Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Not everyone is the same, but there are three major social groups at MTSU: 1) Dumb rich kids who have money, but still were not able to get into a better school. 2) Ghetto trash. No more needs to be said. 3) And the Recording Industry types.


Less than average, redneck, etc.


Party school


One common stereotype about MTSU students is that they are nothing but partiers.


MTSU is a suitcase campus. Only about 3000 students live on campus and about the same live just off campus out of the 25,000 that attend. So on the weekends this place is like a ghost town but it is an amazing place. It is pegged to be a big party school but it really isn't. I was previously at West Virginia University and Penn State University, now those are some party schools. Don't get me wrong, we can have a good time here at MTSU but people that are going crazy about it being a party school are wrong. The frats on Greek Row are always doing something and those can sometimes get a little crazy.

Sir Cletus

I don't know of any. I'm from around here.


That MTSU is a college where grades are less important than at other state funded universities. It is also rumored that pretty much everyone here has an STD or has had one at one time.


The students are kind of stupid and/or rednecks. They party hard and girls get slipped date rape drugs. The administration is crippled by bureaucracy and doesn't care at all about the students, only their tuition money. Sports take priority over academics.


Smarties, sorority life and fraternity life


There are a lot of steroypes with the Agricultural students, thinking that just because they are an Ag Major they are going to be farmers or are farmers.


Some stereotyes include: MTSU is a "suitcase" college, MTSU offers a sub-par education


That we have everything handed to us.


People in fraternities and sororities are stuck up. The campus is greatly diverse. Everyone here is going to school of Music Industries.


The school is a fall back school for those who do not get into their first choice.


We apparently hold a reputation for being overrun with parties, and also being able to consume legendary amounts of alcohol in a heroic amount of time.


travel/ suitcase college. smaller since not an SEC school in TENN


The main stereotype is that MTSU is a suitcase campus.


MTSU is the best school in the country that dissabled students can be well attended to. MTSU students are actively involved in school activities and are hardworking


The only stereotypes that I have heard about MTSU's students is that we are dumb/our classes are easy. I've also heard that we do not have a football team.