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In comparison to the other schools I considered, MTSU provided the curriculum I desired. They also provided the online format that I need to complete my studies and continue to work. They allowed more of my previous college courses to transfer over, which lead to my decision.


I was drawn here by the fact that back in highschool I had to write a large essay for my AP British Lit. class using resources from the campus's library; I walked on to the campus and into the library doors and I just felt like I belonged, like I meshed with everyone around me. I do not know how to explain the feeling this school gives me, but everywhere else I toured and wondered I just could not find that feeling anywhere. How could I possibly pass up the feeling of belonging?!


I beleive MTSU provides the greatest benifits for the tuition paid. There are numerous resources offered on campus that are easy to utilize. There are many ways to get involved and meet new people. MTSU has something for everybody.


The aviation program was definately a unique feature of the school. There was no other university in the state that had that availibility.


When going to MTSU or any school really one of the hardest things for alot of people is making friends. In my opinion, the best way to make friends is to get involved with an orginization that you have interests with. That is how I made most of my friends, and im very happy I did.


It's very laid back. The school is in the middle of town so many shops, restaurants, and attractions are within walking distance or a short drive.


It has the largest student population of any state in Tennessee.


MTSU is offers real world experience classes for my major. MTSU is a large university with a small university feeling. The staff is friendly, accepting, encouraging and inviting.


I believe that what is unique about my school to any other school is the personal relationship that I feel like that you can develot with the educational staff. I was able to speak to my teachers about any difficulties I was having with any specific assignments and they made their schedules easy to accomidate to my full time work schedule . This made me more confident about being able to handle the work load and difficulty level to any of my assignments.


in my opinion whats unique about MTSU is the story that carries the university.


I believe the classroom experiences are unique at MTSU. I feel like I can learn better in that atmospehere. Everyone is so friendly and there's always someone there to help you if you are having any problems at school.


There is a lot diversity on the campus.


this was my only choice since i was homeless and had no vehicle to get around. Now after attending, and not recieving help needed for over two years i am looking into transferring. I would like to go to a college with a better business program, and people who are willing to help right away. In my eyes there is nothing at MTSU that you cannot find at any other school.


MTSU is extraordinarily diverse and friendly. When you make your first appearance, the students and facutly are very welcoming, and there is SO much spirit here. Everyone seems to love the fact that they attend school here. For me, coming here was like expanding on things I was already exposed to in high school; and, no other school offered me the amount of diversity and warmth that MTSU did. It's definitely like being at home.


MTSU has a wide selection of majors and a highly qualified staff. It is also very close to my home. I considered the community college in the area, but wanted the atmosphere of larger class size and the higher expectations of a University.


The many activities and opportunities for students to become involved even though the school is so large. Students can be as active as they want or as uninvolved as they want. Many sports are offered but students can still stay focused on studies if that is their main desire.


My school has the highest enrollment rate in the state of Tennessee, so there is always new types of people walking around. You get to meet people from other countries which makes school extrememly more exciting.


MTSU is a great institution that is full of wonderful people. It is a school that is full of activitys and student organizations that have many devoted members. This school is very student oriented and student run and that is one of the main reason I chose MTSU. When you come here it just feels like home.


This college is horrible. I wish I never came here. I wanted the college experience, and instead, I feel like I am in high school all over again. I hate it here, and I regret the day I came here. If you are some rich kid who is just going to school to keep mommy and daddy paying your bills, this is the place for you.


MTSU has a lot of opportunities a lot of other schools don't have, however you have to be self-motivated because faculty/staff don't ensure students get involved in them. Despite being the biggest undergrad in TN, MTSU still feels like a small school which makes it very unique. MTSU also has become known for "off-the-radar" majors such as Concrete Industry Management, Recording Industry, and Aerospace which they have become top-notch at.


MTSU is the largest university in Tennessee according to enrollment, but it really doesn't feel that big. It offered the diversity of science courses I wanted to take for my pre-med program.


I don't really know much about the other schools I have considered since I didn't visit any of the campuses, but I was definitely surprised by how nice the people at the campus are. Overall, the students are mature and would sometimes open the doors for you if you're a girl (I don't know about the guys part).


