Michigan State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The Students at Michigan State are what make it an amazing place. After visiting both Michigan State and the University of Michigan, I realized the people at MSU were much more welcoming, spirited, and friendly.


I decided to go to this school because I am from a small town and I was ready for soemthing better. I love spartan athletics and thought coming to a big ten school would be a great choice and give me many advantages and so far it has. I love the atmosphere and the joys it brings to me. I am very happy with my advisors here and also happy with my chosen major and it I had not attented this school i would not have heard of it or chosen it.


I decided to come to MSU because I had not other choice. My first was U of M where even with a 3.8 GPA and 28 ACT I didn't get in. When I first came here i thought I would absolutely hate it, but after my first semester I experienced the rigor of the courses and the high standard my major sets for itself (James Madison: the public affairs college).I came here with the mind set of transferring after my first year, but now it has grow on me and I love state!


I decided to attend Michigan State because the college I previously attended for freshman year did not live up to my expectations. Michigan State has something to offer for EVERY type of student, and I absolutely love that I decided to transfer here. I graduate after the fall, but you can bet I'm not ready to leave!


They had the major that I was interested in: plant biology. And a Big Ten school is great for sports! It was also a good distance from my house.


I came to Michigan State for 3 Reasons. 3: The Athletic Programs 2: The Beautiful Campus (and beautiful girls) 1: The Criminal Justice program is ranked in the top 10 nationally.

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