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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that it is a good thing to finish high school strong by keeping my grades up and taking the ACT or SAT test more than once. I would also mention that there is no need to stress out, though, if you don't have the highest GPA or high ACT or SAT scores. This does not mean your chance of going to a four-year university is impossible or out of reach. Since I was bullied in high school, I assumed college would be a continuation of this type of existence. So, it would be important to communicate that college is a different world than high school. This is especially true of smaller colleges because they have classes and/or programs in place that help with making that transition into the freshman year of college.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to work harder on what is important you. I know rough times are head of us but we can do most anything. I want to be someone you will be proud to become one day. What is important to you may change, but it will always be you behind it to run the race. I know sports are all you may care about now there when you will see it differently. God knows you need him and want to be a way from the pain, but he is making you so much more resilient. You can handle anything thrown your way. You will stand against the world to be a light and by being a light you will try to brighten more lights. When you try to find more lights to help you a will find the body of Christ is not by denomination, but by belief and passion for Christ. In all you are loved and to some you will be love. Sports are not everything, but important to you. The hard road is what makes us into us. God loves you more than you know. Nina Sims


The advice that i will give myself going back in time as a high school senior knowing what i know in college is to achieve my goals. Have a plan set out of what I or anyone else is willing to do. I will tell myself to turn in homework, have better study habits, work be involved and lots of activities. Do community service to be very active . I will make sure to get lots of sleep, and as well as trying to make sure that i am prepared in what i do for how long i am going to be in college. To have a basic understanding of what I need to achieve. To have a plan of what I want to become or do. I would as well tell myself to never give up, no matter how hard it is, this is something that I would to myself myself to push hard and achieve my dreams in not slack off. to get a degree and find a wonderful job, and start my career. in order to do that i have to make sure i am prepared and thats what college is here to help you with.


If I were to give myself advice when I was a senior for what it would be like in college, I would probably say, have fun; but while you are having fun do not forget about your studies because what you do in college can and will reflect on you as a person and it can change your life. You are an adult now and it is time to start a new chapter in life.


So, it's the beginning of your last year of high school! I know you are dying to get out of this place so you can move on and make a fresh start in college, but there are some things you should know before you dive head first into this new world. First, stop caring so much of what everyone thinks of you and trying to act like something you're not. Just be yourself. If the people you're around now don't like it, don't worry about them you are going to meet some awesome people in the next year who will embrace every part of you. Second, now may be a really good time to work on your study habits. You may think you have the whole study process down but trust me, that first math test in college is a lot harder than you think. Lastly, know that the next few years are going to go by fast! So stop sweating all the small stuff and surround yourself with the people who make you happy. Starting now, live life to the fullest and take chances! College is the start of one great journey.


Participate in everything you can. Continue to be involved in FFA and church as much as possible. However, you should have got a job earlier than you did. Also, you should have started interning at the local vet clinic sooner. I would tell myself to not let technicalities hold me back, but to perservere and push through to the end. It will be worth the pain it cost. Be thankful for the time you have while you are under your parents roof. Don't take it for granted because life only gets harder and more complicated from there on out. Enjoy the little things. Ride horses whenever possible and make more time for friends.


I have received the joy of finding a campus that loves to serve God in a multitude of ways and being able to have professors that care about you and take the time to know each person in their class individually and by name. There is no better place for me right now then to be at MNU so that I can focus my attention on God and listen for where he wants to use me. I have also been given the opportunity to take a strengths finder test which has enables me to find out more about myself then I have ever known before. This helps me to understand more where I struggle and has also given me insight into my strengths and to my talents. This is something that I will be able to use and remember for the rest of my life.


I grew up poor. I watched my parents’ struggle with money lead to their divorce. School is my only chance. I am on my way to becoming a Registered Nurse and having a B.S.N. School is valuable to me because it is preparing me for a meaningful career. I will be helping others and earning a decent living. This education means I won’t have to use welfare and food stamps like my parents. What have I gotten out of college? I have met so many friends and role models. My teachers have been amazing mentors to me. I am watching my life change by the day. My nursing program is expensive. I am surviving on Ramen noodles. Sometimes it is scary because I don’t know how I will pay for my next term. Financial Aid doesn't go far. I have been working since I was 16 but my savings are nearly exhausted. I know once I finish, this struggle will be worth it. I only hope my younger sister will be inspired and go to school as well. I am going to be a nurse. Just saying that out loud makes me happy!


