Middlebury College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Middlebury is perceived to be for: -Outdoorsy people -Especially athletic students -Hardcore study-freaks -New Englanders -Ridiculously good-looking people -The affluent -Combinations of and variations on the above.


I write this as a member of the Class of 1995, to provide a medium term perspective on Midd, and life after Midd. The stereotypes reported here are consistent with those of the early 1990s; jocks/preppies/crunchies/stoners/artists/internationals; and it's full of Choate/Exeter/Andover trust funders from Greenwich CT, Long Island or "Outside Boston" (wherever that is).


White, rich, smart, busy, hard-working, from New England


Hippies, Work-aholics, stressed, organic


Most people would probably think that Middlebury kids are white, rich, and from "just outside Boston."


There's definitely the stereotype that we're all rich, preppy, Jcrew wearing. And then we've got a few outdoorsy, backpacking types. Also, we're supposed to be very environmentally active, liberal, intelligent, good looking, the full package, I suppose. We have a golf course and a ski thing, so we've got the nickname club midd. Middlebury also has a strong emphasis on writing and has a great creative writing program. middlebury is like harry potter because of the commons system.


I guess the only one I can think of is the typical view of a New England liberal arts school...the whole preppy, WASP kind of stereotype.


Honestly, I'd rather not go there. Sure there are a few ridiculous stereotypes about Middlebury students, but overall I've found that the stereotype of preppy Connecticututians, tree hugging hippies and nerds have all proved mostly false. Middlebury is full of different kinds of people and is mostly a very welcoming community.


That Middlebury students are affluent That Middlebury students work too hard That Middlebury students are not really "green" and are just trying to be trendy


Middlebury College kids are all hippies.


I would say the typical jock/prep-school snob stereotypes exist, since Midd is so expensive.


- jcrew wearing preps OR crunchy hippies - smart AND outgoing - aka well-rounded - beautiful


Either that they're very preppy or all hippies, overachievers


They are well-off white people who love to ski and play strange games like lacrosse. They wear pearls and The North Face. They like to leave a small footprint. They 'work hard and play hard.' They have trouble with authority. They are international. They love it here.


Trust fund hippees


We are hippies? We are jocks? We are all exceedingly attractive/white/rich


Middlebury students are white, rich, white, and rich. White and rich? Yes, very.


They're all rich fatcats and they don't care about the working man.


Preppy, smart, good-looking, driven white kids.


Middlebury students generally fit into two categories: J-crew preppy types and cruncy outdoors type. There's also a large jock population.


Old Stereotype: Rich, Jocky, White, All From New England, Prep-School New Stereotype: Liberal, Environmental, Outdoorsy, Vegan


Hippis, jocks, preps, tree huggers


Crunchy and outdoors-y, yet preppy and rich. Everyone is an athlete, and everyone loves to party.


Burberry clutches, popped collars, solitary pearls, pearl necklaces, anorexic cross country runners, hipster wrmc, hippie-mill, fitness, pseudo gay-friendly, north-face-sweatpant-wearing outdoorsy kids, common-sense (yes people think that middlebury kids are all brilliant. there is a distinction between common sense and practicality with airy academic brilliance)


Nature-loving, white-rich kids, athletic, healthy, skiers, "nice people"


Preppy gated community, hipsters out in the middle of farmland


North face jackets, polo shirts, Toyota Forerunners, Investment Banking job, Budlight, Buschlight, I smoke when I am drinking, I am a varsity athlete....And oh yes, I have so much work to do.


They play sports or are into internationally/socially/environmentally sensitive issues.


that they are a mix of preppy and hippie, and they all do sports.


hippies & jocks


The stereotypical Midd student comes from the Northeast and plays lacrosse.


They are preppy.


Hippie/I am Nature/Jock/Preppy/The Mill




I'm from Miami so I really didn't know what to expect upon entering. I think it's different if you're from New England. Anyway, I thought it was going to be full of "intellectuals" and privelege.


There's different stereotypes for different groups of students. There's the jock, preppy portion of the student body, and then the artsy/hippie/outdoorsy side - although there are overlaps. And Middlebury students are smart and wealthy.


Language school. Rich, preppy kids. Lots of diversity.


there seem to be two prevailing yet very separate stereotypes: 1) the backwards hat wearing, beruit playing, SUV driving, rich, white bro 2) the birkenstock wearing, frisbee playing, bike riding, rich, white hippie also, there's a general understanding that middlebury students work very hard whether that be in work, extracurricular, or outside activities.


That we are all rich white kids from New England who love the outdoors.


Some think Middlebury College is a place where 'bros and 'hos play sweet lax and hockey and ski between keg stands and plots to date rape. Some think Middlebury College is home to tri-lingual overachievers and eco-freakos, and some think it is 'Club Midd' - the halfway house for spoiled WASPs between Exeter and Wall Street. I think it's a nice place to begin to pursue your life's work.


Preppy, white, rich kids from the Northeast


That it's full of liberal hippy activists. That it's full of snobby, preppy rich kids. That you've gotta be a rock star to get in. Work hard, party hard. That it's really cold. Febs are weird. Regs are boring. That everyone speaks several languages and everyone skis all the time. The people are all beautiful.


Middlebury: In the middle of nowhere, small, a bubble Students: W.A.S.Ps, huge environmentalists, Just Outside of Boston


middlebury- full of hippies, everybody smokes pot, over privileged or full of prep-school kids, over privileged.


I think when most people think of the typical Middlebury students, they think of someone who is generally well-rounded, athletic but not necessarily on a sports team, good looking, outdoorsy, intelligent, and passionate about their academic and extracurricular interests. Middlebury may also be thought of as a pretty crunchy school because it is in Vermont and because granola is served at every meal.


the general stereotype i've heard about middlebury students is they are crazy liberal arts marijuana-smoking hippies.


We are either apathetic jocks or apathetic hipsters.


Middlebury students are known either for being extremely preppy or being extremely "green." We have the stereotypical Greenwich lacrosse players and the people who can spend every break backpacking in the Adirondacks.


The two stereotypes that predominate are 1) The whitebread suburban jock and his harem of hot, usually slutty whitebread girls, and 2) The alternative, anti-conformist, artsy person who manages to actually be anti-conformist on a limited number of qualifiers.


New England, Connecticut, Preppy, Rich, White