Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Middle Tenneesee State University is a good place for anyone! They love diversity and the faculty seems to be really helpful and caring. I attend lots of events and see that many diverse groups of people feel at home in all the different sororities, fraternaties and teams.


I dont think there is a kind of person that shouldnt attend MTSU. The student body is very diverse. I believe that any one regardless of who they are or what they believe will find themselves at home at MTSU.


Anyone who doesn't like walking! Or terrible parking.


If you aren't a fun, multi-cultural accepting, and dedicated person, You do not belong at Middle Tenssessee State University. Our school has hundreds of organizations and there are events almost everyday on campus to be able to get you involved and to allow you to enjoy yourself, We have different races and all religion is acceptable, and dedication is needed to be able to do academically well and get further in your education.


I think the people that don't want to better themselves should not attend as well as the people that just want to party and do illegal things with there student loans.


Everyone should attend this school. I wish I would have went straight here instead of going to community college first.


A person who wants to be successful and work hard but at the same time be more than just a student. A person that wants to be involved on campus and be a part of the great school spirit students have here.


I don't believe any person shouldn't attend MTSU. It's become a place of higher learning, yes, but it also helps teach the average student life lessons and broadens each student's perspective. The university provides unique experiences that influence each individual's niche that range from the genius-level student who over-achieves in the classroom, to the casual student who doesn't take school seriously enough -- such as myself. MTSU's leniency has allowed me to provide recompense for my previous misgiving and atone those behaviors.


People that are not fully dedicated to their education. Young students need to understand how expensive it is to attend college and the ones that are planning on going to party and to just get away from their parents should not attend.


someone who isnt willing to put effort into something they're doing


Since the school population and city has grown since I last attended I feel that the first year that can not be away from family and stay on or near campus should not attend. Students that are only there to party should not attend becasue she be about control of self and it you do not have that without your parents or mentor near than MTSU is not for you.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is a student looking for specialized help and face to face relationship with the professors.


A drunk.


no one


A person who likes to have small classes shouldn't attend this school. While you can take many small classes, most of the classes that are offered are larger classes. This is especially true for general ed classes that are required to take.


All kinds of students are welcome here, and no matter where they come from, students learn so much from their classes and from other students. Of course all students need to stay focused on their schoolwork in this college, but they will not completely flunk out of this school as long as they try. Professors here are willing to help student who are looking for help, and with that, those students can make it through college more easily. People who are lazy and do not attend class or do any assignments given to them should not come to this school.


in my opinion everyone should attend to MTSU. Mtsu is a university with lots of programs and opportunities for everyone.


I can't imagine anyone who shouldn't attend MTSU - I see a wide variety of people in my classes, and an even bigger sampling when I walk between buildings. I've heard sidewalk arguments in Chinese, seen Braille computers in class, seen women in full Muslim headgear and experienced a wide array of backgrounds and stories. MTSU is an inclusive and welcoming campus, accessible, beautiful and equipped with the best professors and solid resources. I guess if you're not interested in a quality education, you ought not to be at MTSU.


There is not one "type" of person that cannot attend here. There is a group or just other people that will have things common with you here at our campus.


I think the kind of person that should not attend this school, is the person who wants to only have fun, not study or do anything that the proffesors ask him to do, i mean you have to work hard to achive your goals.


Everyone should attend this school because it has areas for every type of schema in personalities, but people who do plan to work hard should not attend.


The type of student that should attend this school is someone who does well in big classes and likes a big campus. MTSU is a huge school and has many students with different ethnic backgrounds. So the people who attend here should be able to get along with many different people. They also need to have the effort to be able to get involved in things and meet people since it would be really easy to be just pushed into the background and go unnoticed.


Anyone who isn't diverse and doesnt want to meet anyone new. Or anyone who doesnt like massive amounts of people around all the time.


