Michigan Technological University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Michigan Tech is a school full of all kinds of people that all have their own interests and characteristics that contribute to the school as a whole while also sharing a love for a type of engineering or technology.


My school is on a very beautiful campus and focuses on very high indepth education.


At Michigan Tech, students are very smart, take challenging classes, have a lot of help available, and have fun getting involved in the activities and recreation in their free time.


Michigan Tech is a welcoming and fun loving University with teachers and students that truly care for your well-being.


We construct 30-foot tall snow statues in subzero temperatures just because we can.


Michigan Tech is a diamond in the rough; it offers great staff and education coupled with a diverse college atmosphere.


Very technological, yet friendly enough to everyone who attends.


Michigan Tech is a beautiful campus in an outdoor recreational area with challenging courses, great engineering research opportunities, and a comfortable student body size.


Very academically orientated with plenty of extracurricular activities.


My school have small class sizes and are taught by Professors not Graduate Students.


Small school that allows its students to go anywhere after they graduate.


MTU is a welcoming and academic enviroment where everyone can find there place.


Michigan Tech is a schoolmade up of people who for the most part are either really hard working or really smart, and mostly everyone likes the outdoors and long winters.


Michigan Tech is a school where I feel comfortable and safe and am able to focus on my school work while meeting other people, get involved on campus, and get the right amount of help i need from professors.