Middlesex County College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing i consider about my school, is it's flexible schedule on classes, affordable payment and the professors are very well educated and really worry the education of students. This school has an enriched enviroment where you feel content about the progress that a stundent makes in this college. I have been attending this college mainy for ESL classes, and according to my own critique i have learned a lot, and i want to keep on furthering my education in this college, simply because it makes me feel like i can get my success here.


The best thing about school is meeting new people and getting roped into unique experiences with these new people. I love that because it makes my life feel interesting and it gives me something to reminisce about when the mood strikes me. Looking back, I wouldn't be the person I am now without going to school.


i consider the diversity the best thing about the school because it gives us as student adults and future professionals a glimpse the real work force which will not always be black and white


The thing i like the most about Middlesex county college is its class sizes. The class sizes are relativley small where the teacher can focus on me and push certin topics that are difficult to grasp, so we can actually learn. The one on one education at Middlesex County College has to be the best part about the college. I learn alot more by having small classes and makes me want to strive for my education.


I love the fact that my school is very diverse. It teaches one how to handle and communicate with people of all ethnicities. Once the student graduates, they won't have a culture shocked by what the real world has to offer.


What I consider the best thing about my school is its academics and staff. Every school can be big and walk you through that grand entrance with a waterfall in the front and tell you that they are the best school for you. Middlesex College is all of that and more. A school is nothing with out its staff for when I had a problem I found it easy to walk up to them and tell them what is going on in my life which made it all the better for me to concentrate and suceed.


The best thing about Middlesex County College is the individual attention that every student is given by professors. It is because of the individual attention I received in many of my classes that I am doing so well in college. Not only are the professors at this college almost always available but they are all very congenial, caring people and one can tell that they genuinely want to help. Many might argue that it is up to the student to do well regardless of how the teacher is but I believe the teacher's involvement can make quite a difference.