MidAmerica Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that we are a servant school because there are so many opportunities not only to serve in other countries but in our own back yard, in our community. We also have times for chapel three days a week with a church that is also on the campus for us to use as well. There really is not better way then to wake up in the morning and go and praise God before your classes start. Last is that every professor will pray and/or do a devotion with the class so you can really tell that they care.


The community aspect and how the professors and administors are always there to help :D there is always somone wanting to help everyone. If every there is a need, the school, the teachers, the adminatratos are always there to help it's amazing and I love it


I brag about how easy it is to talk to new people and how genuinely caring professors are. I have had multiple professors open up their home for students that are unable to go home for Thanksgiving, so that they may still have a Thanksgiving Dinner. Professors ask you how your day, week, semester, and just life in general is going. Beyond what is in the classroom. They are there for every student to help them make the transition into college and through tough spots in their personal and family life it you'd like them to.


How awesome it feels to be challenged and how amazing the students are


the people. everyone is so friendly here and there are lots of opportunities to get involved