Middlesex County College Top Questions

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this school provides maximum oppurtunity for a chance to excel in higher learning. Middlesexcc is considered to be one of the best county colleges in the us


This things i find unique is some of the activities that they have going on. It helps me meet new friend and also to enjoy college. The best part of our college is the fact that it is a smoke free campus, they set up gazebo's around the college as smoking areas. i dont have to deal with smoke being blown in my face while walking to class.


There are many things that make my school unique but one thing that makes my school unique is because that it is a two year school it doesn't make you feel as if after class you need to rush home. My school makes you feel as if you have a second home. And many students who have graduated have cried because they have made a comfort zone. Also, the diversity of the students. My school is very diverse there are so many students who are from diffenrent parts of the world and they themselves begin to feel at home.


Middlesex County College offers a wide array of options in terms of majors to choose from along with an incredibly dedicated teaching staff to accommodate all of a student's potential needs. The campus environment is extremely pleasant and all of the classrooms are located in very clean, well kept, and organized buildings. Other community colleges just don't offer the type of quality Middlesex County College offers its students. For those students who are very focused on the path they want to pursue or those who aren't yet sure Middlesex County College is the perfect college.