Middlesex Community College-Middletown Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Middlesex is the close relationships you can build with your professor. MXCC professors are very approachable and easy to get in contact at all times. One thing I would change about MXCC is the fact that we have no gym on campus. It would be nice to workout between classes or after work. Our campus in Middletown is just right as far as size goes. The campus is well kept and clean. We have four buildings: Founders, Chapman, Wheaten, and Snow Hall. Each building has many resources for its students to use. I do not feel like I am limited in what I want to do for my studies and projects. MXCC has many extracurricular activities and events for its students to join and gain experience from. Since I've been here I have seen talent shows, career fairs, transfer fairs, many opportunities to try new foods depending on the event, and art galleries.


For a community college i really like it. The teachers i have had so far have been very helpful and knowledgeable. The campus is right in the downtown Lowell and very easy to get to with good parking. I think the school is a good size, classes are small and teachers are always available for help when needed, i don't feel lost in the masses. When i tell people i go to this school their answer is usually just o cool. it is defiantly in a college town as it is down the street from umass Lowell and right in the middle of Lowell. As it is a community college i do not spend much time on campus because it is a commuter school, but there are places you can hang out between classes if you wanted to and there are lots of places nearby the campus to go as it is in the middle of Lowell. I think there is a lot of school pride for a small community college, you are not ashamed to tell people you go to school there which I think is not the case with other community colleges in the area. I overall really like it there.