Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I'd been aware of the lack of infomed employees. Those that work in their "One Stop" are almost pointless. They're supposed to be the students go-to for things such as financial aid, etc. Typically, when I go to get help with something they simply redirect me to the school website. The same goes with advisors that help guide you through the school year. I have been led astray more than once and told to take classes that clearly had a prerequisit. This means that students need to be on top of things.


Before I started attending Middle Tennessee State University, I wish I had known how hard I was going to have to work. I probably should have done a bit more research about my classes, and made sure I knew what I was getting myself into.


How the course credit systrem works


The unsuspected size of the university.


I wish I would have known how to study. This is a big transition from highschool, when it comes to studying. Here at MTSU you have to actually know the information and have the ability to test on it and pass. In high school, you didn't have to actually study to pass.


What kind of programs they offered for my major and how it would benefit me in the long run. How I can get more involved off campus


I wish I had known how important it is to do things ahead of time so that I would have time to research more.


All the buildings location.


I wish my financial advisor from my high school wouldve worked with me more about paying for college but now im paying my own way through.


Theres nothing that I wish I would have known


i wish i would have gone to a different high school to prepare for college and take college courses in high school


I wish i knew all the available courses I could take. I also wish i knew about more scholarships that the school had to offer.


There was nothing I needed to know before i came to MTSU.


The major I was going to end up focusing on.


I wish I knew that many people go home on the weekends, and I wish I knew how much water gets collected inside of the city so I knew to buy proper rain gear.


I wish I knew my solubility rules a little better, but as far as knowing anything about the school or life lessons, I came in with an open mind expecting the unexpected.


I wish i had know it had almsot 30,000 students, and how large the campus was.


I learned everything before attending Middle Tennessee State University by asking questions before I came, and durinf freshman orientation. My mother always told me not to be a last minute person, so I continue to ask the questions neccessary to advance me in life and my future career.


I wish I would have known what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. Instead, I felt as if I needed to hurry up and know. The counselors at my high school acted as if it was normal to know by the time I graduated. So not true! If I was still pursuing that career I would be absolutely miserable right now. I think that everyone should go into college, not knowing what they want to do with themselves, but wanting to discover what they want to do. THat what college is all about, discovering the real you.


Some of the few things I wish I would have known before I started school was how to apply to free scholarship and how to do it. It would have saved me a whole lot of time having to pay off my tuition and books. I don't live on campus or have a meal fee added to my plan because I would end up having to pay another $1000 or more. It would have been a great deal of help if I would have applied for scholarships earlier.


I wish that I had been aware of the services that are offered at MT. There are so many resources available to students. In particular, I would like to have known more about the McNair Scholars program and the Honors College. Call me a nerd but I wanted to do well in my classes and be academically challenged. These 2 programs are just a few of many offered to help you reach any goal that you may have. Get the full effect of MT and take every opportunity that is available to you.


Nothing, I love everything about it!


I wish I had more money to prepare myself for college.


Although the classes and campus can seem large everyone is really nice and willing to help all you have to do is ask.


Well, I was not originally planning on attending MTSU until the July before I started there. I wish I would have known people there and been more familiar with the campus. It is a large campus, and I was very intimidated in the beginning. I wish I would have had more guidance in what classes to take and what professors were best.


I wish I had known what teachers would have been the best for me to take.


My parents supported my schooling for the first few years, but I partied too hard and lost a lot of credits. I should have been upfront about my learning disablity so I would have the accomodations that I needed to pass a course the first time I took it. Now, I have to work to support myself, and barely get by with grants and loans. But, I know I have to get the education to pursue what I want to do for work- Physical Therapy.


To be honest I wouldnt want to know anything. I have enjoyed every bit of the learning process attending this university. Sure there have been some rough learning curves but there is no better way to learn than from experience.


I wish I would've known that procrastination, being deprived of a car, job, and food would harshly affect you. I also wish I would've known that you didn't have to accept all the moneys given from loans, because I have and now I have to eventually pay all of it back.


I wish that I had known more people when coming to the school. This school is one that works with you if you find connections. Once you get in touch with the right people classes can become much easier.


I wish I would have know how hard math was going to be and that I would need rain boots.


If I could go back and learn something before I started college, it would be that teachers do not care if you are sick or not. If you miss a day of class, there is no making it up.


Before I came to college I wish I would have known to expect a lot more homework. I wish I would have known that the teachers expect a lot more out of students than the teachers in high school did.


How terrible the parking situation was. There are over 24,000 students enrolled at MTSU, and there are nowhere near enough parking spots for students. It really is a big hassel, and you have to get to school very early to find a parking spot. Another big problem i had was walking to classes, and making it on time. Its not the size of the campus but the amount of people that are always on campus. But positive things i wish i would have known were that the recreation center has a free clinic.


I wish I would have known how much excitement i would have had at Middle Tennessee State University. If i knew that when I graduated from high school, i would have went straight to MTSU instead of going to a community college. MTSU offers so many programs for all of the diverse people who attend.


I wish that I would have known that the classrooms were as crowded as they are. There seems to be quite a lot of large classrooms and that takes away from the one-on-one time with the instructors. I also wish that i would have just been prepared a little more for college itself and had a better understanding of what to expect.


I wish I would have known more about the community around the school-- their attitudes and more of what the city is about.


I wish i had known how to properly study.


How extremely complicated finding a parking spot on campus would be. My first day of class I left thirty minutes early, I only live three minutes away from campus, and it took me thirty minutes to find a parking spot, ten minutes to find the right building, and five minutes to find my classroom. Disaster!


tour of campus


I wish I had known that I would love it.


I wish that I would have been more educated about financial aid as well as more scholoarships that are out there. Paying for college on your own is hard to do, school is exspensive and all of the little extras such as books and supplies really add up.


Too not mess around on gettting classes knocked out.


I wish that my parents would have allowed me to have my car on campus my first year; especially living on campus when no one is here on the weekends. Also, I wish I would have looked at more options on becoming a resident b/c I'm still paying out of state tuition (MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!). There are lots of options for that AND for scholarships that I should have researched more.


What i wanted to do with my life


Before I came to this school I wish I was aware of MTSU review, which is a site that rates professors before taking their class. Most of my professors have been excellent, but there was one that completely got everyone in the class to hate coming to school. Over half the class dropped out by midterms. A friend from one of my classes made me aware of MTSU review and now I will not take a class unless I check and get other people's opinion first.


more about the majors & what careers they entail


What the weather is like! It is a varied weather- a lot of rain, wind, and it gets pretty cold during the winter! However, the seasons are beautiful and distinctive.


That I would be more challenged that I was in high school and that parking is horrible.


I feel that I was well prepared with everything I needed to know before I took my first step onto this campus.