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What are the academics like at your school?


The academic level at my school is relatable. In my opinion, they want you to succeed, but they also want to push you to give your personal best. Throughout all the papers, tests, and projects I have completed This semesters that message has remained constant. They push you out of your comfort zone into a place that is less familiar, but necessary for success.


Top-notch! It gets challenging as each day passes by but i am working to improve as well.


Academics are great here at MTSU. Classes tend to be small enough where teachers will have the chance to get to know you. I have yet to have a bad experience with a professor here. My major is Spanish, with minors in Education and Business Administration. With the diversity among by concentrations I have the opportunity to experience many different types of teachers and classroom environments. MTSU is a very diverse campus and has something to offer everyone.


This is a big school, so one on one help from teachers does not come very often. I know MTSU does provide tutors, which is an awesome idea. This is the first semester I'm taking core classes for my major and it is shocking to see the people in there. They are debating about the topic in class and even after class they are walking down the hallway dicussing it.


The academics at Texas Southern are unlike any other. The classroom setting is more intimate - 50 students to every 1 professor; thus, allowing professors to know their students beyond their first and last names or their student id number. I am a business student, so all of my opinions are voiced on behalf of the school of business, and expresses the characteristics of that particular college. All the professors that I have had are very knowledgeable and skilled in their particular area of study. Of course, similar to many other campuses, you have your hard-nosed professors, but overall every professor is exponentially good at what they do.


The thing I like most about MTSU, and the reason I decided to go to school here is that my professors treat me like a person. Most of them know my name, particularly within my major and in the honors college. During my first few semesters, before I declared my current major, my favorite classes were in the honors college because it is a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. The classrooms have couches and big chairs that make it feel more like a living room than a classroom, which put everyone, including the professor on a similar level. I noticed that class discussions are much more open in those environments. The professors are also hand-chosen for the honors college, based on student observations and observations from other professors and administrators, so most of them are very good at relaying information and knowing whether the class is understanding them or not. I am a Communication Disorders major, which involves the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology. A large portion of my curriculum is hands-on experience. There is a clinic on campus where children and adults receive speech therapy from student clinicians. A supervisor approves your lesson plan and therapy techniques, and you do the actual speech therapy on your own. My major is fairly small, and I spend a lot of time with my professors outside of class. One of my professors is also my academic advisor, and she is also currently helping me with my honors thesis. Another of my professors is my clinic supervisor, and I meet with her and/or contact her several times a week outside of the classroom. The school's academic requirements are fair, and probably don't differ much from other universities. What I have come to realize is that what you put in to school is what you will get out of it. If you work hard and try to learn your field instead of memorizing for the next test, you will go on to be successful. MTSU has career services that will help you write a resume and get a job. There are math and writing tutors available to anyone who needs help. There is a 24-hour computer lab on campus, as well as several labs for almost all departments all over campus, a well stocked library with over a million books, and free printing open to all students. There really is no excuse not to do well academically here.


Academics are good at this school. Just like with any other school, some professors are better than others, but that's just the way it is everywhere. A large number of professors I've had have been really great. They care about the student as an individual and how they are progressing academically and personally. Some classes have not been the greatest, but you get chances to switch out if it's something you really don't want. Class participation is pretty common, especially in upper division classes. I am in the public relations department and so far my teachers have been very helpful and try very hard to prepare you or real world work experience. Most professors will work with you if you have any sort of issue; you just have to ask. If you try hard, you will succeed.


At MTSU, classes and how things work are pretty typical. You have tests, papers, some online content to classes, sometimes online or in class quizzes, and maybe a project or two in major courses. Professors are approachable and willing to work with students, generally. The department chairs and deans are all accessible and willing to help as well. I would say that MTSU is probably the friendliest college I have experienced. If you worry about your grade on anything, everyone comes together to work with you- all you have to do is talk to your professor and get the help!


Once you settle into a major you start having classes with some of the same people and really start to make friends within your major, both students and professors. Whether or not a professor knows you depends on your class participation which, in my experience there has been alot of. Another good thing about the academics is that In every class for my major I have taken it has been geared toward real life applications and getting a job.