The reason I chose MTSU was because of its convenient location. It is close to several cities in Tennessee, allowing easy access from several cities. I had to stay at home for medical reasons, and it was very convenient. The staff was very understanding and incredibly accommodating for any necessary absences due to illness/hospitalization.


Middle Tennessee State University is the top-rated public university in Tennessee, and it also has more undergraduate students than University of Tennessee: Knoxville, but it doesn't feel that way. The way the school is set up and operates, it feels like a smaller school, and the community seems pretty tight knit. I am in the Honors College, and it is an amazing experience. Not all schools have an Honors College, and MTSU's really makes the college experience amazing for me.


It has a lot more to offer and has a very prestigious Nuring Program which I'm hoping to be accepted in.


MTSU has a lot of opportunities that many schools do not have the opportunity to offer. On a campus of nearly 25,000 students, the networking possibilities are endless, as well as the opportunites to work on campus. The school has a lot of pride and is also known for being one of the best educational institutions for the lowest cost.


Middle Tennesse State University is located in a small town but it is right near the big city of Nashville. MTSU allows incomming freshmen to have cars on campus. MTSU also spends lots of time trying to see what the students want and find ways to get that. MTSU has an amazing pilot program that allows aerospace majors with a concentration in pro pilot to start flying their second semester in school.


Middle Tennessee State University was my first choice of schools to go to. All of the advisors and professors are very willing to meet with and help students after class. The campus offers a lot of extra cirricular activities that everyone that attends the school can participate in.


MTSU has quite a few interesting assets. Along with the convient location and the beautiful campus, MTSU has a vast communications department, an ROTC program that has well sought out instructors along with high standards, and their graduation rate continues to increase without lowering their educational standards. Each one of those assets applies to me personally and furthering my education.


This school was my only choice for money and living reasons.


it is home to the largest student body in Tennessee. it also has a college for the blind due to it being the flattest campus in Tennessee


Freshman are not required to live on campus.


My school is very unique because of its diversity. There are many different types of people at my school and all of them are friendly. MTSU is also a very open-minded learning environment.


Here, even though the campus is fairly big, you still get a sense of family.


Its in the city, but also in the country.


MTSU has a very diverse selection of majors. We have one of the best recording industry programs in the country, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have a great agricultural program. We also offer aerospace, nursing, mass communications, and everything in between.


My school is good with diversity. Diversity was one of my biggest decisions as far as what school to go to. At mtsu, diversity is everywhere, which is cool because it makes me more interested in mtsu and the students that go there.


MTSU is extremely diverse!


The campus is large and spacious without feeling so big it's overwhelming. There is very much a feel of attending a private university at MTSU, thanks to small classes and personal attention from professors. Also, there isn't hardly any discrimination amongst students for who they are, where they came from or what they affiliate themselves with. Granted, not everyone gets along all the time, but there isn't a particular group of students who is targeted and harrassed either. There is also a STRONG theatrical and music presence at MTSU, which is why I chose it.


very diverse crowd.


Nothing that I know. It has nothing extra that I would expect, I am sometimes jealous of my friends who went to other schools I could've gone to because they have special events and services that I do not.


MTSU is very diverse and is more welcoming in my opinion.


There is a strong community spirit even though the campus is a mostly commuter campus. The town itself is so sprawling, you wouldn't think that people would be so united in their feelings about it, but the dedication to MTSU is amazing. The locals that don't attend the school have pride in their university, and knowing that made me feel more at home when I moved here. We have pride in where we're from, but even more pride in where we're at. Can't get much better!


large school in a small town


Easy accesibility to students


Considering I have attended two other schools, MTSU has by far been the best student-friendly school that I have been to. The student-teacher ratio is great and all the teachers are willing to meet with students out of class and discuss just about anything that there is to talk about, school-related or not.


They offer my major, Public Relations, and the school is close to my family. The only school with a better program is NYU, and I would never want to live in New York. Other than that, they do offer other unique programs, such as organizational communication, aerospace, concrete management, etc.


Its very open to new things. Everyone can be their own person and it doesn't matter!


A GREAT Mass Comm program.


I love MTSU, it's my third college I have attended and I don't plan on ever leaving this one. I love it and you should too! GO RAIDERS GO!