Middlesex County College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Middlesex is the process it takes to sign up for classes, especially when you are a new student or a transfer student. Other colleges I've been to have almost everything in one place for you to sign up but at Middlesex you have one room to talk to advisers, one area to sign up, a different room to send your transcrpits, another room to register and finally another room to pay for classes. Besides all the circles you will be doing you are guarenteed a large line of people for each room you enter.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the food. The food is horrible. It's ran by Sodexo and the food is overpriced and horrible. $3 for burnt soggy fries.


The most frustrating thing is knowing that I have to transfer to a different school come the fall. Some of my credits might not transfer over and it makes the work I've done feel pointless.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the commute there. Not only am I travelling with rush hour traffic, parking can be difficult at times. There are no public transportation options so taking your car is a must. For instance my 20 minute ride the other day took nearly and hour and a half because of the weather and traffic. Once getting to the school you have to look through the many parking lots for a parking spot. I find this the most fustrating thing about travelling to Middlesex County College.


The parking. If your class begins later than 8AM or earlier than 2PM you will have a hard time finding parking in any of the 6 lots that they have. Because of the recession I think that a lot of students are enrolling in community colleges to save money, so the school is so packed this year. Parking gets so bad that you have to park on the grass, on the side of the street, or illegally in staff parking...which costs $10 per offense of parking in the staff lot.


The most frustrating thing about Middlesex County College is developing relationships with other classmates. All of the students that attend MCC are friendly, but due to the amount and diversity of classes it is hard to develop a friendship in the short time of one semester.