If I would have known how hard it was to get into MSU's nursing program I might have chose a different school, so that I wouldn't have to worry about possibly eventually transferring, if i dont get inot the nursing program here.


I absolutely love the Big Ten big school feel. I love having a sports team that actually wins, plus the campus is absolutely beautiful.


I think the best thing about Michigan State University is its atmosphere. At Michigan State University, you are put in surroundings you have never faced before. You get to learn about religious beliefs and different cultures other than your own. I like that down my dorm hallway I can go to every door and meet someone different from the next.


The best thing at my school is the people. Michigan state university is like it's own town. With all the diversity here it's like everyday is a new day, literally. I see and meet with new students from all around the world whether I'm in school or just walking the halls of my dorm. Mchigan State's campus has many different opportunities for it's students and does it's best to help us as student to expand our network.


The small school feel and atmosphere while being a huge campus with over 40,000 students. A welcoming, friendly place anybody could fit into.


The learning environment is amazing. It makes me want to wake up at 7am and go to class. I love the people as well. Everyone is just pushing their neighbors to achieve their goals and you do the same. Its just great!


The best thing about my school is the amount of people, and the different kids. You're able to choose your surroundings and how you want to live your life without being pressured.


The best thing about my shoool is the school spirit. I say this because it makes everything more live. People being happy and enjoying the fact that they are at school just because it is Michigan State. Go Green!!


The best thing about my school is the large student population, which allows for a variety of clubs that would not exist in smaller universities.


The Honors College Program


My school is large and has many resources I can use such a substantial library, numerous and specialized staff, endless group organizations, and endless job opportunites. My school also has excellent study abroad options. The thing I like the most about my school, however, is James Madison College because it is nationall recognized and I feel like it prepares me well for Law School.


The best thing about Michigan State University is the broad array of academic opportunities which it provides to students like me. There are a vast number of academic fields of study which one can pursue, many of which are highly ranked nationally, such as hospitality, supply chain management, and accounting. I feel like I will be able to pursue any interests I have at this university, which is essential as I try to make an informed choice about my career path. It seems as if all doors are open here, allowing me to truly be the captain of my destiny.


There are many reasons that I attend Michigan State University. One factor that makes MSU stand out from the rest is that it has a very diverse campus community. This is very important because the world is becoming more globalized and connected. Having the ability to relate with people from all parts of the world, at MSU, allows me to better acclomate myself with cultural differences and sensitivities. My experience here will help me with my future endeavors no matter where in the world I decide to focus my career.


The best thing about my school would have to be the amount of help that is offered. MSU has many free tutoring opportunities including a math help center. Many of the courses also offer exam reviews and sometimes even practice tests. Overall, MSU tries to do everything that they can to insure your success


The people, everyone is here to have fun and get the best experiance they can. These are the transistion years, figuring out what you want do with your life, making new friends, most of us are living on our own for the first time.


The amount of classes that are offered is possibly the best thing about Michigan State University. If the area you wish to enter does not have a specific major or classes that need to be taken to earn the degree for it, for example Nuclear Chemistry, you have the ability to choose the classes that would make up that major. The number of classes also allows your more flexibility for electives, minors, and alternatives for the classes required by a major.


The spartan spirit because once you have love and support for your school you love everything about it, and it is a way to bond with other students you may see around campus. No matter how different you are: cultural background, race, and no matter what part of Michigan you are in you always see someone representing MSU and it gives you that feeling of pride and accomplishment. We are Spartans.


The best thing about Michigan State University is the resources. Im an Engineer major and MSU have a special residential program for first year engineering students, in which i am now taking part of. They have free tutoring a seminar one a month bringing in Engineers to talk about their invention or their careers as engineers. they have an alumni dinner, were you are able to talk to alumni and ask as many question about engineering as you want. The also have other resources like math learning centerand writing center for help.My classmates


The best thing about my school is that it is a university where you can find whatever you are looking for. If you are looking for serious studying and nation-leading research, you can find that. If you are looking for a club, activity, or festival that is different from what you are used to ethnically or culturally, you can find that. If you are looking for nation leading sports teams to cheer for, you can find that. And if you are looking to have a great time with friends on the weekend, you can find that as well.


Since there is such a wide range of options for activities and clubs everyone should be able to find a social network to be a part of, and a educational network to help advance themselves.


The best thing about Michigan State University is the makeup of the student body. The student body is made up of many different ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Everybody is studying different things, and sharing new ideas. These differences are so important because they help us open our eyes to see differently and broader. My room mate and I came from completely different backgrounds, and she is now my best friend.


Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan. It is a well established Big Ten university and has a beautiful campus. It's home to 46,648 Spartans total. Because it has a large student body it offers more than 200 programs of study, which allow students to be flexible. They have many student groups, clubs, and other cool activities. My favorite activity is the free movies that students can attend for free every weekend. It has a very diverse student body so students are able to meet people from varying backgrounds. I love being a MSU Spartan!


The best thing about my school is that its very prestigious, and diverse because its something I never experienced before. The people here are amazing and I learned alot from other cultures. Another thing at Michigan State is that its very challenging and its good for me because I'm not a lazy person anymore when it comes to doing my work.


The buildings. They are all older and so pretty. It is a beautiful walk to walk through campus. The campus itself is beautiful.


The best thing about school is being able to do what you want when you want. I eat and do my homework on my own time. I am good at organizing my time so it works great for me. I like being so close to friends.


i think the variety of the courses offered is the best part about attending MSU.


I don't think there is one "best" thing at Michigan State University. All of the teachers, classrooms and buildings are great. The social life and availability of extra-curricular activities is also something that attracted me ot the univeristy. I also love the school spirit all students have at sporting events which are very fun to attend and safe activities for students. Another great thing about Michigan State is the campus. Although is very large there are many beautiful buildings and places all around the campus for visitors to see.


academic advisors, they are so helpful and very happy to help.


The friendships that I have made through my fraternity life.




The best thing is our attempt at being green and the ability to get a job in the cafeteria.


I was fortunate to attend James Madison within Michigan State University. It allowed me to experience the benefits of a small school as well as a big school. James Madison gave me what I needed academically, while MSU gave me what I needed socially. MSU also has an amazing study abroad experience, which I participated in, and I would say was an experience of a lifetime and taught me more than I could imagine.


For me the best part about MSU is the size. There is so much going on and so many resources for every type of person and student. I love that there you can find something to do or somewhere to go every day of the week. Beyond that I personally really enjoy my classes. For my English major my classes are small with dicussions every day and a lot of reading (not too much though). For my Anthropology major my classes vary in size and are all fascinating with professors who are all genuinely interested and excited about teaching.


The Professors; they are exceptional in every sense of the word, they have the research and the knowledge to back up their claims and teachings, also they are more often engaging rather than boring.


My school is very diverse. I like how diversity bring people together. I am very happy to have many friends from different background. Michigan State has a very beautiful campus. During fall, I really enjoy watching leaves change color around campus. There are a lot of activity that we can join on campus, such as movie night, craft night, bowling night and so much more. I often atten those activity, it makes me know so many new people. The bus service on campus is very convinient for me and my friends to travel around campus or near by places.

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