Midland College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship that I could find and to sit down and strageically plan out my courses for the years to come. Whenever your stuck on something find a study partner or just ask the proffesor.


I am currently a seniior in high school, but I am also attending classes at a local community college. I love the college experience I have gotten and I can't wait until I graduate High School so that I can continue my College Educational Experience. I have learned what the college Professors expect out of the students and the high level of classwork they require to be complited. My classmates and I have always had teachers in school remind us repeatedly when an assignment was do, but in college class we quickly learned that the proffessors dont remind you when an assignment is due and its your responsibility to complete and turn in your assignment in a timely manner. I have really enjoyed my college experience.


I learned quite a bit, college is to better your education and help you get a good job. Its not high school, you are paying for your tution and failing or not attending a class will not be worth your money. I learned a lot because I had to do things on my own, I was in a different enviroment, I didn't know anyone, and I am paying for my own college. It is hard but you learn to grow up fast and be responsible for your actions.


I would attempt to make my willingness to stay driven stronger, and try to break my habit of procrastination in high school. I feel that college really allows a student to self learn the true definitions of responisbility. I would tell myself to branch off, and try to complete all tasks, no matter what they might be, on my own. School becomes not only a way to pass the day, but ultimately your job aswell. I would try to teach myself in highschool to not rely on the help of my parents, because after you walk across the stage and graduate highschool, there is no longer anyone to follow behind you and pick up your mess. I would definately make myself not believe college is what the media precedes it to be. There aren't parties every night, and if there are, they are study groups and parties with your personal tutor. Ultimately, if I was given that chance, I would help myself grow up quick and mature to the level of a college student.


If I could turn back time to being back in high school, I would tell myself to work more on my grades so my GPA would be higher to apply for more scholorships as well as, "Apply for More Scholorships!!" College costs a lot of money and it's all coming out of my parents pocket. In high school, all the school staff did everything for me, they took care of my transcripts, they took care of my schedule and classes, they even set up times for the counselor to talk with me. In college, it is very different! I don't get everything handed to me like before, I have to do my part and take care of all the business that belongs to me. Which helped me grow in a lot of very good ways, I've become responsible for all my education needs anad etc. I would tell myself work on being more independent and not to rely on everyone doing everything for me. I couldn't stress enough to myself to find scholorships for school tuition and to look into more colleges and plan out college days for myself while I have the time to.


As a college student now i know how education is very important. If i could go back to my senior year i would definatly take my studies more seriously. I would have went to college right out of high school so i could have my career earlier than my 30's.


Dear Renee, i strongly suggest applying for scholarships and grants in the beginning of your senior year to get a head start on everybody else applying for the same things you are. Make sure you want to take the classes you have signed up for, or else you might just end up dropping them because no one is forcing you to go but yourself. Be responsible about going to class and keeping up with your work, because for the most part, many college classes only grade the tests. Make sure you have a job to keep up with the all the bills that come along with college as well because we know how expensive they can get now. Dont stress too hard over the little things, counselors and administrators are there to help you and will assist you in any way they can so go ahead and talk their heads off about any concerns you might have. And just remember to have fun! college is of course about furthering your education, but it is also about new experiences! it is supposed to be the best time of your life so keep that in mind and you will do Great things!


As a general rule of thumb, highschool seniors are slackers. Maybe not in every aspect in life, but when it comes to school they are more focused on moving out and finding freedom, than being educated. I was a "general rule of thumb" senior slacker. I already knew where I would attend school, and only put up the effort to make the minimum GPA requirement. I was more focused on community involvment and social engagements than pursuing education. While I don't regret work I did in other aspects of my life, I wish I had paid more attention in school. If I could go back in time and speak to senior me, I would say," Finish strong. Put up the effort now as to prepare for what will come later. I realize now my education is very important, always. Whether you are in first grade or starting your career, you are always being taught. It is best to get into the habit of absorbing what information is available to you. Otherwise, you will wake up to find, not only are you ignorant, you do not have the skills to remedy the situation. " Hopefully I would listen.


I would tell myself to take school more seriously. As a junior and senior, I became complacent and did not apply myself as I should have. College would have been much easier had I prepared myself for it. I would have planned my studies toward my college degree instead of just getting by and walking across the stage with a diploma. Maturity would have helped in making these decisions, but like so many other high school students, I suffered from "burn out." I grew up in a single parent home, and my mother was mentally and physically unable to be involved in my activities, so many of my decisions were left to me. I would have told myself I could not control the actions of others, only my own. I would have concentrated more on my own goals.