There are some unique programs- like the Recording Industry Program- but in core academics, this school is horrible. Less than half of newcoming freshman here graduate from college. It is not uncommon to have religious views forced down your throat. Last year, a business professor forced students to sign a syllabus saying that they believed in the ten commandments.


MTSU has great academics when choosing a class it is best to try and get a class of 30 to 40 students. I have learned that the smaller the class size the easier it is to learn and get to know your professor and it is easier if you have a question to ask and then if you need outside help you can see the professor without have a big problem about the time your professor has to see you.


Acedemics are really good. The class sizes aren't bad, only about 30-40 students in each unless you take a class in one of the larger rooms like the LRC which holds like 300. Classes are challenging but the professors are good and get you interested in the material. Upper level classes are very hands on especially in the RIM program which I am in.

Sir Cletus

It didn't take me long to realize that college in Tennessee (and likely in other Southern states) is equivalent to high school in other parts of the country. I've never met so many stupid, vapid idiots in my life. Standards here are so low that to be an honors student, you simply have to have a 3.5 GPA coming out of high school. Gee, that's aiming high. School like this continue to lower the bar for academic performance and achievement and contribute to the decreasing value of Bachelor's degrees as well as the perception of Americans as fat bumbling idiots who devalue education. You can actually get a Bachelor's degree from this school in CONCRETE MANAGEMENT. Seriously?! Fortunately, the Recording Industry department attracts people from all over the country, and the department has some good faculty that introduce some rigor into the academic daily diet.


The academics at MTSU vary from department to department. In a small major departmant, such as the Geology Department, the student-instructor interaction is exceptional. Your instructors know you by name, usually teach you for multiple courses before graduation, serve as guides through individual research opportunities, and organize lots of extracurricular activities. The larger departments, such as Elementary Education or Music Industry, are much more impersonal. Some students go their entire college career without meeting their major advisor face to face, or interacting with them at all. Generally, it seems like the education here is geared more towards practical applications, such as getting a job, than for learning for it's own sake.


Honestly, I've been surprised by the quality of academics at MTSU; I expected much less. But that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of stupid students or that academics are put before anything else, especially sports. I have learned a lot in my classes, but I still haven't found a job...


Yes a lot fo the professors know our names and they get to know their students. The participation is very good in a majority of classes. When it comes to the required classes a lot of the professors don't know your name, because they have too many students. I believe the requirements are good, but some are not necessary. A lot of the pre req. classes are not really going to help you with every day life, plus they don't really give you a large variety. A lot of students should also have an opportunity to take an ag class as a pre req. requirement. My favorite class was Beef Production and least favorite class has to be none with my major, but pre req requirment my least favorite was Physics II. There was no point to the class unless you were a computer major then you cared about making a circuit. Yes, my education at MTSU was geared toward getting a job in my field.


From my experience, MTSU professors seem to be very personable. They are usually available and anxious to meet with students outside of class and once they get into their upper division studies, many students develop open personal relationships with many professors. As for academic requirements, they vary. I have been challenged throughout my education at MTSU, but there are classes that carry the reputation of being an "easy A". The majority of my classes have been challenging, especially in my upper-division studies, but I have also had classes that most students viewed as "a joke".


Some people might think MTSU is easy and you would get a better education at a school such as UTK but MTSU is HARD!


Not all of my professors have known my name but I think that is more my fault for not making them know it (in a positive way). My favorite class has been Introduction to Marketing only because of the professor though. He knew almost everyone’s name and liked to know what was going on with the students. He made the information that was boring enjoyable so that everyone paid attention. Mr. Friz was liked by most if not all of his students he was voted favorite professor in the business school. He had everyone participating which is hard and not many of my class have had. But I hear stories about other school’s professors and I feel like they (the other schools) have professors that want to help you and want to see you succeed more than the professors at MTSU.


As mentioned before, you can study just about antyhing at this school. The program that seems to get the most attention is Recording Industry Management where you learn about the music industry. That program was my reason for coming here. The professors of that program are very knowledgable, fun, and some are still working hands on with the industry. But beyond that, you can be a interior design major, insurance major, accounting major, dance major, music, major, concrete management major, nursing major, or a business student.


