Michigan Technological University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about Winter Carnival. It's the most exciting part of the year and a lot of work goes into it. We get two days off of school and the whole weekend to celebrate the crazy amounts of snow we get with snow sculptures, skits, beard competitions, broomball games, hockey, and the on campus all-nighter! Its lots of fun!


Nice but in bad location.


The professors in my major at least are always very helpful and I get to take a wide variety of courses that interest me.


It's the most expensive public college in the state of michigan.


There is not a lot to brag about. I guess the only "bragging" right I have is that my grades and reading/writing skills seem to be a lot better than my classmates.


The amount of snow the area receives


The sweet outdoor opportunities. There's rock and ice climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, waterfall exploring and much more. Next summer my boyfriend and I are circumnavigating lake superior in our kayaks...that's 1400 miles of cool outdoors stuff.


Our engineering is known in a lot of places. Our math and science departments are really good.


I brag mostly about the high standards that Michigan Tech holds academically as well as the size of the school and it's location. It has a beautiful camupus in a beautiful area and is part of a friendly community. The professors, other students, and members of the community are all so nice.


It's good reputation (including Broomball) and sweet Pep Band.


My school is extremely friendly. You can't walk to class without saying hello to someone. You make friends in all your classes and activities. You almost have to try to not make friends.


How mush fun it is partying up here, and how beutiful the country side is.