It is helping me to become a better person and it will help me become better at my job after i graduate in a few years.


I have learned so very much, academically, spiritually and even about myself. it's been an amazing experience for me to be able to go to this school and to make these life long friends, the ones that if I were to ever need anything they would help infact, I had some health issues this past year and a few of the administation took me to my appointments as well as helped me pay for my medical bills. It was a huge blessing and something I know that would not be done my most college or people these days. It was awesome :D


Dear Molly, You will be attending college in the fall, so here are some words of wisdom from your future self. 1. Be prepared for no privacy. You will be sharing a room, and there are a lot of other girls on the hall. They will want to hang out. 2. Be prepared for a lot more freedom. Mom will not be there to breath down your neck and tell you to do your homework. You must be responsible and prepare yourself for class, and not leave essays to the last minute. You will be happier if you write them in advance and not five hours before they are due. You can also hang out with anyone at anytime of day. Be responsible about this. 3. Be prepared to compromise. You have to pay attention to the wants and needs of others, so be considerate. You will also have to give up a few things so other things can be accomplished, like giving up theatre so you can go to work. Molly, you can do this whole college thing. It is not as scary as you think it is. Good luck! Love, Future Molly


Ok Pamela, this is your one chance to make a good start at a promissing future for yourself. Don't get sidetracked with the temptations of outside life, the parties, the relationships. Make good choices and be a model citizen. Finish what you start, and don't postphone your degree as you will regret it. Do the best you can, and apply yourself. Your education will mold your life and form your path to the doorways of opportunity. Keep up with technology. Take notice of the world around you. Be a good citizen and treat others as you would want to be treated. Learn something new everyday. Help others learn when they are struggling.


Fortunately, I was a student with a parent who strongly emphasized the importance of education far before my senior year. If not for this integral component of my childhood, my conversation with my "senior self" would go a whole lot differently. I believe that senior year, especially without good mentoring, is quite early for a young adult to decide what they will do with the rest of their life and invest a great deal of time, money, and hope. I would explain to myself that faith is the one single thing that will lead you to and through the college experience. It is critical that a student have faith and understanding of who they are at their essence. In my situation, I am an artist who enjoys science, a quiet environment composed of community members who enjoy sharing ideas and information. I am also independent. I would advise myself to choose as school that shares the same core values as myself. I would communicate that excellence should always be the goal and that nothing is outside the realm of possibility. Last, but not least, I would say that everything must be done within it's right time. Remain patient.


Shawn, I know you are a senior now and are eager get into the real world and begin working, but there are some things I want to tell you before you decide. By not going to college right out of school you will miss so many opportunities and experiences for yourself, as well as, with your friends. You will learn so much about life and grow as a person on your own at school. If you think you can take time off and will always be able to return, think again! Returning to school as a working adult is very difficult. You have bills and a career, not to mention a wedding to plan with the love of your life. Getting your degree will mean so much more to you down the road, something to be proud of, a great accomplishment. Going to school now will allow you to have a greater jump on your future. Go to college and enjoy your time as a student without the heavy stresses of adulthood, those days will come soon enough. Think of how many of your dreams you can rich if you start now!


Do not be afraid step out and be the person that YOU want to be instead of what anyone around you is pressing you to do. If you go away to school, when you come home for the holidays, do not expect everything to be just the way you left it. Your friends will change and dynamics will be differnt. Do not be scared. You will make it just fine. But know that the world did not stop while you were away. The world seems to move a lot faster when you are away.


i would tell myself to apply to more scholarships becuase your parents are not rich and cannot help you and you are going to end up owing the school that you love being at money. so enjoy life just apply to scholarships


Stay on top of your work, and whatever you do NEVER get dicouraged! You can do it!


When choosing a college, there are many important things to consider. I will say that students and parents should look at the way people interact with each other on campus. People who are friendly, outgoing, accepting, etc. are people you want to be around. You will make friends that will last a lifetime. Also, look at the morals and values that the majority of the school holds. You need to consider what the best environment for you is to be in and around. You want to be around people who make good choices and decisions and who also learn and grow with one another. To make the most of your college experience, I would say get involved as much as you can. You need to find out what you like to do and how you can help benefit your school. You will have so much fun trying new things and experiencing things that will benefit you for the rest of your life.


