Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


MTSU is now larger than UT Knoxville. When I attended, I was out of college, living in Nashville, working my way through my master's program. I commuted to Murfreesboro for classes in the evenings. The kind of person who should attend MTSU is someone outgoing, someone independent who knows what they are working toward. Lots of distractions most likely will compete for a person's attention at MTSU, but with your goal firmly in mind, it is a great place to get an education, with excellent teachers and programs available. My master's program was difficult, but worth it.


This school is perfect for true blue type of people. True blue people are honest hard workers who take time to share, care, and make others aware. Future MTSU students need to be excited and ready for a much better future. As a MTSU student, you will find yourself around many friendly Tennesseans. You will also need to be prepared to engage in the sweet southern culture of the south. Do not worry, the people in Tennessee are sweet and the tea is sweeter! Future MTSU students, be prepared for friendly smiles and lots of waving hands ready to help.


A person who is serious about his or her career and life-long goals should attend Middle Tennessee State University. While like many other campuses, MTSU does have social aspects however, this university pushes you to do your absolute best so that you can succeed once you have graduated. I have often heard that MTSU is one of the easiest universities to get into and some may find that true. However, it is what you choose to do with yourself and the path you take once you get accepted that determines the success that you will have in your future.


MTSU is really open to anyone. Its diverse enough to where you would feel like you can fit in.


After experiencing my first year at MTSU I believe that the best type of person to attend this school is a driven, sociable one. When I first applied here it seemed like a fairly easy university to be accepted in to. However, I quickly learned that the courses were more difficult than I expected and required hard work to succeed. When attending the largest college in Tennessee you are going to meet new people every day. In order to appreciate all of the opportunities MTSU has to offer you must be comfortable with talking to new people.


Persons that are looking to further their education and better their lives. A person at Middle Tennessee State University must dedicate time to school and also time to study outside of class. A person that likes to get involved in extra curricular activities should attend this school because there are so many activities going on around campus. An athlete should attend this school because their are great athletic programs.


This school offers broad area that reaches out to every individual.


someone who willing to work hard at everything they do.


Person looking for a peace of mind.




The type of person who should attend this school should be students that are focused on achieving their academic goals and have the self-discipline to complete the tasks given to them. This school is great for students transitioning from high school or a community college, the campus size is just big enough not to be over whelming. The class sizes are relatively small and each student has the opportunity to receive the help they need.


Someone who is determined to be successful and also wants to have a little fun in the mean time.


MTSU seems to be a school for everyone. It carries oppurtunities for students with passion for the arts to students who want a pre-med school. It's the perfect started up in the academic pursuit.


The kind of person who should attend this school is anyone who is willing to accept the fact that MTSU is a large campus and we offer variety from everywhere, and MT is steadly growing as we are seeing more students joining our MT family. We add a whole new meaning to the word "social atmosphere". Here at MT we are socially friendly and there are over 250 student organizations to choose from. Therefore, it is easy to find your comfort zone here. We offer over 15 major departments and the professors here are helpful and friendly! :)


Someone who doesn't want to be in the city or the country, but inbetween.


Anyone can attend this school that is driven and wants an education and a career.


MTSU is widely known for its RIM program. People from all over the United States come to Middle Tennessee State University just for the RIM program. We also have a good nursing program with tons of people in it too. Those wanting to be in a health field or in the music field should definitely attend MTSU. We also have other majors like psychology, teaching, and many others. If we have your major i definitely recommend coming to this school.


ANYONE can attend this school. Originally, I thought that I might not fit in here, but that's so untrue. There is a place for everyone at Mtsu. Someone who wants to balance education and fun in an orderly manner would do quite well here. I definitely suggest Mtsu for anyone.


Middle Tennessee State University faculty and students are diverse in not only race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation but also personality, life views, clothing style, and religious backgrounds. In other words, any kind of person could attend this school and find a group that they fit in well with.


Anyone seeking to further their knowledge should choose to attend this school. This school is very racially diverse and accepts everyone. This school has great programs to get new students involved and kick start their college social life, which in turn affects their academic life by having encouraging friends.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is ambitious, focused, and wants to reach it to the next step in life. Someone who wants to be involved in activities and focused in their studies should attend MTSU.


