Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Commuter campus, relatively inexpensive.


Mtsu in my opinion, is highly known for our Aerospace program. We have the top Aerospace program in Tennessee. To my knowledge we are one of the better known programs around the country.


My school is best known for its aviation program, its football team, and its alumni.


Largest undergraduate school in Tennessee


Our school has a beautiful campus and is known for its growth in becoming a better school. We have a finominal recording and music programs. I believe all of our programs are good but recording is the most popular one.


MTSU has hundreds of different majors and programs to offer its students, but the program that stands out among all and draws the most people to our school is the excellent Aerospace Program. Our University holds one of the largest Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program in the country. This great program provides multiple opportunities for all students who complete the difficult courses taught here. We help train our military Air Force, as well as any other student who wishes to succeed in the area of Aerospace.


MTSU is best known for its Recording Industry, Aerospace, Music, and Concrete Industry Management programs. Mtsu also has a great nursing program and student athletes known as the Blue Raiders.


Our school is best known for the recodoring industry program, aerospace, and we have quite a few of art majors


It is best known for having diversity in students.


MTSU is best known for actively engaging students in the classroom for higher retention. The class sizes are small and information is understandable. MTSU effectively prepares students for his or her career choice.


Mtsu is best known for their variety of majors and the diversity.




Middle Tennessee State Univeristy is known for having one of the best recording industry majors in the nation. I believe this past month it was rated in the top five on numerous websites. If you are a recording industry major at MTSU then it could be said that you will have a good education and will have a bright future ahead of you.


My school is best known for it's graduation and retention rate.


My school is best known for it's Aerospace, Business, Mass Communication/Recording Industry, and Music majors.


Forbes named MTSU one of the top public colleges/universities in the nation. Also MTSU has the largest undergraduate program in Tennessee.


The large amount of students and everything that comes with that. Especially partying and the social events that come from being is a large city. That and the diverse amount of studies offered by the school is what draws so many people to this school.


It's a small just beginning to be a state college. It is well known for it's smaller classes.


MTSU is best known for their very knowledgable and helpful professors. The school also has great sports programs. The school has the most affordable tuition for the quality. MTSU also has great help with financial aid. The science, psychology, concrete management, sociology, mathematics, and english programs are all great.


My school is best know for taking care of disable students,which I am one of them. My school provide exellent service for those in need . another best known about the MTSU is the reptation of the college of business special the accounting dep as full credited of the State of Tennessee, which make my school be one of the best school to attent in the State of Tennessee. My degree from The MTSU will be worth the time and effort I am spending now when I go to the real world . I am thanksfull for everything I have .


It is best known for its aviation and music programs.


I am a first year freshman so i cant say that inkow alot about everything going on but I do think that it is known for its competetive nursing program.


MTSU is know for its Telecommunications program. It is also known for its Teacher Education program, and for its pre-law program


MTSU is best known for our recording industry major (RIM) program and our teachers college.


My college is best known for being the largest college in Tennessee. However, you might think of that as a bad thing but I don't. Because the university is so large, there is a place for every one person to fit in. No one is alone because someone on this large campus feels the same way you do. So you might think that because it's so large the education is worse: however, education is what you make it, and you can only learn what you are open to learn.


MTSU has the largest undergraduate student body in the state of Tennessee, and the numbers are growing every year. One of the reasons for this is the school has a number of unique programs which draw in students from out of state. The two main programs that come to mind are the recording program and the concrete management program. These are quality programs that are not even found in many states, so they become well known, not only in Tennessee, but all over the region.


Our school has a great Mass Communications program. The program offers many different degrees such as: journalism, broadcasting, photography, public relations, recording industry and etc. The program brings in many students from all over the world.


My school is known for having a great variety of programs available to students. All the different programs that are offered make it easy for someone who is undecided to be able to explore different fields and find something they love.


MTSU offers many students who were not successful at another college a second chance. It is an excellent University for fresh starts and transfer students. It has many older students who are ready to focus and finish with school, who are still social, but know how to balance fun and studies. Most transfer students have decided what they want to study, are serious about it, and are juggling work and school.


my school is best known for its opportunities. We have the chance to do anything we want to succeed in or try new things.


We have strong programs in Aerospace, Education, and Nursing. Our football team just won a bowl game; go Blue Raiders!


Music. There are musicians everywhere, playing music anywhere.


We probably are best known for our football team.


Middle Tennessee State University is known for its Aerospace Program and its Recording Program.


I would say that Middle Tennessee State University is best known for being the pride of Murfreesboro. The community revolves around the campus, as do the students revolve around the community. MTSU provides a substantial amount of business for Murfreesboro, along with an excellent university for the residents of Murfreesboro to be proud of. Every student at MTSU is proud to represent their school, while all the alumni of MTSU are also proud to still be supporting the school.


The Recording Industry program is famous. There is a "wall of fame" in our Mass Comm building of all our graduates that went on to have a huge impact on the music industry. Some of the best record exec's, publishing exec's and concert promoters are graduates of MTSU. Everyone that is a RI major knows someone that is high up in the Recording Industry. Its a hard industry to get into, MTSU is the best place to get you in the door.


My school is best known for its diversity, student involvement, and many choices of majors.


Middle Tennessee State University is best known for its great music program, and of course the Blue Raiders football team.


Middle Tennessee State University is the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Tennessee, with many opportunities to make new friends. The Aerospace Department is one of the most prestigious of its kind in the nation among public universities.


The school is best know for it's aviation courses and Mass communication education. It's programs for mass communication is one of the best in the nation.


Middle Tennessee State University has recently surpassed the University of Tennesse Knoxvile in number of enrolled students, allowing wide spread recognition based on size alone. Apart from it's growth in number, MTSU is well known for it's Mass Communications department as well as it's Nursing and Aerospace Technology programs. However, if these fields of study do not correspond to an individual's major-based preferences, MTSU offers an extremely diverse range of studies that are fit to accomidate a variety of personalities.


Our recording industry program, and our aerospace program


My school is most known for the parties. There is a big party scene especially off-campus. Most of the students that attend like to drink on the weekends and even sometimes during the week. It is difficult for those who don't participate in similar activites as drinking.


I believe that my school is best known for its academics. The school has a lot of other great aspects such as sports and clubs, but academics is the thing that stands out the most for me. The faculty and staff are very easy to communicate with and they help you understand the coursework. This university also has a wide variety of majors. There is almost everything here for any student. The academics at the school are the best known aspect, after all thats what every student is there for.


Fraternities and Sortorities....Sports


MTSU is most known for their Recording Industry Management and Industrial Concrete Management programs.


My school is best known for its Recording Inudustry Program. We are really close to Nashville and therefore have a lot of access to music industry professionals. I didn't major in that program, but I know it was the best program and the school and probably nation.


Mass Communications and Business


recording industry, aerospace and agriculture


Their communications program, which is why I attend.