Michigan Technological University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school is how isolated it is. There is not always much to do on campus, and while you can go into town it is usually too cold to walk and there isn't anything to do in town either.


Being a girl at Tech, sometimes you feel out of place, but it makes succeeding that much more rewarding. A great number of professors, although very helpful, are rather hard to understand because they are foreign.


The access to a select number of labs. They require a TA to be around, and the TA's are never around.


Lots of the professors are hired because they are experts in their feild, which is important for the research aspect of the University. However they haven't ever had any training as teachers, which can make it hit or miss on whether or not they are actually any good at teaching their subject to others. I have had some teachers who were awesome and knew their stuff so well, but couldn't teach it to me hardly at all.


Small Humanities department.


How cold it is and how much it snows, though the school does a good job keeping sidewalks clear and heating the building. It is only for parts of the year and it is not a problem on a daily basis, but when it gets cold out it gets very cold.


The worse thing about my school is the lack of funding in the biology program. The school is an engineering school so most of the money seems to be going there. Not many employers at the career fair in the biological sciences. It seems like the biology department gets over looked while money is being spend in other places. It can sometimes feel discouraging.


I consider the worst thing about Michigan Tech is the distance you have to be from friends and family but in it's own way it is also good because it makes you grow up and be on your own more.


The worst thing about the school is the lack of diversity. Although we have many international students, there are much more men than women, and that needs to change. More women need to attend this college as well.


The worst thing about Michigan tech is the distance from a major city. It is aout an hour and a half from a city with 30,000 people. Many people like this, but sometimes it's nice to get out. This is a beautiful area though, so you can get out to the great outdoors.


Some of the people that are students here are dicks, and need a good beating.


It is very challenging academically so it is not for everyone. If you are not willing to study hard don't come here.


The location of the school is a hard thing to over come. Most students like myself are over 400 miles away from their family and friends. If you can make friends in your first year then this usually isn't an issue but if you don't make friends that fast then this might be a source of possible depression and hinder your college experiance.


The worst thing for me about Michigan Tech is that Michigan Tech is mainly an engineering school (and it is a great one) but I'm not an engineer, so you can feel a bit forgotten occasionally amoung all the engineers and such, but my program (Wildlife Ecology) is also well known, as are most programs here.


The worst thing about my school is probably the food. Some days it is really good, other days it is complete crap. But, I've heard that the food is the same for a lot of campuses.


The worst thing about my school is the seclusion. It is a good thing at times, but if there is a family emergency in the winter that you need to get home for, it may take quite a bit longer than anticipated to make it out ... and back in.


The worst thing about my school is to some also its best... the long winters. The winters here last in excess of six months, sometimes starting as early as late October and going until Late April.


the distance from home is most likely the worst thing about Tech. it's remoteness in Michigan's upper pennisula, being at least a good six hours away from most everyone's home.


I would consider the worst part of my school the winter. During the winter, which in the upper peninsula of Michigan lasts longer than any season, morning comes late and night starts early. It was hard to get up early and when it was snowing all day it was kind of depressing. To counter that though, the school does fun things with the snow and ice like broomball and Winter Carnival.


The greek life.


The weather is very cold consistantly throughout the winter and is only warm during the summer and indoors if you have a good heater. The male to female ratio is more fair to the women than men in the upper penninsula, opportunity is not always random; make sure you spell out the details clearly!


At one event in particular, the drinking can get pretty out of hand.


people doing bad things to fit in


It's hard to think of something about Michigan Tech that I dislike, but the worst would have to be the strictness of the security. They seem more protective over drinking at the school. This only forces the students to go further away from the campus and drink harder alcohol instead of beer. They don't realize that drunk driving and alcohol poisoning increases when you further the restrictions on barrels around campus. They need to think of the long term effects before real problems occur and the community is affected for good.