Michigan State University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


The best place to get things done is definitely not in your room. It is best if you go to your closet library or to an study hall/center. These places willl allow you to better be able to concentrate and focus.


The best place I found to get work done on campus is the study lounges on the main floor since they have internet and are still in close proximity to your room, but far enough to keep you there for a period of time. I found studying with ear plugs in to be very helpful since it blocks out any background noise and allows you to think uninterrupted.


The best place to work would either be at a study lounge, library or any place where it is quite and has few distratcions. When it is nice and warm going outside is a nice way to soak up the sun and also get some work done. People seem happy when they are able to do this. I feel a qutie area is just fine for anyone. The place is really up to the person really. Some like quite and some like a little background noise.

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