Michigan Technological University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of students at my school is that we are all a bunch of nerds. And it is true. We are nerds and we are proud. The whole school is full of very smart kids who love everything from Dungeons and Dragons to anime to Doctor Who. While we do all fall under that nerd stereotype, we also love to get out and do other things. There are always tons of activities hosted by the hundreds of student organizations that cover just about any interest you can think of. We have sports, dance clubs, leadership organizations, and even a pickling club. So we may be nerds, but we are some of the most interesting nerds you'll find.


One common stereotype of Michigan Tech University is the ratio of males to females is about 10:1 which is not accurate. It is true that it is predominantly engineering majors at Michigan Tech and yes, the majority of engineering majors are men. However, the rate of females majoring in the technical field seems to be increasing and the actual ratio is about 3:1, males to females.


The stereotype at Michigan Tech is that the school is all engineers which is not true. There is a lot of engineers but there is also a lot of other majors. Our business school is great as well as our forestry department. Also, it is said that there are no girls here which is a lie. The ratio is around 3:1 men to woman. But the girls are nice and there are more than what you think.


Most students that attend my university are foreigners, and it is accurate.


Since Michigan Tech is a large technological school, a lot of people have been led to believe that there are "no girls" here and that we are a bunch of video game nerds who have no lives. On the contrary, we are a broad, diverse school skilled in several departments, from an award-winning literary magazine to a prime business school. We have students from all over the world participating in our programs with a spectrum of backgrounds in different skills and interests. We come together, as a school, with these backgrounds and create success for the future.


The typical idea of a Michigan Tech student is smart, male, and occasionally introverted.


Michigan Tech is noted as an engineering school however there is much more to Michigan Tech than a bunch of nerdy engineering students. Most of my friends here aren't studying engineering at all. It does lean strongly into the science and technology fields since that is why it was founded in 1885, but it has expanded into business, social sciences, humanities, etc. So our stereotype is accurate, but not the entire picture of our school.


Geeks and Nerds are the usual stereotype


One common stereotype is that there are no girls! This is not true. Michigan Tech has increased its number of females that attend over the past few years. There are many female sports teams, clubs and groups. Although there is still more males, there are plenty of females!


Of all the cliche college stereotypes out there, only two really come to mind when one thinks about Michigan Tech. The first may seem obvious and fitting for any "Tech" school. The basic stereotype is that everybody who goes here is an extreme nerd or at least extremely smart. I bought the stereotype when I visited campus and it was not until my sophmoore year when I realized that while the students at Tech are smarter than your average student body, we have our share of mediocre and sub-par students. The second and maybe most cliche of all college stereotypes is that everybody drinks here at Tech. Is there any truth to this? Some, but of course not everybody drink on a regular basis. Because of the sheer lack of activities in and around campus during the Winter and Spring, many students turn to drinking and partying.


The stereotype of students at Michigan Tech are that we are male, nerdy engineers. This stereotype can be far from the truth. Our athletics teams are doing fantastic this year and we just got a new women's varsity soccer team two years ago. There are many different programs here at Michigan Tech and engineering isn't the only type of program we offer. The newly renovated Walker Arts building is a great places to use all new Apple computers as well as watch a surf documentary in-between classes on the comfortable sofas.


At Michigan Tech there is about a three to one guy to girl ratio so you can expect to see classes filled with nothing but guys. Besides there being a lot more guys than girls there is a stereotype that we are all geeks or nerds up here. From what I've seen, I would say that that stereotype is somewhat accurate but there are always groups that break the stereotype! But is being a geek or a nerd so bad? There was a saying in FIRST Robotics that " you'll either be a nerd or you'll be working for one." Here at Tech some students are really working to break that non-social nerd stereotype. Many of us "computer nerds" are more social than other "non-nerds". It's all about the people that you make friends with. The RA's and PA's are always planning social events where you can have fun and get to know other people. So we might be nerds and geeks but we still can be social and have fun with other people!


A key stereotype of students at my school is that they are very adventurous. As a result therefore it is no surprise that the University is becoming a a significant research institution. The University over the years have created a platform that will help increase the body of knowledge within diverse fields and students have responded very passionately by expanding the frontier of research. This stereotype has also brought to the fore another common stereotype: students are very tenacious. You definitely won't see on a regular basis MTU students giving up on an idea or process or product that easily. I had say they are been built to last.


Michigan Tech is usually referred to as a "smart kids school", with good reason. It's a technological university full of engineers and other technical majors who take learning seriously. That being said, it still remains a very fun campus with a wide range of diverse activities and people. We have clubs and activities that can interest students from all walks of life. The bottom line for students at Tech is, no matter where you come from, if you can carry on a conversation about anything technical then you'll fit right in.


Nerdy. Yes most of the students like to do things that are on the level of being nerdy. They play video games, they know a lot of different science stuff. Even the students who you wouldn't think of as nerdy are.