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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


the Football team


The most common activities and groups at MTSU are athletics, social fraternities, and student government. The campus has other honors fraternities and academic clubs as well.


There are a variety of ways for students to get involved, such as, fraternities, sororities, the Student Government Association, Area Government, Religious groups/organizations, etc. Greek Life and SGA are probably the two biggest and most popular organizations. I think that every student on campus needs to get plugged into at least one group or another. Besides giving you something to do, it also helps you network, become more social and meet people, and looks great on a resume.


I am in NSCS and National Society of Leadership. I like both of them. I know National Society of Leadership is the more popular one. Parties? I believe every MTSU student is out partying from Thursday-Sunday. I know I like to go out and socialize. I live in apartments close to campus so I feel like I'm still on campus. So, the only time I ever leave is to go to work, walmart, or a party. I try not to drive alot, have to save the money


The most popular student activities at Texas Southern are the school athletic events, intramural sports, and Greek organization events. There is something for everyone on this campus.


You have your groups, and other people have their groups. Everyone believes theirs is the most important: that's just human nature. I cannot name a single sorority or fraternity, but I'll bet they don't know what my groups are called either. I am involved mainly in NSSLHA, which is the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. We do volunteer activities, go to conferences for our profession, and do fundraiser activities. The advisors for NSSLHA are my teachers, and the officers and members are my classmates, so we're a pretty close group. I met my closest friends actually taking physical education classes. I took social dance, self-defense, badmitton, and aerobic dance, all of which required a lot of communication between the people in the class, so we got to know each other pretty well. I am not really big on the party scene. I don't smoke or drink or hang out with people who do. There are plenty of church groups both on and off campus. There are also two malls, three movie theatres, one of which is on campus- $2 a movie, and several stores and restaurants to go to.


Fraternities and sororities are pretty popular. They are active on campus. I'm a part of the National Society of Collegiate scholars. It's pretty easy to join campus organizations. There are many different ones, so it's not hard to find one you like. There's usually a pretty good crowd at football games; unfortunately it's not as popular as some of the bigger name schools. There usually always something to do on campus.


At MTSU, volunteering and helping the community is a huge part of who we are and what we do! Many organizations, and the Leadership & Service office, focus greatly on helping the community. There are multi-organization efforts throughout the semester, events through Habitat for Humanity, and more! I believe that besides supporting our football team, volunteering is the most popular activity for individuals and groups on campus!


Most popular groups are probably Greek organizations and club sports. I recently founded a Club sport called Hurling. Students who get involved leave their dorms much more often and more quickly become familiar and comfortable with the school. Fraternities and sororities are of minor importance and on the down slide. People party a good deal at houses bordering campus. Non drinking activities on a Saturday night can include attending a live music house show, watching a school sports match, going to the school theater, participating in intramural sports.


The typical thing to do in Murfreesboro is drink and go to church. There are no cultural events here, other than tourist-trap type of "festivals" on the square. The restaurants here are all of the chain variety. Dating here? What a joke. People come here with their boyfriend/ girlfriend. I am in very good shape and financially stable, 28 years old, and everyone here over 23 is married already. The only people who are not are generally dealing with severe personal problems. Or they are from somewhere else. I have never met seventeen year old students who were married until I came here.


MTSU's Performing Arts Company puts on a show at Tucker Theatre.


Not a "huge" party school like everyone makes it out to be but you can always find something to do any night of the week. Frats parties are fun but get old and repetitive after awhile. We are only 30 mins from Nashville so it isn't hard to run up I-24 and find something new to do every night or day. Professional sports team like the Titans, Predators, Sounds, and Cats.

Sir Cletus

See above. If you don't like to go home for the weekends or hang out at shitty bars, then there's nothing to do here.


Like lots of other large campuses, MTSU has students that like to party and drink pretty frequently. If that's what you're into you'll probably always find somewhere to drink and have fun. If that's not what you're into you'll probably find lot's of other stuff to do too. There's always multiple bands playing at the bars and coffee shops around campus, the on campus movie theater shows free and discount movies throughout the week and on weekends, if it's close to game day there'll be barbeques and cookouts, if you like live theater the on campus arts department usually presents frequently, and there's two Starbucks on campus alone, if you'd just like to hang out with a latte.


I have not had much luck making close friends at MTSU; the best I have managed meeting is acquaintances, people I wish I hadn't befriended, surly administrators, and horny boys who can't let a girl walk by without cat-calls. There is nothing to do in Murfreesboro but drink.