Students who would prefer a small campus may not prefer MTSU. MTSU is a fairly big school; however, the education is not harmed because of it. Yet some people feel that it is just too big of school for them to attend. Therefore, I would say that those who would prefer a small school and think they would do better in a small school probably should not attend MTSU.


Close minded people shouldn't attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend MTSU is the type of person who isn't open to diversity. Here at MTSU we are very diversed, and we accept individuals of different racial background and ethnic groups from all over the world. The kind of person who shouldn't go here is


Anyone who cannot accept a diverse student body - in terms of ethnicity should not attend. Also, someone who is fearful of people with disabilities or strong multi-cultural expression should possibly look elsewhere.


I can't think of any type of person that shouldn't attend unless you're going away from home and get homesick easily. The only thing i caould maybe say is that there is not a great array of outdoor activities here. So if you enjoy hiking and camping, you will have to drive a pretty good ways out of your way to do so.


One that does not like big crowded colleges.


This campus is so diverse that I wouldn't exclude any kinds of people from this University. Anyone who attends would be able to find a great group of friends that will last them a life time.


Someone who isn't into a very crowded school shouldn't attend this school because there are currently over 20,000 students. If they are looking for a smaller, closer type of school overal, they should consider another school because really it's more about being independent and sometimes I do get lost with relationships with some of these people since I don't always know where they're at or what they're doing.


I fully support anyone willing to advance themselves educationally; however, students attending this college for a merely social reason disturb me. If they show up to class at all, they hold back learning. Usually, they only begin to attend the week before final, and then expect special treatment or to be catered to simply because they have paid tutition fees. Students with outside issues like children, illnesses, or handicaps have a vaild arguement for extra care, but the undedicated student is a waste of space in the classroom.


I think that all kinds of people should attend MTSU. They have many, many different majors and programs. There are people from all over the world going here, and there are many clubs, groups, and activities for pretty much every single type of person. MTSU is incredibly incusive, and you can find a place to fit in if you just look around.


A person with no drive or goals should not attend this school. Mrfreesboro is a small place, but MTSU is a fast pacedschool. You really have to get up here, stay focused and pay close attention to where you are, and where you want to be in life.


If you are not willing to work or learn to become the best at what your studying to become you should not attend Middle Tennessee State University.


In all respects, MTSU is a typical university, open to all types of people from all over the country (and world); there is opportunity here for everyone. Those students who choose to apply themselves are rewarded with a quality education. However, there are many students here who do not take college earnestly. Many of the students that enroll at MTSU are not serious about their education and do not graduate. While they are entitled to the opportunity of a good education, they choose to sell themselves short, and should not be attending college if they don't take themselves seriously.


Someone who is unwilling to be exposed to a diverse community. We have a variety of event types as well as a very diverse student body from all walks of life. This is partially due to our foreign exchange program.


The kind of person that should not attend middle tennessee state? I beieve anybody can attend its just a matter of comitment. If you canot commit and are just going to enroll for the parties than I believe that those type of people should not attend because they do not take college life seriously


Someone who is not serious about his or her education should not attend.


Racist people should not attend this school.


UTA accepts all kinds of people. There is a very diverse spectrum of students attending. I'd say all people are welcome to attend the school.


People who are not open to new things and experiences should not attend this school. There is a vast amount of diversity amongst the population and anyone with prejudice should not attend this school.


Those affiliated with extremist activity


The kind of person who is too lazy to show up to class and do any kind of work at all.


Any body could attend this school. It is very open as far as ethnicity and different types of people from all walks of life.


There is no person who wouldn't be able to fit into the Blue Raider way of life. It is layed back and full of fun, exciting people.


I do not think that there is any one particular group of people that would not be welcome at Middle Tennessee State University. The students and staff are all equally diverse and I think that any one no matter race, ethnicity, religion, or any other factor would make it an uncomfortable school environment.


People who do not have self-motivation and do not prioritize or make a master schedule.




People who aren't interested in growing academically.