Middlesex County College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


From my experiences at Middlesex County College the worst thing is the lack of social areas in which students can get to know each other and mingle. I'm a very social person and I've been at Middlesex Count College for two semesters and I haven't be able to meet new people. When I go to classes I receive my lectures and then go home. There are very few places where the students can unwind, relax and make new friends and share new experiences. Unfortunatly because of this I'm losing a bit of the whole "college experience".


Honestly, there is not much or something worst tha i have to say about this college. It is very flexible, affordable, and has a nice enviroment. The staff are very nice, however, once you are out of county, the classes are way too expensive, that is the only bad thing i view in my own opinion.


The staff seems to know very little, and can not connect with their students


The worst thing is the fact that everyone commutes. You don't get the chance to bond or spend time with people the way you would on na campus with housing. Most people tend to get-in and get-out very quickly.


People do not listen to the rule that you can only smoke in certain areas of the school.