Middlesex Community College-Middletown Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


All my professors know my name, my classes are all very small i don't think i have any that is more than twenty people in a class, and the teachers really get time to teach. There is no sitting in a giant lecture hall watching someone use a laser pointer on a projector like with some big universities. Because of the small class sizes class participation is common and defiantly encouraged. I do not spend much time with other students outside of class because it is a community college and we do not live on campus, so its really just commuters. I am currently in the elementary education program and everyone i have met so far is very helpful and knowledge in their field. It is defiantly geared towards getting a job or transferring once u receive your associates, they have lots of transfer programs and are always helping you find new job opportunities and transfer options for once you graduate.