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FYI - Being a Feb is a tricky thing because although you feel very close with your 100 fellow Febs, it is often hard to start off without a freshman hall and without knowing the class you were supposed to enter with. Also, Career Services is a tough office to deal with...make them help you in a way that actually fits your objectives for the future. Definitely wander downtown...Beal at Two Brothers is a great bartender who loves to chill with the college students...go hang with him!


Come, please. But it'll be really hard to get in.


The food is utterly incredibly. You realize that the most when you leave.


Let me say something about being a Feb (February admission students) Having a semester off is an incredible opportunity to grow and experience something totally wild and new, and then you come to Midd and start college with 100 other kids who just had the best semester of their lives. The support is great, and my Feb friends remain to be my best. But you have to have a certain nature to transition easily into campus life. It's hard to be a first semester Feb in upper class housing, and no other freshman wants to be your friend because they already have friends from their freshman dorm. The college also kinda screws you in housing and class choice. You have to be prepared for a different experience, and to work harder (be more outgoing) to make friends and find a niche. But do it! Febs fo life!


Don't get me wrong- I'm not a total cynic. I have great friends whose parents bought them new cars, or who wear their class rings with pride. Also great people who drink lots or do drugs I don't think I'll ever be interested in. It's just that sometimes this place feels too idyllic, and it definately is a bubble.


I was always so damn busy!


I made a bunch of short films with friends. some of them turned out really good. the students in the film and theatre department need to start working together despite whatever outstanding and bitter rivalries the respective faculty members might have. You'll build some great relationships by collaborating.


Middlebury is in an interesting place right now - while on one hand we have more international students than ever before, there still seem to be a lot of racial tensions underneath the surface... tensions that the administration could probably do more to alleviate. These issues are far from volatile, and aren’t noticeable on a day-to-day basis by any means, but it seems like there are unresolved issues. The amazing environmental program is a great reason to love Middlebury -- the college has really decided to stand for something, and has put its endowment where its mouth is. As a result, environmental activism at Middlebury really is a huge deal, and is visible on campus from all angles. The arts scene, while much smaller in scale, also seems to be growing each year, with film and theater programs becoming bigger draws for prospective students. In general, I’ve loved my experience at Middlebury. The people are interesting and the place is gorgeous and I wish I could stay a few more years and drink Otter Creek and eat American Flatbread (the greatest, healthiest pizza in the world. You’ll love it.) Now if only they could solve that "nightlife" problem ...


I beat you in Scrabulous.