Midland University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Midland University is a smaller campus than most colleges in Nebraksa. This allows the calsses to be smaller sized and gets you on a first name basis with your teachers and classmates. Midland is like a home away from home because of all the great people around you. They have a beautiful campus that is always filled with friednly faces. It is the perfect fit for me!


The thing I love most about Midland University is the at-home feel Midland offers. The campus is small and quaint; it makes the student feel at ease. With Midland the student is never just another face in the crowd, he or she is always included in some sport or activity that helps them adjust to school life. Midland has made an easy transition from highschool to college. For that I am most thankful.


The best thing about our school is that the students become a family to you. I have gained my best friends while in school. It's such a life experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


The best thing about Midland is the environment. Whether it be social or learning environment, Midland has it all. The social environment is open and always friendly. The learning environment is situated so that no matter what the learning style, Midland can account for it. It is a place where being away from home just leads you to another home with a bigger family here on campus.


The people that go there and the coaches. The people that go there because everyone is so differnt and you get to learn new things from them and make life long friends. The coaches are also great because they are all willing to help out any athlete for any sport with anything they need and they also help the non athletes any way they can.