Classes are great! The teachers prepare you for the classroom. They are willing to help and support you. There are some teachers that need evaluations again, but for the most part they are great!


Most of the professors, despite some having a massive number of people in their class, will remember your face. Some will even go the extra mile and remember your name. What I find unique and appealing about MTSU is the diverse classes that are available for one to take. Everything from military science to yoga, the options rest at your finger tips.


yes most of the professors know my name becuase we have to sit in the front row and go to class everyday! my favorite thing about class is..i dont know but i dont have a least favortie thing either. i guess students study whenever they want..class participation is common if the teacher allows it! the best class i've taken was my speech class. i am majoring in biology. no i do not spend time with them outside of class. i think the requirements are good and that they prepare you for getting a job.


Some of my smaller major classes the teacher knows who I am and I really like that. I am a mass comm pr major with a minor in business and spanish. I think the teachers are amazing but the advisinbg really struggles at our campus. I cant hardly get anyone to help me in mass comm for classes and advising on graduation which is very frustrating


I really love our program. Professors in the department are excellent. Not only they devote to their research, but also they care a lot about student's study and future. The faculty/student ratio in our program is extremely high, compared to others. This is an advantage because professors know every student very well. I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our department. Old students helps us new students in starting our research. Classmates always help each other in study.


My professors try very hard to remember every student's name. My favorite class was prob University Seminar (UNIV 1010). I had a professor named Dr. Stallings. She pushed us to want more than just the experience classes provided for us. I now sit on the SGA Executive Branch with 3 out of 4 students that were in her class. She was very caring and always went out of her way to help us when she could. My least favorite class is one of my major courses. I have never had a professor like this guy the whole time I have been at MT. This certain professor had received his tenure, so he would have to do something extremely drastic to get fired. He used to come in and bad mouth MTSU, other faculty members, and the Administration. He used to make me so mad that I would leave class. He gave me my only "D" that I have received my whole life. Outside of class, I try to study about 2-3 hours a day. I am not a dean's list student. Some students study 2-3 hours for one class for each day they have that particular class. Class participation is very common. I would say, 1 out of 10 professors just lecture with no discussion. As a Finance major, I frequently discuss markets and investments outside of class. Students are not very competitive. Usually, students that try to work for themselves and not help anybody else end up suffering. As students, we don't need to compete for the best grade, we need to help each other exceed. I have never had a professor that said he was only giving out a certain amount of A's, B's, C's, and D's and everybody else just got F's. The most unique class was probably bowling. I would have to say that I have never learned to bowl or talked about bowling in any other class. The Finance department is chaired by Dr. John Lee. He is a great man, and is very easily accessible. I had some health issues my first semester at MT, and my department was very helpful in getting me back on the right track. I try to visit my professors at least once a week out side of class. MT's academic requirements are very standard. They do not make you take an abundance of courses that you will never use in your profession. MT's education is geared toward students' futures. Professors emphasize the importance of knowing the information and how it applies in the real world. They seem very in tuned with idea that just one incompetent student can make MT's education programs look inferior to others.


All of the proffessors I had knew my names and even where I come from. My favorite class was Eng 1020 by Dr T. Wilt. At MTSU students work hard to get the grades the good grades, no one is ready to settle for a lower grade. Class participation is always common especially in the Honor classes. Academics in MTSU is not only class based, many students look for jobs in their area of their studies in order for them to sharpen their skills. This make the students to be more copetetive in terms of Job market due to their experinece. The academic requiremets in MTSU are very adequate and meet the standards of many employers.


I can honestly say that I have never had a bad professor in my time here at MTSU. I have always learned so much and I have always enjoyed my classes and done well in them. I love taking Honors classes because they are very small and usually strictly discussion-oriented. The most unique classes I've taken have been toward my Theatre minor. I have taken Make-Up class and Storytelling. Amazingly, I learned so much in both! The recording industry program also offers some very interesting classes that are unique to MTSU.