Michigan Technological University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


White, male, middle class.


My classmates were friendly, intelligent, outgoing individuals who worked hard, but also knew how to have fun.


Most of my classmates are technologically savvy, intelligent people. They tend to dislike English, but some of them enjoy writing. In general, they are friendly and welcoming and know how to have fun.


Students come to Michigan Tech from all over the world. There is no ethnic, racial, cultural, or religious discrimination in any way. Students seem to be friendly towards everybody. There are a lot more males than females that attend Michigan Tech, but most of them are very kind and respectful towards the women there. Michigan's Tech campus is a very safe, inviting place, and I am confident that nobody would feel out of place here.


The students at my school are very intelligent individuals, and sometimes I feel a little out of place because I do not think like they do. Most students here build their own computers or are working on owning their own companies. It is very challenging and intimidating, but definitely makes me, as a student, want to try harder to live up to the Michigan Tech standard of intelligence. I feel I have become smarter just being around some of my friends. Michigan Tech pushes diversity incredibly, and we work to bring together groups of different backgrounds. It is a big part of who we are. Everyone jokes that if you need your computer fixed, just find a Computer Networking or Computer Science major on campus and they'll help you out. We know we are generalized as nerdy, but what the rest of the world does not know is we are pretty proud of it.


There are all kinds of students at Michigan Tech. There are all different races and religions. There are many people of different sexual orientations, and a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. Students dress attire varies greatly. Some students wear sweatpants to sweatshirts everyday, where others wear a shirt and tie to every class. There are clubs for almost every religion on campus, and many churches in the area. There also is a club specifically for LGBT, which promote awareness on campus and even give away free t-shirts every year. Michigan Tech is highly diversified. There are all kinds of people and clubs and organizations for everything.


Students are very casual at Michigan Tech, often wearing sweatpants and hoodies to class. It makes you feel relaxed rather than uptight, which works well in reducing stress. Political views are not usually discussed, but people are pretty open about race. Though we do not have a very diverse campus in racial terms, as a university I feel they do many things to enrich our environment with different cultures.


The students at Michigan Tech are very relaxed and out going. I find that because Michigan Tech is so far from many hometowns that the students grow a very close bond with each other. This really helps students adjust to Houghton, MI and to the school. Additionally, the Keweenaw (the peninsula where Michigan Tech is located) is gorgeous and so you'll find many of outdoor activities being performed by the students.


The students at Tech are very involved. There are literally tons of student groups from Campus Crusade for Christ, to Pistol Club, Film Board, Entreprise, LGBT, and virtually anything one might possibly want to be involved with. The students do study a lot but in there free time they are very active. As far as students backgrounds go, most come from midde to upper income families, and practically everyone here is from the Upper Midwest. Michigan residents hold the majority but there are a substantial amount of students from Wisconsin and Minnesota as well.


The students at Michigan Tech come in all different shapes and sizes and personalities too. The majority are supposedly nerds or geeks but we have geeks of many races and nerds of many interests. Even the "non-nerds" would feel at home here at Tech. There are plenty of huge hockey players and football jocks. People are actually very respectful at Tech. I see people holding doors open for girls and not once have I heard any obscenities shouted across campus. We have all kinds of pride clubs no matter what religion, nationality or sexual orientation you are. Most people don't make problems when they have different opinions. Overall the students at Tech are just your everyday normal people you'd find anywhere else, except they probably love the snow.


My classmates are mostly intelligent analytical people.


They are very kind and nice.


Very smart and nerdy.


Students here are very driven and dedicated to learning in their field to succeed in life.


awesome, friendly and focused with a lot of diversity


Very studious and not very outgoing


Smart students who enjoy outdoor activities.


My classmates are fun and energetic. My favorite thing about Tech is how such a large portion of the school is focused on engineering. I feel like I have more in common with my classmates at Tech than if I would have went to a larger school. Plus with the extremely large number of physical education courses Its easier to make friends. I took a snowboarding class last winter, and became super close with some of the girls.


My classmates seem similar at first, but once you get to know people you realize that the people here are really very diverse in their beliefs and personalities.


Focused, practical but fun people that will keep you engaged and involved as long as you show interest in what is going on around you.


Classmates were engaged in the classes and had similar interests as I.


Some are very technical, others are programmers and very excited about computers and wnything that relaties to them Most like video games, alot of them like drinking. But there are some who restrain. A vast majority of people are very freindly and helpful (some are timid, so you have to ask...).


My classmates frign' rock! It is very easy to meet new people and the entire community here is really nice and willing to lend a hand. Finding a study partner, people to enroll in the same sections of class, and friends to help take notes during class is really easy. It is also very easy to get along with fellow classmates outside of the classroom.