Most popular teams have to be the Women's basketball and the football team. Everyone goes to the games and the the women's basketball team is actually very good. There are a lot of people in the greek organizations such as the fraternities and sororities. I have no idea if people leave their doors open at the dorms, I have never stayed there. Theater isn't as popular as in some other places. Guest speakers are popular depending on the subject. I met my closest friends in classes and then hung out with them at parties, sorority events, and other activities. If I am awake at 2am then I was probably studying. People do party a lot, but it's usually on College night which is Wednesday where everyone goes to a local dance saloon/bar to line dance. Otherwise a lot of people party on weekends. Sororities and fraternities are important on campus. It's a way for a lot of people to make life long friends. I went out to the lake last weekend. Saturday nights can involve going to the dance clubs and not drink, movies, the lake, bowling, sports events, shopping, hanging out at people's houses, etc. I work and go out with friends off campus. Sometimes go to the county fairs and go out to the lake.


MTSU has a very good Greek Life program. Greeks are the most involved students on campus by far. They are the students who are most involved in other organizations and are more likely to attend athletic events. Those who go Greek are able to easily meet and socialize with hundreds of other students and can make just as many friends almost effortlessly. However, there are many other different niches where virtually any type of student could find themself falling into. There is much to do on campus. If you have the spare time there is always something to do either on or off campus.


Not so much to do, just hang out with friends and parties, and can't forge FOOD!


I don’t know a lot of clubs or organization that we have. I’m on the soccer. I don’t see athletic events being popular at all at MTSU. I think it’s sad that we don’t support our school or athletics. I’ve been to sporting events at other colleges and have seen how much fun they can be. Students at MTSU don’t seem to have any school spirit. I’ve met all my friends through soccer. There aren’t many places to go out and meet other students. From what I know about fraternities they aren’t big at MTSU at all. I have a lot of friends at other schools in fraternities/sororities and they seem to have fun and be more involved than at MTSU.


The campus is always havng some event but as mentioned before, its usually catered to specific crowds. There are plenty of clubs, organizations, teams, and groups to join. There are Greek orgs (NPHC, PHC, IFC), intermural teams, sports clubs, religious clubs and groups, and even an anime club. Each year, there are about 20 new groups and orgs brought on campus to spark a student's interest.


The dorms are a great part of life. All students should consider them their first year of school. I was excited about the opportunities it gave me. The fraternities and sororities are great. We are very supportive and help the community as well! My closest friends came from the honor societies and organizations! They were very welcoming!


I cannot even begin to touch up or even describe the amount of activities MTSU offers. You want to go scuba diving? No Problem! How about Tai Chi? You like oriental martial arts? You can find it right here. You like climbing rocks? Whadda ya know! There are clubs and classes for that too! You will have to try not to fit in.


i think thtat some students leave their dorms open. the athletic evvents are not popular at all. i live with my cloest friend! she is my roommate and we play volleyball together! if i'm awake at 2 am on a tuesday.. i'm studying! people party all the time! the frat parties are fun! we went to nashville last wknd. you can hang out with your friends.. you don't have to drink to have fun! off campus we eat and go out to a movie or the mall!


this is an area that MTSu needs to work on all around this area struggles a lot


The Academic groups are most popular and effective. The fratanities and sororities take a huge number of students as well. I am involede in the TLSAMP group- summer research and attending talks is the main focus. Most students lock their door, ut I do not mind leaving mine open when I can't find the Key. I have never had anything stolen. It is safe on campus. The atheletic events are popular only when MT is facing a challenge from touch colleges. That is when the stadium fills. I have observed that gust speakers lectures are well attended to when a professor uses it as an Extra Credit. To mee t a close friend I can inivet her into my apartment where we will cook, chat, talk about our academic life. Ocassionally we go out to eat,But not that often. If I would be awake on tuesday at 2am then I will be studying for an exam,or writing up a paper. July 4th is always fun at MTSU. The fire works!! Independence day. Last weekend I run a mile in 4.19. It was the best day . I ahd my PR. Thai weekend I will cook and invite my friend over then we can chat and talk about running, academics, social life and the political turmoils in Kenya


I am a member of a sorority and it takes up most of my time. However, if I was not in a sorority, it would still be easy to make friends and find something to do. Life on campus is pretty boring, unless you make it fun. We had some crazy fun times at my on-campus apartment last year just running around being stupid and playing jokes on our neighbors. At 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, I would definitely not be asleep. Me and my roommates would be cooking, facebook surfing, complaining about papers, cranking the music up, dancing, and yelling at each other. Athletic events are not popular at all, which kind of sucks. I only go to Guest Speaker events if I am getting extra credit, and I think most students would feel the same way. On the weekends, we go to fraternity houses and party. I'm not sure what else there is to do on the weekends if you are not 21.