I feel parents and students should visit the campus together. If there are any concerns, feel free to ask. That is the only way you will know if the particular campus is right for you. Make it a point to check out the features of the college that pertain to the major chosen. I feel the students and parents should meet with the professors/ chairperson of the field you have chosen to study. This will give you a feel about how the professors relate to the students. Caring professors and staff make a great difference in how much the student can rely on them for help whether in the classroom setting or just be able to take personal problems to them, knowing they are available to help. A college experience should be very positive and rewarding. If it is not, the student will not be prepared for the work field or even life itself.


Do your research!


LOOK LOOK for scholarships and many different colleges and universities.


Don't worry about money - yes it is a big factor in life in general, but I know from experience that once you walk onto the campus of the school you're supposed to be at, you'll know it. It may be a really expensive school, but if it's where you're supposed to be, that will all work out. Don't ever be afraid to ask the school for more money, but just remember that your college experience is supposed to be a great one, so don't miss out on it just because of the money factor. It will work out - I know that for a fact, because I go to a $24,000/year school, and somehow the money ALWAYS comes in each semester. :)


research and check out all the possiblities.


Be choosy. Visit and revisit the school. Talk with financial aid prior to signing papers to make sure everything will be covered


Choose what feels like home to the student. If they don't think they will be comfortable there then the chances of them doing well at that school go down. you want them to have a place that feel as much like home as possible, no matter if they are hundereds of miles away or just down the street. So many people worry about the cost and not the enviroment of the school and choose one that may be cheaper but lacks the feeling of home. Feeling at home is very important, because it is going to be home for the next few years of your life, so why note feel good about the place you are going to spent those years? chose a place like home so you have one away from home.


Take time to look at every aspect of the colleges that your are considering before making any decisions. It is really a great idea to visit a school before deciding if it is right for you. If it is possible, stay overnight in the dorms and try to attend some student life activities. This gives you an even better look at the school than just visiting with admissions and taking the tour. Do not let money be the deciding factor in your choice. It can be a serious issue, but there are a lot of scholarships to be had within universities, communities, and nationwide. Apply for as many of those as possible. It can be time consuming, but it is worth it when you consider what it pays. When you get to school, get involved! Use your talents or enjoy your favorite hobbies through small groups, intramurals, or whatever else your school has to offer. This is a great way to make friends who have the same interests. Also try to make friends with a broad range of people. It makes life more interesting and really broadens your world view. Remember to study!


Parents and/or students who are still looking for the right college should take a number of issues into account when comparing different universities. The first topic upon which to focus would be looking for the best quality education for the price. Next, one should consider the environment of, and around the university (town/city size, class sizes, majors offered, extra curricular activities, etc.). Another crucial factor to consider is the availability of off campus activities within driving/walking distance. As yet another thought while choosing the perfect college or university is the distance from home. If the student wants to get away from their family and enjoy living during the collegiate years as an individual, colleges farther away from would be better choices. Finally, when considering a college or university, parents and students should take into account all factors (quality/price, environment, activities, and distance) and make the most logical choice before deciding.


Pray about it, then after you've examined all your options, sit down with each other and go over the pros and cons of each college. Keep in mind to consider career choices, expenses, atmosphere, and quality of education. Then make a decision


Apply to as many colleges as possible because the one that you may WANT to go to either may not except you or when you visit the campus you may find out that it's just not for you. And then look at the cost in comparison to your financial aid and what the class sizes are.


As far as choosing a college, finances must be considered, but they should not be the main factor. There are always scholarships, financial aid and student loans - do not sacrifice a solid education for minor financial concerns. Be sure the school you are interested in has a solid program in your major. Also, while the big schools are attractive, one-on-one interaction with professors is incomparably beneficial. If extra-curriculars are your interest, research the programs at the school you're looking at. Finding a group that you connect with is a must and will greatly benefit your academic as well as social and relational experience in college. I believe that "getting the most out of college" varies for every individual. The obvious answer is "do well in class so that you can get a good job." That is very important, and the main reason for college is academia, but there is so much more than a test grade. A phrase I've adopted from a professor is "college is just an expensive learning experience." You are there to mature, make memories that will last a lifetime, and learn how to succeed out in the "real world."


Don't worry about the cost!! If you feel that the school is right the money will come through, you just have to be willing to look in unexpected places. A good education and a good college experience is WAY worth the high cost and sacrifices that cost may require. The sacrifices only make it mean more to you.