A person who has more then one opinion. That person should be artistic, smart, and able to view the world thourgh more then one window.


The kind of person that should attend MTSU is someone who is willing to do the research and be confident to ask. That person needs to be able to try new things and willing to be involved with the faculty, staff, and organizations on campus.


people who want to get a good degree in their field


Anyone can attend this school.


Middle Tennessee State University is a great school for students looking to get an affordable, quality education. One of the great upsides to the school is the diverse student body. There are people from all around the world with numerous interests that go to school here. Quality programs ranging from recording and art to business and science stimulate this diversity. Any student who is interested in not only what they learn in class, but also their experiences outside the classroom, should take a look at MTSU.


People of all races and backgrounds attend Middle Tennessee State. I have seen so many different types of people. Anyone would be welcome there and would not feel out of place. However, it is a very large university, so if you are looking for a small, personal school, MTSU might not be the right fit.


Someone who is not sure where they want to go should loko at MTSU. The school is particularly inexpensive and has many courses to choose from. The students and faculty are wonderful and anyone could feel at home here. There are many fields of study, some specific and others not as much. MTSU is a great place to figure out what you want to do, so it is a natural fit for someone who is still looking.


Any person wanting higher education from an accredited school that offers a wide range of major fields of study.


A person that enjoys being involved on campus will love Middle Tennessee. The timid and shy usually do not have as much fun as those who enjoy tailgating, being involved in social clubs, and being a part of what the school has to offer.


With over 30,000 students, Middle Tennessee State University is the largest public university in the state of Tennessee. Someone who loves meeting new people belongs at MTSU. The campus is always busy with events and things to do. Someone with school spirit and pride would fit in at MTSU, as you can always see people in MTSU hoodies and gear in support of the Blue Raiders. A person who likes being involved is the kind of person that should attend MTSU.


The kind of person that should attend Middle Tennessee State is one that wants to learn and succeed in life. Someone who is goal oriented and career minded someone who is not afriad of hard work.


Someone who is willing to work for his or her education should attend.


While this school is for the most part very tolerant of all views inlcuding conservatives like me, I feel like it caters more to the liberal.


Anybody who is looking for a great college experience. The town it is in, the people in the town, and the campus are phenominal and full of fun things to do.




Any sort of person would fit right in at MTSU. It is the largest in population in the state of Tennessee. No matter the background or personality, there are others like you there. I know people both rich and small who attend. There are children of alumni and first generation students alike attending. The campus is culturally rich and accepting. A better question would be "What kind of person should not attend this school?"


A laid back but driven person would be well suited for this school. This person should be willing to put down the books on occasion to take a break and enjoy the many activies going on around campus. This school is more afforable for the middle class person.


The students who attend MTSU are driven, self-motivated and optimistic about their futures. Each person who decides to make MTSU their educational home is making enormous strides towards a successful and fulfilling career.


a person that is goal oriented and does not want to waist his/her money by not going to class.


Anybody who feels the need to earn a degree.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone who is outgoing and someone who has the courage to get involved and meet people. It is better if that person will approach their teachers with questions. Because it is such a diverse school, any student would have to keep positive and be friendly.


Every kind of person should attend this university. For every different type of individual there is something for you here. All the different activities, clubs, and social events is why I love MTSU so much.


friendly, eager to learn, serious about career, ready to have fun


someone who doesn't like living in a big city.


A person who is willing to experience new things and differernt ethnic groups


A person that is self motivated and willing to do research on their own, along with their class studies.


A prson that doesn' mind being away from home for long period of times. A person tha can stay goal oriented also with having fun.


Someone who is not afraid to get out of their comfort zone to meet new people. There are so many opportunites to get involved, you just have to put yourself out there. If you get involved enough, it starts to feel like a small campus because you quickly begin to know EVERYONE it seems. Also, anyone who wants to do Recording Industry or Aerospace or Education. These are our best majors. MTSU is very casual, and people are friendly if you just try to be nice to them. Class sizes are small too which is nice!


A person who wants to just go to a four-year college and get a job based upon that. If you want to, you can do the more difficult majors like myself and have decent options, but if you do the Recording Industry or Business Administration, good luck getting a job even remotely related to what you want to do.