Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Classes were to large.


Not to much help with students who have exceeded their loans, or can't afford school after financial aid has tried. It stays really busy in the financial aid office so it takes awhile for them to receive faxes, return calls, or emails.


The most frustrating aspect of MTSU is communication with my advisor. The advising department is very helpful but my advisor has been slow to respond during crucial times. Fortunately, I was able to speak to abother advisor who handled my dilemma the same day.


It tends to rain a lot in Murfreesboro and with MTSU being a flat campus there's a lot of flooded areas.


Honestly, their isn't anything frustrating about MTSU every thing is at ones disposal and there is countless amounts of help and oppurtunity.


One of the most frustrating things at MTSU can be parking. It is hard to find parking spots sometimes and the big parking lot is far away from campus requiring students to take the shuttle which can take long. However, they are currently building two parking garages which should help alleviate the problem.


Finding a good parking spot is a competition. This is especially true if I have a morning class.


I would only say the most talked about issue on this campus is parking. The parking space availability on campus for all students is limited.


The most frustrating thing at Middle Tennessee State University is the construction as of now because it makes the buses extremely late and you have to walk around everything which makes you late to class.


how much work that has to go into the class and not knowing what to do at certain time because you are expected to know already.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when dealing with the different offices for financail aid or the admissions office. It is really hard to get ahold of somebody who will help you out when you are calling to get something fixed. They would usually just give you someone else number and just be sent in a circle all day. Everytime I needed to get something fixed I would have to drive all the way to campus so they couldn't just brush me off onto someone else.


The most frustrating thing about MTSU is parking.


Financial Aid can be really slow with getting your info during the deadline seasons. It can be irritating, especially when you keep checking for notices of change and don't recieve one, but then suddenly you see a change on your bill.


The most frustrating thing would almost be school spirit. I would say about 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are proud UNC Bears, but the other 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} should be involved more in school spirit. I think school related events would be so much more fun if the students would support their school no matter what!


That financial aid takes forever to let you know what you need to do and the office is always crowded at the beginning of the semester when everyone has to get thier last minute stuff in.


The most frustrating thing is actually how many of the professors here will hold the students hand through classes. It is almost as is this college has adopted the "no child left behind" ideal. This is frustrating because many times it feels like high school all over again and not like a competitive college that is intent on preparing you for a career.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the meal plans are so expensive. So i am currently just paying out of pocket for all of my food. I wish I had a meal plan so it could be one less thing i had to worry about. Thats why if i won this $5000 i would buy a meal plan.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how the tuition increases every year. I can look aroud my campus and see new multi-million dollar buildings being built. This is not beneficial to me since I am having to pay more every year in order to finance the building process through my tuition, and this is something I have no control over. It is very frustrating to have to take out more loans every semester to be able to afford my education.


Parking is awful at MT. It is best to live on campus if you can just to prevent having to park before class. However, there are shuttles from most of the major apartment complexes nearby. There is also a bus called the raider xpress that rides through the campus. Just get to campus early if you plan on riding it. It gets better as the semester goes by but the first 2 weeks of class are tough. Don't expect to park near your classes and bring your walking shoes.


Parking is absoluately frustrating at MTSU considering around thirty-thousand students attend MTSU and only around nine-thousand parking places.


Prior to attending MTSU, an advisor was assigned to me for my undeclared major; however, when I finally declared my major, no advisors seemed to be around to help me. My newly assigned advisor never answered my emails, calls, or messages. My undeclared advisor told me she could no longer be of service to me. I think that if you are an advisor, you have an important role so you shouldn't take advantage of that. It was extremely frustrating not being able to get in contact with anyone to help me before I signed up for my major classes.


The most frustrating thing is calling the diffent offices trying to speak with people to find out information. The bet option is to send an email. You will get a faster response than sitting around calling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is making candidacy. In order to start the real work that I like to in the studio as a music business major, I have to wait until I pass certain classes. That is when I begin my major areas of study for the music industry.


I consider staying in the student dorms the most frustrating part of MTSU. The dorms are nice and everything but at night people are really loud and inconsiderate of others. Some people even bring little babies into the dorms with them. Also, it can get very uncomfortable whenever you're in your room and your roommate walks in with their boyfriend/girlfriend and they stay in there whispering the whole time.


The most frustrating thing about Middle Tennessee State University is the parking situation. If someone leaves in the middle of the day for whatever reason, it is almost impossible to find a good parking spot. It has gotten to the point where people are vicious if a parking spot does become available. The constant driving around causes unnecessary loss of gas money, which, in the tough economic times, is getting more expensive. Therefore, the lack of good, available parking is wating time and money, things of which most people don't have enough.


MTSU does not have a good adult education program for those working full-time during the week. The only realistic degree offered is a Bachelors in Universal Studies. Any other degree options are only offered to those that can attend classes during the day.


The parking can get extremely frustrating at times.


The are a lot of liberal teachers who say say they are open to everything at the begging of the semester but then mark your grade down because you did not summit to there way during the semester.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the administration. They are not always helpful nor they do they always know what they're talking about. Many questions go unanswered or unclarified.


The large number of people in some classes.


It is hard to get straight answers from the financial aid offices.


the fact that its the biggest school in tennessee and that nobody likes to stay on campus during the weekends, it makes campus dead. and that its a dry campus but yet everyone drinks.


I believe parking is the most frustrating thing. It takes forever to park and get to class.


That the meal plan is not included in the fees I already pay


The biggest frustration with my shool is the amount of crime that oocurs on campus and the school does not respond by increasing campus security. Also, drugs are a really big problem and I lived in a vey undesirable situation with roomates that I did not know, which I recently got out of. The last problem with my school is the campus is very old and the school recieves limited funding which means that it takes the a long time to remodel the older buildings.


The campus has a lot of commuters. A lot of people are into the arts department, due to our recording industry (best in the country), so it is quite liberal. These are also not the kind of people to be attending sporting events. I wish there was more pride taken in our athletic programs.


Everyone leaves on the weekend and there isn't much going on on-campus. There isn't very much vareity in Murfreesboro.


Number of students enrolled


Financial aid is operated by the students that attend school here at MTSU. Most of that information should be confidential and allowed only to be viewed by professionals. They also can't help a student such as me just because they are inexperienced. Most of my tuition is paid for by loans because they could not help me.


The financial aid office is a little hard to deal with sometimes. They are very busy with many students to accommodate and they have a very small office. I always seem to have to check with them in everything they help me with to make sure it will go through on time. They are very friendly and try to help, but I just think they are too bust for the amount of staff they have. Sometimes I have to wait a long time to see someone.


The most frustrating thing about MTSU is parking access on campus.