Middlebury College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we're all either rich prep-school kids or hippies (though the hippie ting is dying quick in light of the hipsters) and that we're all athletes....


People think that we are all white collar, preppy and yuppy.


Middlebury students are all flaming liberal hippies.


There are lots of "bros" Lots of snoody rich people. It's not as hard as other schools. It's pretty much a language school


We are all J.Crew models.


Preppy rich white people.


We work hard, play hard. Midd kids are outdoorsy. Intense, competitive, well-rounded students. Preppy prep preps.


Its really preppy, everyone is rich. The academics are super intense.


Uptight preppy white kids.. Or environmental hippies. Or sometimes, it seems like there are kids who pretend to care but will most likely move past their "beliefs" after college. (I guess that would be found on any college campus)


Outdoorsy, rich, from Boston, white, rich, bilingual, drunk, rich


White bread rich kids with zero artistic integrity


To be a MiddKid, you must fulfill at least some of the following requirements: - Enjoys the outdoors to point of fanaticism - Recycles - Streaks/enjoys public nudity - From the Northeast - Plays Quidditch or ultimate frisbee - Wears plaid shirts, Patagonia fleeces and Chaco hiking sandals - Speaks at least two languages


People think Middlebury is preppy. People think, "Oh, you go to school with all those East-Coast prep-school lacrosse-playing popped-collar douchebags?" And I'm like, Well, yeah, I do, but me and my friends are COOL!


I would say that a major stereotype about Middlebury is that everyone is fluent in about three languages. Not true. I am one of the few who did not take a language at Midd and I made it out alive. I would also say that people describe Middlebury as being incredibly preppy and that is a generalization that has changed a lot through the years. When I left last spring, the campus was incredibly diverse and provided a group for almost every type of person.


rich, white, preppy, outdoorsy, environmental, skiers


Everyone is smart, especially the non-atheletes


rich kids from boston and greenwich


Middlebury students are characterized as being intelligent, worldly, rich, white kids. This is partially because of the obnoxious term "ClubMidd" that has plagued the College for years. Though it is somewhat apt -- the College is gorgeous and luxurious -- it's still obnoxious.


A lot of people think Middlebury is only a school for languages. Of course, it has good language departments, but I went four years without taking a language, and certainly don't regret it. Another stereotype is that Middlebury students are all rich white kids. I think Middlebury still has some work to do in terms of diversity (racial, economic, geographic, religious, and otherwise), but I never felt like the student body was homogeneous. There are a wide range of opinions on campus about most things.


It's a preppy white school filled with preppy white rich kids who went to boarding school.


Rich, white. Very outdoorsy. Never stop working.


Rich, socially awkward, conceded.


I think that people at Midd are classified in two or three groups. There are the really preppy kids from CT and Jersey who wear Uggs and button down shirts then there are the really outdoorsy kids - but who are still rich, who wear all Patagucci and North Face. There is also the hippy contingent and the jocks.


Before I came to Middlebury, I knew of a few stereotypes, and some I became aware of as I moved through the school. One is that we are outdoorsy, or woodsy, or heavens-forbid, tree-huggers. On the otherside we have the reputation as a preppy school, lots of Saabs in the parking lot and that type of thing. Mostly the stereotype is that of upper middle class white kids.


They are each: beautiful, athletic, smart, private-school educated, rich, liberal, environment-saving, gym-going, Harry Potter-reading citizens.


preppy, all white, wealthy


That they are all from New England. That they are all rich. That they are all smart and good looking.


That they are all smart and attractive.


That they're all really well rounded, dynamic individuals. That they're all from outside of Boston. Everyone there is rich.


There’s lots of Midd stereotypes – we’re all rich, we’re all hippies, we’re all jocks. It’s funny, I feel like they all kind of differ from one another but they’re all out there.


that we're preppy new englanders. that we drink a lot. that the town is small and uneventful.


Upper class, not diverse, smart, always fit.


That we’re all rich, northeast, high-school-sports-captain types who are racist, or we’re extremely crunchy, environmental hippies who eat sprouts.


We’re preppy, rich, white, outdoorsy, went to boarding school, shop at J. Crew.