Michigan Technological University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


They come with a bed, dresser, and desk already installed. The dorm rooms allow for maximum customization and the R.A are pretty relaxed so long as you don't run down the halls with booze.


There is a variety depending on which building you live in. South McNair costs a bit extra but they have have the nicest things and it's the newest dorm building. East and West McNair are built up higher on McNair hill (its a good workout). They have a beautiful view if you have a room facing north. They both have all the necessities like washers and dryers as well as quiet study rooms and lounges with fun games. Every residence hall has their own sauna as well. Wadsworth is the biggest of the dorms. It has the only dinning hall that is open on the weekends plus it has all the other things that McNair has. Douglass Houghton Hall is the last dorm left. It is the hardest to get into. It is located the closest to campus and it has a old fashioned feel to it. It has a ballroom where many socials are held. But no matter where you room there is student life and fellowship right outside your room!